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George Sokianos (Mail)

AmigaOS 4: MediaVault 1.5.0
MediaVault is an open source application for AmigaOS 4 which can be used to discover online radio stations and, since Version 1.4.0, also to listen to podcasts. An external player like AmigaAmp and the jansson.library v2.12.1 are required. About the latest version 1.5.0 the author George Sokianos has written:

"I just released a new version of MediaVault for everyone to play with this weekend. With this version, a couple of new features arrived and a few fixes as well. With MediaVault v1.5.0 you will be able to mark online radio stations and podcasts as your favourite ones and have them listed in a separate list. This way you will be able to find and start listening to them much faster, without the need to search all the time for them.

To do that, above the play button, there is now a small yellow star with a plus sign, which you can use to add the radio station or podcast to the favourite list. This then changes to a star with a red minus sign, so to remove it from the favourite list. To enable those buttons you have first to find in the lists the one you want, select it and then the buttons will be enabled.

While we are on that, there is also one more button available, whenever you select a podcast episode, which can be found beside the little star, above the play button. By clicking on that when an episode is selected, the episode is added at the "Listen Later" list, under the Podcast section at the left sidebar. This way you can mark episodes you would like to listen to when you have more time.

If you already use the previous version, please use the self-update process, which you can find in the application menu. This can be used to update to the latest available version automatically, and before you do that, the whole changelog is shown.

I would like to thank all of my supporters for helping me develop MediaVault, adding new features and making it better and better." (dr)

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