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Aminet uploads until 25.12.2021
The following files have been added until 25.12.2021 to Aminet:
MUIbase-4.4.lha          biz/dbase  6.1M  MOS Programmable relational datab...
AExplorer_Update.lha     comm/net   125K  68k Cloanto Amiga Explorer Update
Roadie.lha               comm/net   55K   68k Commodity/GUI for Roadshow TC...
amcc.lha                 dev/asm    829K      danish assembly course, engli...
COP.lha                  dev/debug  165K  68k Low Level Debugger
REDPILLGameCreator.lha   dev/misc   2.2M  68k Game Creator with AGA support
newscripts_adf.lha       disk/misc  31K       new scripts for adf.device
F1GP2021Carset.lha       game/data  19K       2021 Carset for F1GP
AmiVms.lha               misc/emu   3.2M  68k Simulates OpenVMS commands
AmigaAMP3.lha            mus/play   1.9M  OS4 Multi format audio player wit...
AmigaAMP3-68k.lha        mus/play   384K  68k MPEG audio player with GUI
CompareDirs_OS4.lha      util/cli   382K  OS4 Compare two dirs for diff. fi...
ILBMdt.lha               util/dtype 60K   68k IFF ILBM picture datatype 47.6
JFIFdt44.lha             util/dtype 883K  68k fast JFIF (JPEG) picture data...
amigakeyremapper.lha     util/misc  14K   MOS Swap left/right Amiga keys
RapaTank.lha             util/wb    18K       Compare Fuel prices - Germany...

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