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Marek Duda (Mail)

Arcade game 'Jump!': Little review of the alpha version
The Polish developer Markus Duda is currently putting the finishing touches to his Yoomph implementation for the Amiga, which was originally written for the Atari ( reported). In the game, now called Jump!, you have to move through a three-dimensional tunnel by means of a bouncing Amiga ball and hit various (bonus) surfaces (preview video). The target platform is an Amiga 1200 with 8 MB Fast RAM. The finished game should have the following features:
  • 28 levels
  • 5 music tracks
  • resolution 320x256 with 256 colours
  • can be controlled with joystick or keyboard

We were kindly allowed to test the alpha version of the game. As indicated, we used an A1200 (without turbo card) with 8MB Fast RAM. However, the game could not be started on a workbench screen with all kinds of icons and possibly background images, since 2MB chip RAM are mandatory. If in doubt, boot without startup sequence. The player is greeted with a casual, futuristic music and the following startup screen:

You don't have to spend forever on the control options, clear and concise:

Since you do not know exactly what to expect, better to play it safe and selected the easy mode...:

Let's go! And already the beginning is fun: The tunnel approaches from some distance, you are literally drawn into the game. Which is supported by the now starting more dramatic music:

The task is supposedly simple: hit the orange tiles and do not fall into any holes or missing rows during this hunt, otherwise you will be lost in the vastness of space...:

If you jump on tiles with an arrow, you can skip these dangerous spots. You have to be careful, though, because the entire tube keeps turning a bit. It gets really crazy and absolutely extraordinary when, in the middle of the first level, the ball has to be kept on course sideways and 'upside down' at the edge of the tube. Absolutely amazing:

You may not believe it: The first level was mastered. Yes, I know, in light mode. Here, pleasantly enough, you don't have to hit all the orange tiles, but are allowed to miss ten. But let's take a look at the second level, which is a real challenge right from the start: Several times, 'You died!' is held in front of your nose after a few seconds. Why is that?

Ahhh, there are tiles with holes and even meaner: broken tiles....

I was totally captivated by the game. Should there be a two-player mode, then I can already see myself sitting in front of the Amiga 1200 for hours on end with a buddy, just like in the good old days, taking turns to hunt for points a la 'Pinball Dreams'.

The game can be pre-ordered at the title link as a digital variant for 29 Euros or as a 'boxed version' for 45 Euros plus shipping (depending on the destination). (dr)

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