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Daniel Müßener (Mail)

Preview video 24: Souverän Soccer
Daniel 'Daytona675x' Müßener (Wings Remastered, MiniGL4GL4ES, Tower 57) is working on a soccer game with 3D view called "Souverän Soccer" ( reported) which is supposed to run on unaccelerated Amiga 1200 and CD32 with 50 fps.

In his 24. preview video the author presents a lot of changes, among others:

  • Highlight: Null modem support. The playing field is then shown from the perspective of the respective team. Of course, the serial link still runs at 50Hz on unaccelerated A1200.
  • Optimization of player drawing by exploiting frame coherence: only what is not painted over anyway is erased.
  • Turf distance shading now much smoother.
  • Marking for active players, usually the figures closest to the ball, inside. Realized with hardware sprites. It wasn't easy, because all 5 existing ones are already in use elsewhere.
  • simple player control (running and simple shooting), ball sticks to the player for now, real ball physics with correct acceleration, gravity and friction.

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