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AmigaOS 4: Web browser Odyssey 1.23 r5 (update)
In the middle of 2020 Roman 'kas1e' Kargin had made available the last beta version of his AmigaOS 4 port of the Odyssey web browser. Now he has published the first release candidate (RC) for version 1.23 r5 and states the following:

"Rebuild was done with the latest GCC 11.1 and latest OS4 SDk (so new MUI, DOS, EXec, pthreads and co). As one of the positive results is the size of the binary start to be smaller on 3MB (60MB instead of 63MB). There is also a new YouTube script from MorphOS's devs (ASiegel), so to make accelerated video player works with changed youtube. To activate it, the following steps are required:
  • Delete in your scripts Youtube Fullscreen Fix and Youtube HTML5 Converter. Restart Odyssey and add again but this time new scripts (so allowed sites and stuff will be new ones).
  • Add to URL preferences with spoof as Ipad 13.2.3. So it will always switch to the mobile version.
  • Now on any video when you click on any part of the video, you will have in the right/bottom area gadget to expand the video: clicking on it will bring our accelerated media player back."
Changes of this version:
  • Updated curl-ca-bundle.crt ( , 26 Oct 2021)
  • Updated to Curl 7.80.0 (10th of November 2021)
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1m (14-Dec-2021) (thanks MickJT for tips)
  • Updated to SQLite 3.34.0 (2020-12-01) instead of old v3.7.5 (2011-02-01). Port done by Steffen Gutmann
  • Updated to libFreeType2 2.11.1 (02-Dec-2021)
  • Updated to libXML2 2.9.12 (13-May-2021)
  • Updated to libWebP v1.2.2-rc1 (18-Dec-2021)
Update: (03.01.2022, 07:09, dr)

Meanwhile the official version 1.23 r5 was released on OS4Depot. (dr)

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