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Amiga disks on PC: DrawBridge 2.8.6
Robert Smith's project "DrawBridge" (Disk Reader and Writer Bridge) uses like the similar ADF Drive a microcontroller - in this case an Arduino board - to read and write Amiga floppies with a connected standard PC floppy drive. By means of the plugin FloppyBridge, WinUAE is also officially supported since version 4.9.0. The changes of the current version:
  • Better extraction of disk revolutions and a few bugs fixed
  • Accurate flux extraction available but experimental so you can choose to use it or not (can't handle some long-track disks)
  • Modification of older flux reading method for more better compatability
  • New firmware *1.9.23* includes basic PLL support for UAE to provide better support for games using Weak/Flaky bits
  • Improved IPF & SCP writing by changing some of the parameters
  • Console application now has an icon and version information
  • Tidied up some of the assembly language in the Arduino Sketch

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