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CDXL video player: AGABlaster 0.9.90
AGABlaster plays Commodore's CDXL video format. According to the author, it uses a customized version of the CDXL format supporting the AGA chipset with 24 bit colors and variable length frames. Customized CDXL files can be generated with AGAConv. AGABlaster is written in 68K Assembly and runs on native Amiga hardware (no gfx card or sound card required). Changes of version 0.9.90:

  • Added support for video playlists
  • CDXL videos can be selected with ASL file requester (multi-select with 'shift')
  • Jump between playlist videos with 'N'ext and 'P'revious
  • Can be started from workbench icon now (
  • New playlist/video loop mode ('L' key to toggle loop mode, or command line option LOOP)
  • Audio filter is off by default now and can be turned on/off with 'F'
  • Optimized versions for 68000/20/30/40/60/80

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