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Aracade game: 'Green Beret' update
Green Beret is a conversion of Konami's arcade classic of the same name to the Amiga, written using the Scorpion Engine ( reported).

The recent update provides the following changes:
  • Added the missing songs (Stage clear cut scene, and Game Over).
  • consistent sound design as even player losing a life uses the music module (and its instruments)
  • all music are now multi-song modules, meaning there will be no more in-game loading pauses to load the boss music, it's only changing music position which is instantaneous.
  • there is some time for player to prepare before a new boss appears, it is not so sudden anymore.
  • fixed enemies spawning out of thin air, specially on start of level 2. Score didn't reset if you beat the game and loop it. Some other fixes and improvements.

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