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Minesweeper clone: MegaSaperPL 1.28
Rafal Zabdyr has released version 1.28 of his Minesweeper clone 'MegaSaperPL' on Aminet as well as on

The game requires at least AmigaOS 3.0, AGA/CGX/P96 (320x240 in 8 bit) and the reqtools.library (V38+). Both mouse buttons can be used: left for uncover field, right to mark. The implementation offers additional bombs to explode mines as well detectors to uncover the field without losing life. The changes in version 1.28:
  • Localisation (English/Polish)
  • Restructuring of the game's directory structure
  • rewrite and restructuring of most of the game code and settings
  • Many bug fixes and many improvements

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