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Graphics card ZZ9000: New firmware version 1.10
Lukas F. Hartmann's ZZ9000 is a graphics card with additional features and ports (network, USB, SD cards), which can be preordered in different versions ( reported).

Yesterday the new firmware version 1.10 was released providing the following improvements and new features compared to version 1.9:
  • Adds support for the ZZ9000AX audio expansion with native 48000Hz, Stereo s16i playback and capture. Capture is not yet supported by driver/tools.
  • Adds AHI driver for ZZ9000AX. Please note that only very fast Amigas can mix 48kHz audio through AHI. If you have a 020 or 030, it's best to use 24kHz for AHI.
  • Adds MP3 decoding support on an ARM core of ZZ9000 powered by minimp3.
  • The tool axmp3 in the drivers package demonstrates direct MP3 playback at 48kHz, with very low Amiga CPU usage (not using AHI). The tool is Open Source.
  • C code refactor splits out many modules from ZZ9000OS main.c for better maintainability
According to the developer "the plan is to ship out the bulk of ZZ9000AX batch 1 orders next week, which is supported by this firmware." (dr)

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