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Amiga emulator for MacOS: vAmiga 2.1b2
By releasing version 2.0 ( reported), developer Dirk Hoffmann has started the beta phase of version 2.1 of his Amiga emulator vAmiga for MacOS and has just released the second beta version. Changes:

  • Added NTSC support
  • Kickstart 3.2.1 (Hyperion) is a recognised Rom now
Bug fixes:
  • No more graphics glitches in DPaint IV overscan modes
  • Null modem cable is no longer broken
  • No more graphics glitches in Seven seas by Andromeda
  • ShowConfig utility (Hyperion) does no longer crash with Kickstart 3.2
  • Fixed an error in the Hunk parser
  • Now the line drawing code is invoked at the beginning of the HBLANK area
The minimum system requirement is macOS 10.15. (dr)

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