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mithrendal (Mail)

Emulator: vAmigaWeb v2.1 beta2
vAmigaWeb is an Amiga emulator for the web browser or a Progressive Web App (PWA) based on the Amiga emulator for MacOS vAmiga. After its release of the second beta version of version 2.1, the developer 'mithrendal' has not only integrated this latest vAmigaCore2.1b2 into his application, but also some other changes:
  • CPU overclocking up to 100Mhz (great for legendary titles like frontier/elite2 or fa-18 interceptor)
  • PAL/NTSC hot switching (pixel ratio and 50/60 Hz chipset system speed)
  • floppy drive and hard drive sounds and track display in the HUD
  • completely reworked display sizes for overscan games like "the settlers"
  • various bugfixes e.g. memory leaks, pixel precision and more

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