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Farming simulation: New beta version of Farmiga released
The Polish developer 'Tukinem' is writing a farming simulation in AMOS, called 'Farmiga' ( reported). Two days ago, a new beta version (22.07.2022) was released. Changes:
  • additional animal taxes
  • the shears can break when shearing a sheep
  • pests appear in agricultural fields
  • a new fence can be bought instead of a mill or cat
  • other minor corrections (e.g. the warehouse is now left with the return button and not with the right mouse button as before)
The new version should correctly load a saved game of a previous version. Minimum requirements: OCS/ECS, Kickstart 1.3, 1.5MB ChipRAM or 1MB Chip and 0.5MB FastRAM. (dr)

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