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AROS: New build of Workbench replacement Scalos
In mid-2011, Matthias 'Mazze' Rustler began porting the workbench replacement Scalos for AROS and completed this in early 2012. Since then, Scalos has been part of the AROS distributions AROS Vision and Icaros Desktop, among others.

In mid-July, Krzysztof 'Deadwood' Śmiechowicz opened a discussion on Aros-Exec with the aim of improving the workbench replacement and ridding it of bugs after unifying the code base of Scalos for AROS x86 ABIv0, AROS x86_64 ABIv11 and AROS m68k. Only for AxRuntime there should be a separate development branch.

The developer has now released a new build V2022-07-21 with the following change notes:

  • Numerous crashes when working on 64-bit with 64-bit heap
  • Wrong background color of Scalos logo on Scalos splash window
  • Backgroung image of Scalos splash window and Scalos About window is not visible
  • Icon labels on desktop and in drawer windows are displayed using Topaz instead of Arial font
  • Font.prefs are not being loaded on 64-bit
  • Font.prefs are being wrongly saved on 64-bit
  • scalos.prefs are not being loaded on x86 and x86_64, scalos is using always default prefecens
  • scalos.prefs are being saved on x86 and x86_64 in format not compatible with m68k
  • NewPopupmenu.prefs is wrongly written
  • Plugins are not loading at Scalos startup
  • wbrexx.plugin is crashing at startup on 64-bit
  • Multiple controls missing on Scalos Prefs/Icons page
  • System crash when clicking on def icon image on FileTypes Prefs/Recognition page
  • Status bar, control bar, buttons sometimes don't have images displayed
  • Buttons in Scalos About window have white corneres rendered where they should be transparent
  • Crash when leaving out an icon
  • Crash when adding a User-defined Button to Control bar without setting it's properties in Scalos Prefs
  • Crash when removing any button from Control bar in Scalos Prefs
  • Scalos Prefs allows editing TTEngine font properties when TTEngine is not present causing crash in Icons/Labels and Text Windows/Fonts pages
  • deficons.prefs are not being loaded on x86 and x86_64
  • Reset to default in FileType Prefs and Save does not save prefrences
Won't fix:
  • Scroolbars visible on titles of TrueType Fonts, PopupMenu, Menu, FileTypes, Pallette and Pattern pages of Scalos Preferences
Not fixed:
  • Wrong rendering on DualPNG icons
  • Refreshing drawer windows is slow
  • Starting Prefs/Locale or Prefs/Input from Scalos causes other preferences to fail
  • Desktop wallpaper is damaged where Splay window was displayed
  • When started from Wanderer, after saving Scalos Prefs, reload does not re-open main Scalos window
  • Difference in behavior between Cleanup from popup menu and Cleanup from top menu - possibly due to missing plugin, check Cleanup association in Menu Prefs

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