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AmigaGuide magazine: Issue 6 of 'WhatIFF?' published
WhatIFF? is an Amiga magazine in AmigaGuide format. Unlike other magazines or journals, WhatIFF? does not deal with games, but is mainly intended for users who want to be creative with their Amigas ( reported).

Now issue 6 is available providing these topics among others:

  • Amiga Lightwave 3D book
  • Infinity Music Player is on the
  • AmiSSL 5.1 for classic Amigas
  • TheA500 Mini
  • ADF's with AmigaOS4.1
  • 5th eposide about LightWave 3.5
  • 5th episode about Brilliance
  • Pros and cons of using floppy disks Gotek drives
  • Installing an FPU onto an Amiga 1200 motherboard
  • Tutorial on ARexx

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