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AROS: CAMD MIDI driver (update)
In our (German) news item on the release of version 1.0 of the multimedia MIDI sequencer BarsnPipes for Amiga OS4.1, Alfred Faust stated: "Before I made the OS4.1 FE version, I worked intensively on the AROS version. Unfortunately, AROS lacks a usable MIDI transfer. Without this, BarsnPipes is NOT usable. I had tried very hard to write a CAMD driver for USB MIDI transmission. Unfortunately, this did not lead to the success I had hoped for."

In a thread on AROS World, help was sought in this regard, which Franck 'hitchhikr' Charlet has now provided using his CAMD-MIDI driver under the title link.

Regarding the installtion he has written:
  • Delete any file present in the devs:midi directory (probably just "debugdriver")
  • Copy the file "mididriver" into devs:midi directory.
  • Reboot.
In the archive there are two tools:
  • "ShowClusters" will show the midi ports of the driver.
  • "MidiWatch" will monitor a given port as argument (usually or mididriver.out.0).
Update: (16.02.2024, 06:18, dr)

A new version is available on Franck 'hitchhikr' Charlet's website: it fixes a bug that caused AROS to crash. He has also added the shell commands MidiThru (forwards messages from one port to another) and MidiSendC (sends a middle C to a specific port).

Charlet also found out that there are two bugs in camdusbmidi.class.c that prevent the sending of multiple midi messages in the nParseMidiOut() function. A corrected version is now also included in the archive. The following must therefore be installed:
  • Copy "mididriver" into devs:midi (and remove any file that may be there before).
  • Replace "camdusbmidi.class" from SYS:Classes/USB with the one included in the archive.
  • Reboot.

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