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Archive 04/2002

Dennis Lohr (ANF)

IRC: #digiboosterpro moved to another server
The IRC channel of the Digiboosterpro community has moved now, like #Amigafun, to another server. You can reach here:

Port: 6667
Channel: #digiboosterpro

JOiN tHE COMMUNitY... (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Magazine: 100%AMIGA Issue 23 Out Now!
The April issue of 100%AMIGA is out now. This month we feature the AmigaOne G3-SE and take a look at the massive cartoon adventure The Feeble Files as well as our usual mix of reviews, free games and useful utilities, patches and upgrades.

SEE the latest game release, HEAR the shocking news stories behind these Pictures and EXPERIENCE the only monthly Amiga CD magazine in the World! 100%AMIGA - The future of magazines. (ps)

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O'Reilly Network (ANF)

O'Reilly Network: The AltiVec Difference (Update)
On April, 5th 202 Craig Hunter has released an article on O'Reilly Network about the AltiVec unit of the G4-PPC processor.

In this article he describes in a general and simple way the advantages of the SIMD programming (Single Instruction Multiple Data) against the computing with single values. He also shows the AltiVec support of the gcc with short examples like vector addition with vec_add().

It also contains information about the performance of AltiVec code against code without AltiVec usage. (sd) (Translation: gf)

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Udo Melis (ANF) Dear Amiga Inc., Could I Make a Few Suggestions?
Udo Melis:
I have watched the progress of the "new Amiga" (OS and hardware) over the past couple of years. Given the past history of Amiga, I am happy to see that the company has been taken over by true fans of the Amiga OS, who have a workable vision. In general, I think you came up with a good overall strategy.
Please read the complete OSNews article under the title link. (ps)

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CD³²-Allianz (ANF)

Incompatible CD-R's (CD32)
CD32-Allianz wrote:
DJ Two-K informed us that there are CD-R's by TDK (called 'D-VIEW') that are incompatible with the CD32. We suggest not to use them with your CD32! (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Netzzensur: Computerfreaks are going on street against consoring
On Saturday a demonstration against censoring of Internet-content took place in Düsseldorf, organized by the Chaos Computer Club and ODEM. Further press releases, pictures and reports are available (in German) at the title link and on the following sites:

Press releases:

Some pictures: Background informations: Update: (24.11.2017, 15:00, cg)

Replaced the link to with a link to Web Archive's copy of the site, as requested by the site owner. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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CD³²-Allianz (ANF)

CDTV Tuning: CDTV as MP3-Workstation
There is a report (in German) about how to use the MAS-player by Dirk Conrad/Eternity Hard- & Software to turn a CD32 into a MP3-workstation. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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iBrowse 2.3 Update - Status
Stefan Burstroem, the main author of IBrowse, has posted to the IBrowse mailing list some details about the upcoming IBrowse 2.3.
  1. The 2.3 release is "not far off at all".
  2. The feature set is frozen and the remaining bugs are being fixed now.
  3. The 2.3 upgrade will be a free release, available on Aminet.
  4. It should work on a standard Amiga running OS 3.0/3.1/3.5/3.9.

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Computer City (E-Mail)

Computer City: AmigaOne systems built-on-demand
Rotterdam, April 8th 2002. Computer City's AmigaOne built-to-order page (title link) has been translated into English. On the page you can configure your own AmigaOne system and get a free price-quote by email within ten minutes. You can ask for prices on as many configurations as you please, and if you choose one that you want to order, you can do so by filling in the pre-ordering form. There's also a list of shipping costs to most European countries. Other countries are quoted on demand.

For more information, please contact Ron van Herk at

Computer City - Zebrastraat 7-9 - 3064 LR Rotterdam - (ps)

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Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Amiga Future: Interview with Rüdiger Hanke (ScummVM)
Today Amiga Future released a German interview with Rüdiger Hanke (programmer of the MorphOS ScummVM port). (ps)

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Chris Hodges (E-Mail)

USB: Information about Poseidon USB stack for AmigaOS
Poseidon is the software solution that brings USB to the Amiga. It will run on every Amiga equipped with OS3.1 or higher.

To give the users and developers an overview on the state of the software, please read these facts.

The hardware interface allows to use any USB controller hardware, if the drivers are written for it:

  • As already reported a few days ago by Michael Böhmer, Poseidon will be the official USB stack included with the Highway and Subway products. It has been developed using these fine cards.
  • A native PPC compile for MorphOS will be possible. Moreover, the MorphOS development team (cyfm) is working on a hardware driver (UHCI) for the Pegasos. By the time of writing, the keyboard and mouse classes already work with more coming soon.
  • Benjamin Vernoux has started with a OHCI driver implementation.
Currently, we have got the following class drivers:
  • hub.class for the root hub and external hubs. Allows real plug-and-play and unplugging of USB devices at the user's will (tested with an external hub and a composite keyboard-hub).
  • bootmouse.class for mice (lots of different mice tested).
  • bootkeyboard.class for keyboards (several keyboards tested).
  • printer.class delivering an usbparallel.device for printing (tested with Canon S400/S450/S500, Hewlett Packard printers)
  • massstorage.class for flash card readers and other mass media.
A lot of people already have received the software developer packages and said to contribute with digicam/webcam drivers (Felix Schwarz from innovative), printer drivers (TurboPrint), scanner drivers, etc.

More drivers are still to come. Remember that Poseidon is work-in-progress.

There is already a tool to read out pictures from Webcams using the STV680 chip. Other drivers (which will have much more features) will be provided by Felix Schwarz for VHI Studio. You can find the first Amiga USB Webcam at


Trident, a GUI for Poseidon, is already on the way, although the stack is so easy to handle, that advanced users will probably stick to the few CLI commands for loading Poseidon. The whole stack and its class drivers can be made ROM resident, so that the USB mouse and keyboard is already available in the boot menu. Even more, it is planned to add booting capabilities to the massstorage.class.

Developers, who want to contribute may apply for the SDK by sending an email to Also have a look at for more detailed technical information.

The Poseidon USB stack is Copyright 2002 Chris Hodges. All rights reserved. (sd)

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Aseq (ANF)

Audio: Aseq - Multiplatform Midi-/Audio-Sequencer
Aseq is a new commercial midi and audio (sample) sequencer. It implements an easy to use "x0x" style sequencer, both step and realtime sequencing. It has the capability to use both native audio and midi, in a simple manner.

A demo version should be available in the forseeable future. Check the Aseq site: regularly for updates etc. The site is for the time being quite simple. I am open to any suggestions, wishes, donations etcetera =)

Versions are planned for the Amiga and a variety of other platforms, like linux, QNX, (dr)dos and Mac OSX.

Feature list:

  • Easy to use and fast interface
  • Intuitive sequencing method(x0x), no steep learning curve
  • Fully integrated usage of both midi sounds and native audio (samples)
  • Hardware indepedant OS friendly coding
  • Does only need little resources
  • No fixed pattern length
  • Easy to use gui for many controller functions in midi
  • Patch editor, programmable with your own midi and midi sysex messages
  • Midi event editor, so you can edit every midi message/event yourself
  • more ....

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Amiga Expo 2002: Videos (Ben Hermans) and pictures on
Douglas McLaughlin has published almost all of the video and the few pictures that he took during AmigaExpo 2002 (Baltimore) on his website.

There are three different files: "BenHermans.mpg" contains the interview with Ben Hermans of Hyperion-Entertainment, which was published earlier as MP3. The new one is of much better quality. (sd)

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Amiga Future

dynAMIte: CFodder, Alienoid and PacMan-style
On 5 April 2002 new styles were released for the Bomberman clone 'dynAMIte'.

'CFodder' by Mark 'AxE' Ricketts is based on Cannon Fodder. Two older styles, called 'Alienoid' and 'PacMan', have been added to Cj-Stroker, which are now available on the dynAMIte site.

All styles are available for download at styl'o'rama-site. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Amiga Future

Election: The 2002 Computer Hall of Fame
This year will again be running an election in order to admit people to the Computer Hall of Fame. You can vote for example for Jay Miner, the founder of Amiga. In addition, further people can be suggested on the voting form. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Amiga Expo: Nowhere Man: 13 ways of looking for Amiga's future
An English review of the Amiga Expo in Baltimore has been published under the title link, focusing on 'Amiga's future'. At the end the author talks about Emulation, AmigaOS 4.x and REBOL from his point of view. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Payback: 3 new maps, preview of
3 new maps for the game 'Payback' were already published on 2 April 2002. The following was added: 'Tankwarfare' by Samuel Regandell, 'goclaw' by Tm_DaG and 'Azuria City' by Sylvio Kurze. The map 'The Big Track' by Samuel Regandell was updated.

The maps are available for download via the title link. You can also find a Thumbnail for a particular map there and a short description.

At you'll find a short preview by Lulio Vargas, published with regard to the next Mac version of Payback. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Sascha Koebner (ANF)

AmigaOne: Gamestar reports about AmigaOne
In the latest issue of the games magazine 'Gamestar' (05/2002) you can find the following (Cebit?) news on page 18:

Amiga returns- Under the title AmigaOneG3-SE the venerable home computer Amiga returns. Incorporated in this computer is a firmly welded Power-PC-G3 processor with 600 Mhz. The mainboard, called A1.5, corresponds to the ATX standard and therefore fits in any common PC case.

The set of chips supports AGP2x, 4 PCI boards and 2GByte PC133 access memory at the most. Drives and input devices are connected via IDE, PS/2 and USB interfaces. To increase competition, dealers are allowed to fix prices for boards as well as complete systems. The manufacturer Eyetech is leading the way: The A1.5 mainboard with processor is only supposed to be 600 EURO, including VAT and delivery charges. The operating system AmigaOS4 is available at 70 EURO, not including VAT.

The magazine shows a picture with an open PC case and the caption: 'Incorporated in AmigaOneG3-SE is a G3 processor with 600 Mhz from Motorola.' (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Czech Amiga News

AROS: Survey about requested features
Matt Parsons has included a new page in AROS, a feature request page. It allows users and potential users of AROS to vote for the feature they want to see most.

At the moment it's possible to vote for one of the two options: Should the AROS team focus either on Workbench or on drivers and other low-level systems (OOP)?

Since the vote on the above mentioned page can only be called up via JavaScript, Matt Parsons has sent the formula to publish it direct.

«Is it better for the AROS team to work on a Workbench now (and have one ready in a couple of weeks) or spend more time on drivers and low-level (OOP) system and worry about the workbench later (in about three to four months)? If we make a desktop now, it will only be a stop gap (with only the features of the original Workbench) and will be much improved later once the OOP system is finished to provide a more modern desktop environment.»

Should AROS get a Workbench now or later?

  Original style Workbench Now (with a better one later).
  Low level (OOP) stuff now, and Workbench later.

View current results
(sd) (Translation: sr)

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