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Archive 04/2002

Thomas Nosutta (ANF)

Pictures of the Berlin Computer Days
From now on are pictures of the appearance of the ACBB at the Berlin Computer Days online. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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AudioLabs: ProStationAudio Titanium Version 5.05
After a few internal releases (5.0x), Titanium 5.05 is being delivered this week. The application is now available in a new, slim, format, with the binary reduced by 50% for better CPU caches, and JIT, handling. All the original features have been mantained, plus new ones added (MIDI playback, via external sequencer, now active also during recording, auto-sized rendering,..) and fixes.

New entry into the DSPSpeed page: Athlon Thunderbird 1400 OC 1533. (ps)

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Text recording of the appearance of Bill McEwen on Tech-TV
As already reported had Bill McEwen of Amiga Inc. on 13.03.2002 a TV appearance on Tech-TV in the "ScreenSavers" show. In our message of 16.03.2002 you can find links leading to video recordings of the show.

The American user group NAJ has done the work on a text recording of the television interview. This recording can be found following the title link. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Cord Hagen (email)

Vintage Computer Festival Europe in Munich
As already reported will for the third time the "Vintage Computer Festival Europe (VCF)" come to Munich on 27. and 28. April 2002. Goal of the Vintage Computer Festival is to support the preservation and the maintenance of 'historical' computers and other (E)DV devices, to awake the interest in 'superfluous' hard- and software and especially to have fun in it. The VCF is in the meantime not only a regular event in the Californian Silicon Valley but also a fix point in the European appointment books.

So let us return to the good old days when hacker were no security consultants, bytes no Megabytes and Kleine Grüne Männchen were just Kleine Gruene Maennchen!

Of course does our Amiga system have to appear here. Among the registered exhibitions is
"The Amiga history - From the unfortunate games console to the multimedia workstation" by Thorsten Kuphaldt. People living in and near Munich shouldn't miss the event at all! (jm) (Translation: wk)

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Martin Merz (ANF)

Reworked MasonIcons Archives available
The following reworked archives are available on the MasonIcons homepage:
  • AWebMI (4th release) for AWeb
  • ClassMI (2nd release) for ClassAction
  • DataMI (2nd release) for DataM II
  • EvenMI (2nd release) for Evenmore
  • EZPagerMI (5th release) for EZPager
  • GiambyMI (2nd release) for GiambyNetGrabber
  • IBrowseMI (6th release) for IBrowse
  • MicroDotMI (2nd release) for MicroDot
  • NRogMI (2nd release) for NewsRog
  • NCoaster (2nd release) for NewsCoaster
  • PlayMI (2nd release) for PlayGUI
  • TaskiSMSMI (3rd release) for TaskiSMS
  • VideoMI (2nd release) for VideoMUI
  • VoyagerMI (5th release) for Voyager
  • WB2000MI (2nd release) for Workbench 2000
  • WorkOnMI (2nd release) for WorkOn
  • PhotoMI (3rd Ausgabe) for Photogenics
    • reworked images based on AppMI (24x24)
    • new image set (16x16) for lower resolutions (e.g. 800x600)
Visit Mason.Home (title link) for further informations and previews. (ps)

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Michael Dittmar (ANF)

G-Rex: New RTL_8029pci.device V1.5
Vision Factory Development has released a new Realtek RTL8029AS Networking Card Driver V1.5 for G-Rex users. Whats new? A updated for Genesis owners (Exiting Genesis). Also some speed improvements with the new driver. You can find the new NIC driver along with all G-Rex software on the G-Rex Support Page. (ps)

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Michael Dietrich (ANF)

New LDDCheck in the works
Michael Dietrich:
Unfortunately is Heiko Schröder, the author of LDDCheck, since August 2000 not active on the Amiga anymore, " doesn't exist anymore since last year!" he wrote to me on 25. April 2002. As many Amiga users appreciate the service of the possibility to check online whether existing libraries, datatypes and devices were still up-to-date and, if needed, to download a current version I asked Heiko whether I may continue the project.

He gave me the permission and is pleased that his two years of work on the project weren't wasted. The following projects has he entrusted to me:

  • LibGuide
  • DTypeGuide
  • DevGuide
He will even deliver all scripts for the Internet so that we do not have to restart from scratch! As I can't realize the project on my own I'm looking for people who would like to participate in the project. Interested ones should send an email to Michael Dietrich or contact me via ICQ: Wolverine (107370055). () (Translation: wk)

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Matthias Münch (ANF)

Jabberwocky now OpenSource
Jabberwocky which is a Jabber client for Amiga is now OpenSource. Tom Parker and Matthias Münch have resumed the development. An appropriate project has been created on SourceForge. You can find the links on the Jabberwocky homepage (title link).

For that we are looking for several graphics, sounds and guides in different languages to put them to the archive. If there are people who are interested in then please contact us under (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: Full version of Breed96 version 1.3
One of the "most wanted" shareware games of the Amiga Arena was Breed96 by Damian Tarnawsky. It took a long time to make a free version possible but now Breed96 is available for free download in version 1.3!

Breed96 belongs to the best shareware games which has been developed for the Amiga and it should be commercially distributed by Vulcan Software after the developer Damian Tarnawsky worked three months on the next part Breed2000. But Breed2000 was never published by Vulcan Software.

Breed96 is a space colonisation game with elements from Sim City, Reunion and Deuteros. You have to build up your colony and to produce ore, food and buildings. You have to manage famines, attacks of Aliens and similar problems as well as explore and populate planets or leading wars.

Damian Tarnawsky has not got the original version of Breed96 and therefore with his permission the cracked (keyfile) version 1.3 is available! Should be there anybody who has got a keyfile or the full version of Breed96 1.3b then please contact me! Thanks! (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Cj-Stroker (ANF)

Amiforce: Amiblitz version 2.26 available
From today on you can download the updated archive of Amiblitz version 2.26 under the title link. Soon you cal also download it from the Aminet (already uploaded). Now there is also a German version of the following components:
  • Amiblitz 2.26 (compiler)
  • PED 2.26 (editor)
  • Amiblitz2.readme
  • Amiblitz2faq.txt
  • Amiblitzhistory.txt
In order to get the German version you only simply have to rename the file PED_ger to PED. Then you start AmiBlitz2_ger and the German version will be opened.

Of course the English version is still always part of the archive.

For a problem-free work with Amiblitz 2.26 and PED 2.26 you should also install the disassembler.library which is part of the MMUlib-package (available on Aminet). But Amiblitz do work without this library. A requester will remind you to install it. ;-) Direct download link: MMULib.lha.

For the information of further changes and bug fixes please read the history which is a component of the archive. Besides a mailinglist there is also a forum for interested people. Please also visit for a big archive of Blitz2-material and much more. Thanks a lot to Bernd Roesch who made the realization possible. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Eyetech: Mailing List for Dealers Established
Eyetech has established a mailing list for dealers who want to offer the Amiga One. To get added to the list send an email to

Under the title link you will find a list of dealers who have already ordered boards. Further the terms are explained to all prospective dealers. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Heise [Newsticker]

Hot: Warnings About Defective Mastheads on Websites
As was already reported, many people who offer homepages are unaware that the new (German) Teledienstegesetz (TDG) and Mediendienste-Staatsvertrags (MDStV) laws mandate a masthead, an identifying banner at the top.

There have been hot reports about the first series of warnings over missing or absent mastheads. In these cases, which number about 1000, primarily commercial websites have been warned. But the step to private websites is not far behind.
Click on the title link for the hot article. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Xonio: Test: Sharp Zaurus SL-5500g - Challenger with Linux
Fans of the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500g PDAs will find a comprehensive test by Xonio. In this test the equipment and the experience (fun with crosses and loops) are explored. Additionally there is a table with detailed information and a summary.

»The end of the idyll is near: Palm begins to fall from its comfortable market position, and the PDA dealers begin to move towards Pocket PC 2002, putting trust in the name of the desktop monopolist Microsoft. But Sharp is a manufacturer that has the power to establish Linux in the PDA market. "Zaurus" is the first strike, and Sharp has the tools to hype it, if there are no blemishes to be found on the lovely portrait.«

The complete article is under the title link. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Emulator: New Features in Development for WinUAE
The developer of the Amiga emulator for Windows "WinUAE" is preparing to offer the following new features:
  • Internal support for ZIP and GZIP archives
  • Improved support of xdms.exe, that will allow reading of DMS floppy disk image archives
(ps) (Translation: dm)

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Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 24.04.2002)
With WHDLoad you can install games on your hard drive which were formerly meant only for use with disks. The following packets have been added or updated:
  • 24.04.02 new: Wild West World (Software 2000) done by Wepl
  • 24.04.02 new: Elvira 2 - The Jaws of Cerberus (Horrorsoft/Accolade) done by Wepl
  • 24.04.02 improved: Archon (Electronic Arts) install package shorten
  • 23.04.02 new: Dracula (Psygnosis) done by Bored Seal
  • 23.04.02 improved: PGA European Tour (The Dome/Ocean) support for CD³² version added, fast mem support
  • 23.04.02 new: Total Eclipse (Incentive Software/Domark) done by Codetapper
  • 23.04.02 fixed: Odyssey (Audiogenic) access fault removed
  • 23.04.02 new: Heavy Metal (Access) done by Bored Seal
  • 23.04.02 new: Driller (Incentive Software/Domark) done by Codetapper
  • 23.04.02 new: Dark Side (Incentive Software/Domark) done by Codetapper
  • 22.04.02 improved: Test Drive (Accolade) no longer needs s/startup-sequence
  • 22.04.02 fixed: Lotus 3 (Magnetic Fields/Gremlin) bugs removed
  • 17.04.02 improved: Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (Horrorsoft/Accolade) higher mouse speed, docs added

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Celso (ANF)

Microsoft reports the Debut of AA Entertainment Pack (Update)
Microsoft too finds the debut of Amiga Entertainment Pack #1 to be a newsworthy event.

More articles on this subject:
PC-Tip: Amiga games on compact Flash Cards for Windows PocketPCs
Xonio: Amiga games for Pocket PCs
(ps) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Apr. 2002, 12:05] [Comments: 1 - 27. Apr. 2002, 10:29]
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