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Archive 12/2006

Ron van Schaik (ANF)

Event: Pictures from the Netherlandish "C= Show"
Last Saturday "C= Show" took place in Netherlandish Maarssen. You can find pictures under the title link in the section "C= Show reports".

You can find dates for the next year under calendar. Meanwhile the Commodore Gebruikers Groep consists of 820 members. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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H-J Ottinger (ANF)

MorphOS: Instant-Messenger PolyGlot 0.24 (MSN)
PolyGlot written by Frederic 'Polymere' Rignault is an Instant-Messenger for the MSN network. Now a first public beta version is available. Have a look at Changelog for further details.

Direct Download: PolyGlot_0.24.lha (2,5 MB) (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Update of unofficial Phase5-Support-Websites
The unofficial support sites for products of Phase5 were extended: The first private firmware release written by Ralph Schmidt for the CyberstormPPC was added (version 44.69 - on Aminet there is only version) and the last update for the CGFX 4 with MorphOS-support, too. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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H-J Ottinger (ANF)

MorphOS: Date planner PolyOrganiser 1.02
PolyOrganiser written by Frederic 'Polymere' Rignault is a so called "PIM-Tool" (Personal Information Management) with which you can manage dates, contacts and tasks (screenshot).

For changes and further information please have a look at Changelog.

Direct Download: PolyOrga_1.02.lha (533 KB) (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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18.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

Magazine: The Crypt, issue 47
The 47th issue of the English magazine The Crypt contains the third part of Barry Walker`s Amiga-Hardware-Project "The Event Detector". (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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18.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: OpenSSH 4.5p1-1
Steven Solie has compiled OpenSSH for AmigaOS 4. It is a free version of the SSH-protocol-suite which is supposed to give the users of Telnet, rlogin, ftp and similar clients more security on Internet by encoding all data inclusive password.

Download: openssh-bin.lha (973 KB) (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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18.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

IRC-client: Wookiechat 2.4.1 beta 2
James Carroll has published a new beta version of his MUI-based IRC-clients Wookiechat for AmigaOS 3/4. Changes since the last publication:
  • Attempt to fix up crashing when closing second networks
  • Parting channels on the Serenity IRC network no longer crashes. This network for some reason doesnt follow the IRC RFC exactly, and it was affecting Wookie badly.
  • Beta 2: The ignore function now ignores /notice messages
  • Beta 2: Testing new smaller tab sizes.
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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18.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

Cubic IDE/microgolded: Service Pack 7
For the developing enviroment Cubic IDE as well as its text editor microgolded an update has been published called Service Pack 7. For the changes please have a look at the release notes. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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18.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

Hively Tracker: Alpha versionen for AmigaOS 3, possible MorphOS-port
For a little time the official website of the Chiptune-Tracker Hively Tracker (we reported) is online. According to the forum there several developers are testing an AmigaOS 3-version. A video which shows the Hively Tracker on an A4000 is already available. A MorphOS-port is possible, too. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 17.12.2006
These are the newest Aminet uploads which have been added since our last message:
sqlite-3.3.8-amiga.lha       biz/dbase   3.5M    OS3   Self-contained SQL database engine.
FussballBundesliga.lha       biz/misc     13K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
StarAm_Plan.lha              biz/misc    860K    OS3   Spreadsheet, 68000 CPU
StarAm_Plan881.lha           biz/misc    855K    OS3   Spreadsheet, needs FPU
ArisDoors4MAXs.lha           comm/bbs    698K    OS3   MAX's BBS doors, utils + API's (+source)
CManager34_DE.lha            comm/misc     7K    GEN   German Catalog for CManager 34.x
WallGet-de.lha               comm/misc    54K    GEN   German locale for WallGet
Bourriquet_0.2.9.5.lha       comm/net    726K    MOS   Client software for the eDonkey Protocol
Goportscan-de.lha            comm/net     23K    GEN   German locale for GoPortscan
AmRSS-de.lha                 comm/tcp     21K    GEN   German locale for AmRSS
mldonkey-2.8.1-morphos.lha   comm/tcp    5.4M    MOS   p2p client, MorphOS port
MorphVNC.lha                 comm/tcp     47K    MOS   VNC client for MorphOS. ZLib support
bbssalvage.lha               comm/thor    10K    GEN   Recover broken database BBS/conferences
aweb-3.5.08-plugins.lha      comm/www    1.3M    OS3   Updated AWeb-3.5.08 image decoders
AWeb-IConv.lha               comm/www     35K    MOS   Charset conversion plugin for AWeb APL
OpenURL-de.lha               comm/www     23K    GEN   German locale for OpenURL v7.0
OpenURL_Swe.lha              comm/www      2K    GEN   Swedish translation for OpenURL v7.2
stercus_accidit_morphos.lha  demo/euro   2.3M    MOS   Stercus Accidit - a gothic demo           demo/track  701K    OS3   Hental Mangover Demo                     demo/track  1.6M    OS3   Hunt for red kret demo                    demo/track  824K    OS3   HumanViolation                   demo/track  736K    OS3   LameHQ
OcSSDevBas.lha               dev/basic    35K    OS3   Using MEDplayer library from HBasic
Annotate.lha                 dev/cross    50K    OS3   Comments/reformats DASMX 2650 output
huc_mos.lha                  dev/cross   506K    MOS   PC Engine/Turbografx compiler/assembler
mawk-1.3.3-src-bin-m68k.lha  dev/gg      376K    OS3   An implementation of new/posix awk
classact33.lha               dev/gui     224K    OS3   Advanced GUI toolkit
Feelin_68k.lha               dev/gui     291K    OS3   A framework for AmigaOS and friends
Feelin_common.lha            dev/gui     973K    OS3   A framework for AmigaOS and friends
Feelin_os4.lha               dev/gui     540K    OS4   A framework for AmigaOS and friends
Feelin_src.lha               dev/gui     523K    GEN   A framework for AmigaOS and friends
SpiderMonkey-js-os4-bin.lha  dev/lang    337K    OS4   Mozilla JavaScript interpreter for CLI
SpiderMonkey-js-os4-src.lha  dev/lang    1.2M    GEN   Mozilla JavaScript interpreter - src
tcl_8.4.7_morphos.tgz        dev/lang    1.9M    MOS   Tcl, the Tool Command Language
p2c.i386-aros.tar.gz         dev/misc    813K    ARO   Pascal to C converter
spatch.lha                   dev/misc      9K    VAR   Clone of SAS Binary File Patcher w/src
subversion-1.4.2-mos.lha     dev/misc     30M    MOS   Revision control system, like RCS/CVS
stackmon13.lha               dev/moni     11K    OS3   Monitors stack use of running tasks
Gifan-de.lha                 dev/mui      18K    GEN   German locale for MCC_GifAnim
MCC_BWin-de.lha              dev/mui      18K    GEN   German locale for MCC_Bwin
MCC_Calendar-de.lha          dev/mui      18K    GEN   German locale for MCC_Calendar
MCC_MiniMailer-de.lha        dev/mui      18K    GEN   German locale for MCC_MiniMailer
MCC_TheBar-de.lha            dev/mui      20K    GEN   German locale for MCC_TheBar
MCC_Urltext-de.lha           dev/mui      18K    GEN   German locale for MCC_URLtext
muibuilder-morphos.lha       dev/mui     692K    MOS   MUI Interface builder
MUIPlusPlus-morphos.lha      dev/mui     131K    MOS   C++ wrapper classes for MUI
MUISpeedbar-de.lha           dev/mui      19K    GEN   German locale for MUISpeedbar
AutoBackUp.lha               disk/bakup    4K    GEN   Backup/clean (mirror imaging) using Back
cdcatpch.lha                 disk/cdrom   10K    MOS   CDCat 3 patch for MorphOS
cdirip-0.6.3.lha             disk/cdrom   19K    MOS   Extract all tracks from a CDI image
CDSpeedKiller.lha            disk/cdrom   14K    MOS   Slow down your CD/DVD drive
ripper_2.51.lha              disk/cdrom  490K    MOS   Rip AudioCD to Ogg Vorbis, MP3 or raw PC
idestandby10.lha             disk/misc     5K    MOS   Spin down motor of IDE HDs.
SFSdefragcomfy.lha           disk/misc     5K    GEN   Arexx: check/defrag SFS (1.x) drives
td64patch.lha                disk/misc     6K    OS4   Patch NSD64 (OS4) devices to support TD6
ThorThunderbird.lha          docs/help     2K    GEN   Export Mails from Thor to Thunderbird
WBonPeg-d.lha                docs/help   3.6M    GEN   Tips,icons+skins for AmiWBonPeg (German)
wabl9401.lha                 docs/lists   27K    GEN   Worldwide Amiga BBS List - Jan '94
wabl9406.lha                 docs/lists   31K    GEN   Worldwide Amiga BBS List - Jun '94
wabl9409.lha                 docs/lists   34K    GEN   Worldwide Amiga BBS List - Sep '94
wabl9412.lha                 docs/lists   36K    GEN   Worldwide Amiga BBS List - Dec '94
SVG-Specs.lha                docs/misc     2K    GEN   SVG File Format Specification
Lambda_0.8.101.lha           game/demo   320K    OS3   Lambda 3D space combat demo
BME.lha                      game/edit   252K    OS3   Map Editor for Benefactor
PCE.lha                      game/edit   108K    OS3   Phantasie 1 & 3 Character Editor
wesnoth.lha                  game/strat   77M    OS4   Battle for Wesnoth OS4 port
DigiPic03.lha                game/think  152K    VAR   Try to build picture from numbers
puzzle_01.lha                game/think  404K    OS3   Puzzle Written in BlitzBasic
monolith.lha                 gfx/3d      1.5M    MOS   3D-CPU Benchmark
autotrace_os4.lha            gfx/conv    988K    OS4   Converts bitmap to vector graphics
4p.lha                       gfx/edit    499K    MOS   Simple paint program and DPaint clone
mengui.lha                   gfx/edit     30K    MOS   Early gui for mencoder
alphatools.lha               gfx/misc    648K    MOS   Collection of gfx converters and scripts
gallerius.lha                gfx/misc    126K    MOS   A simple HTML gallery generator
Gallerius_DE.lha             gfx/misc     13K    GEN   German locale for Gallerius
SVGTools-1.2.2-bin.lha       gfx/misc    2.2M    MOS   Tools to convert SVG to PDF/PS/PNG
SVGTools-1.2.2-src.lha       gfx/misc    939K    GEN   Tools to convert SVG to PDF/PS/PNG (src)
SView-Info.lha               gfx/misc      1K    GEN   SView Version Information & Overview
SView5.lha                   gfx/misc    2.4M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
akMPEG-Key.lha               gfx/show      0K    OS3   AkMPEG/4 FREE KEYFILE (23.6.2004)
devedie.lha                  gfx/show    271K    MOS   MUI GUI for MPlayer (MorphOS)
ldview0.8-mos.lha            gfx/show     31K    MOS   ldraw model viewer
mDVD.lha                     gfx/show      9K    GEN   GUI for DVD playback using MPlayer
minishowpic.lha              gfx/show    285K    VAR   Simple picture viewer
ShowGirls-0.8.5.lha          gfx/show    451K    MOS   Image showing/processing utility for Mor
tdmplayergui.lha             gfx/show     51K    MOS   GUI interface for MorphOS port of mplaye
templates.lha                gfx/show    382K    GEN   Templates for use with ShowGirls
btr_8x8.lha                  hard/drivr   55K    MOS   Capture video using a PCI bt8x8 card
eaudio.device.lha            hard/drivr   23K    MOS   Enhanced audio.device solution for MOS
bootcreator-1.1.lha          hard/misc    18K    MOS   Create boot menus for Pegasos
bootmenu.tar.gz              hard/misc     3K    GEN   Bootmenu for Pegasos, written in Forth
Combo2.lha                   hard/misc   183K    VAR   Software for Combo2/Combo3 Eprommer
playac3.lha                  hard/misc   1.4M    MOS   Pegasos 2: Test S/PDIF out with mc audio
setup3dsnd.lha               hard/misc    12K    MOS   Enable SigmaTel 9766 3d sound capability
AmiArcadia.lha               misc/emu    205K    OS3   Emerson Arcadia 2001 emulator
amipce_asm_01.lha            misc/emu     38K    GEN   PC-Engine Emulator Beta (Sources)
amisnese-0.13b-bin.lha       misc/emu     33K    OS3   Snes Emulator 0.13b
amisnese-0.13b-src.lha       misc/emu     91K    OS3   Snes Emulator (Source) 0.13b
BochsGUI.lha                 misc/emu     53K    MOS   MUI GUI for Bochs
e-uae-0.8.29-WIP3_mos.lha    misc/emu    2.8M    MOS   Amiga emulator
fceu-0.98.10_mos.lha         misc/emu    920K    MOS   NES, Famicom emulator
FPSE_GUI.lha                 misc/emu     49K    MOS   Preferences GUI for  FPSE
hugo.lha                     misc/emu    215K    MOS   PC-Engine/TurboGrafX-16 emulator
LjngMOS.lha                  misc/emu    554K    MOS   NES/SNES emulator
mame-0.104.lha               misc/emu     21M    MOS   Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
NofrendoMOS.lha              misc/emu    159K    MOS   NES emulator
pcengine_01.lha              misc/emu     18K    OS3   AmiPC-Engine (PC-Engine emulator)
snes9x.lha                   misc/emu    778K    MOS   SNES emulator
winarosstart.exe             misc/emu    2.0M    ARO   Comfortable WindowsAROS file transfer
ASense.lha                   misc/sci    1.0M    OS3   v4.0a Professional astrology software
da3.lha                      misc/sci    436K    MOS   Digital Almanac III MorphOS native binar
10_loituma.lha               mods/misc   780K    GEN   Loituma - Levan Polka for Amiga
arosamp_alpha_0.11b.tar.gz   mods/mpg    140K    ARO   AROSAmp
AmySequencer.lha             mus/edit    310K    OS3   MIDI sequencer for the AMIGA
HT10.lha                     mus/edit    1.5M    OS4   AHX based multichannel chiptune tracker
normalize_0.7.6_mos.lha      mus/edit    803K    MOS   Adjust volume of Sound Files
SchismTracker_018a_mos.lha   mus/edit    330K    MOS   Schism Tracker, clone of Impulse Tracker
shorten_3.6.0_mos.lha        mus/edit     77K    MOS   Fast audio compressor
ON-THE-FLY.lha               mus/midi    371K    OS3   Real Time Music Composition Prog
mp3gain.lha                  mus/misc     71K    MOS   Free automatic mp3 volume normalizer
AmiScrobbler-0.0.2a_MOS.lha  mus/play    223K    MOS   Build a profile of your musical taste
HivelyReplayer.lha           mus/play     52K    OS3   Port of Hively Replayer to 68020+
playOGG.lha                  mus/play    1.2M    OS3   multi format sound player.
proplayer.lha                mus/play    223K    MOS   AHI Protracker player (MOS)
shellplayer_os4.lha          mus/play      7K    OS4   CLI based mod player using ptplay.librar
SimpleCDPlayer.lha           mus/play    198K    OS3   A simple CD Player for AmigaOS
tunenet_dt.lha               mus/play     24K    OS4   Datatypes plug-in for TuneNet
AMF-FairiesIcons.lha         pix/picon    92K    GEN   PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch
AOS3.x_Skin.lha              pix/theme    30K    GEN   A skin for MorphOS
pdf2pic.lha                  text/dtp    1.3M    OS3   an alternative way of viewing PDF's
CygnusEd_5_SP.lha            text/edit    20K    GEN   Spanish catalogs for CygnusEd Pro 5.3
JanoEditor_MOS.lha           text/edit   343K    MOS   Simple and efficient text editor v1.01
TurboText20.lha              text/edit   528K    OS3   TurboText
Alphassist.lha               text/misc   102K    MOS   Text transfer utility for the AlphaSmart
antiword.lha                 text/misc   550K    MOS   Convert Word documents to TXT/PDF/PS
AntiwordGui-de.lha           text/misc    18K    GEN   German locale for AntiwordGUI
AntiWordGUI.lha              text/misc    94K    VAR   MUI GUI for Antiword
ctags_os4.lha                text/misc   456K    OS4   Generate tag files of source code
source-highlight_os4.lha     text/misc   964K    OS4   Source code to syntax-highlighted html
qdlha.lha                    util/arc      4K    GEN   Quick N Dirty lha extraction
coldrebootpatch_1.3.lha      util/boot    26K    MOS   Patch ColdReboot() of MorphOS
Altabber-MOS.lha             util/cdity   44K    MOS   Windoze-like Alt-Tab
Blanky-de.lha                util/cdity   20K    GEN   German locale for Blanky
livemixer-1.4b.lha           util/cdity   95K    MOS   Mixer for SBLive! sound card
runlist.lha                  util/cdity   12K    OS3   Commodity to lauch commonly used program
unmask.lha                   util/cdity   19K    MOS   hide/show all windows with one keypress
zapper_0.10.lha              util/cdity   20K    MOS   Change the behaviour of the zoom-button.
bla-handler_os4.lha          util/cli     14K    OS4   Simulates output of a command as a file
Help.lha                     util/cli    121K    MOS   Inline help for all MorphOS shell comman
vcdgear176-040415_mos.lha    util/conv   524K    MOS   convert/extract/repair MPEG video + VCD
abinary_dt_os4.lha           util/dtype   28K    OS4   OS4 port of AROS binary.datatype
akLJPG-dt.lha                util/dtype   70K    VAR   akLJPG-dt V45.56 (LJPG, 68000-060)
akSVG-dt.lha                 util/dtype   70K    VAR   akSVG-dt V45.56 (SVG, 68000-060)
binary_dt_os4.lha            util/dtype   38K    OS4   Another binary.datatype
svg_dt.lha                   util/dtype  1.0M    OS4   Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) datatype
xpk_dt_os4.lha               util/dtype   26K    OS4   XPK compression datatype
ptplaylib_os4.lha            util/libs    49K    OS4   Shared lib to play/decode protracker mod
VorbisFile_Library.lha       util/libs   228K    MOS   vorbisfile.library v3
xpkmaster-gluefile.lha       util/libs     4K    OS4   xpkmaster.l.main (PPC -> M68K glue file)
AssignToy.lha                util/misc    17K    GEN   Logical Device Manager
cksfv-1.3.lha                util/misc    22K    MOS   Check SFV: Create + verify SFV files
file-3.20-morphos.lha        util/misc    57K    MOS   Determine a file's type (Unix port)
keymorpher_1.1.lha           util/misc    80K    MOS   MUI KeyMap editor for MorphOS
MUIFind056B.lha              util/misc    60K    MOS   Search tool with MUI GUI
SayToy.lha                   util/misc    18K    GEN   Speech Text Translator and Narrator              util/misc    38K    GEN   Makes changing your MorphOS skins easier
Snoopium_DE.lha              util/misc     2K    GEN   German Catalog for Snoopium
amigod2mos.lha               util/moni   230K    MOS   AmiGOD2 Reloaded (MorphOS native)
bonnie.lha                   util/moni     7K    MOS   I/O benchmark program (Unix port)
LG1915S.lha                  util/moni     0K    MOS   Modedit config: Monitor LG model L1915S
Meltium.lha                  util/moni    63K    MOS   Small graphical CPU usage meter
xfh-handler_os4.lha          util/pack   138K    OS4   XPK (de)crunching file handler
clihandler.lha               util/rexx    63K    GEN   preconfigured newcli's by a keypress
deduuupe.lha                 util/rexx    78K    VAR   ARexx and RexxPlus duplicate line remove
man-1.22.lha                 util/rexx    64K    GEN   man alike documentation reader in ARexx
mpegcrop.lha                 util/rexx     5K    GEN   crop huge audio mpeg files
mucontrol.lha                util/rexx    28K    GEN   make use of MuForce in comfortable way
stream124.lha                util/rexx    29K    GEN   stream, record and/or play Shoutcast rad
kingcon_deu.lha              util/shell    1K    GEN   V1.16 German catalog for KingCon
ClockToy.lha                 util/time    38K    MOS   MorphOS' first graphical clock
transpoclock.lha             util/time   244K    MOS   Transparent digital clock
CopyIcon_MOS_0.9.lha         util/wb      48K    MOS   Icon copier (MorphOS only)
freakbar-morphos.lha         util/wb       5K    MOS   Toolbar
iconificator.lha             util/wb      18K    MOS   Icon serial copier
MDS_Indexer_transac.lha      util/wb     2.9M    MOS   MorphOS Desktop Search
MorphTray.lha                util/wb     217K    MOS   Small windows like Tray app for MorphOS
Weather1.1.lha               util/wb     499K    MOS   Weather on your desktop
XMasBench_0.3.lha            util/wb      82K    VAR   XMasBench  - The ultimate ChristmasBench
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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18.Dec.2006 Uploads until 17.12.2006
These are the newest uploads which have been added since our last message:
hivelytracker.lha        aud/edi    1Mb  AHX based multichannel chiptune tracker
tuneaac_plug.lha         aud/pla   56kb  AAC m4a plugin for TuneNet (Plays IPod f
tuneflac_plug.lha        aud/pla  127kb  FLAC plugin for TuneNet
tunegme_plug.lha         aud/pla  289kb  GME plugin for TuneNet
tunehvl_plug.lha         aud/pla   53kb  HivelyTracker (HVL) plugin for TuneNet
tunenet.lha              aud/pla  545kb  Music Player (Shout/Icecast, MP3, PT, AI
tuneogg-plug.lha         aud/pla  190kb  Ogg Vorbis Plugin for TuneNet
tunesid_plug.lha         aud/pla  299kb  SID plugin for TuneNet
tunevtx_plug.lha         aud/pla   49kb  VTX plugin for TuneNet
tuneym_plug.lha          aud/pla   97kb  YM plugin for TuneNet
tunemp3_encode.lha       aud/rec  282kb  Lame (MP3 like) Encoder for TuneNet
ico_dt.lha               dat/ico   17kb  DataType for .ico (Windows Icon) files
pcx_dt.lha               dat/ima   20kb  PCX picture datatype
svg_dt.lha               dat/ima    1Mb  Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) datatype
targa_dt.lha             dat/ima   18kb  Targa (.tga) picture datatype
xpk_dt.lha               dat/mis   34kb  XPK compression datatype
ruby.lha                 dev/lan    2Mb  Ruby, powerful object-oriented scripting
spidermonkey-js-bin.lha  dev/lan  336kb  Mozilla Javascript interpreter
spidermonkey-js-src.lha  dev/lan    1Mb  Mozilla Javascript interpreter - sources             dev/lib   56kb  Gadget BOOPSI ListBrowserShowFiles
m4.lha                   dev/mis    1Mb  m4 - Unix macro processor
bla-handler.lha          dri/han   13kb  Simulates the output of a command as a f
xfh-handler.lha          dri/han  137kb  XPK de(crunching) file handler
td64patch.lha            dri/sto    6kb  Patches NSD64 (OS4) devices to support a
wesnoth-exe.lha          gam/str    3Mb  Updated Wesnoth-1.1.13 exe
wesnoth.lha              gam/str   77Mb  Battle for Wesnoth
autotrace.lha            gra/con  987kb  Converts bitmap to vector graphics
xpkmaster-gluefile.lha   lib/mis    4kb  xpkmaster.l.main (PPC -> M68K glue file)                  uti/mis   60kb  A new multiview program
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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AROS-Archives: Uploads until 17.12.2006
These are the newest AROS archives which have been added since our last message:
arosamp_alpha_0.11b.tar.gz  aud/     140kb  AROSAmp
p2c.i386-aros.tar.gz        dev/lan  812kb  Pascal to C converter
autodocreader_1v4.lha       dev/mis  229kb  View autodocs, C headers and text files
digipic03.lha               gam/puz  152kb  Try to build picture from numbers
msp.tar.gz                  gra/vie  773kb  Picture viewer for Amiga OS'es
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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PPA (Web page)

Demoscene: "Mind Candy 2" DVD available
The DemoDVD project, which aims at compiling video DVD's of various demoscene productions, has completed its work on "Mind Candy 2" in the meantime.

Whereas the first DVD was directed at PC demos, the new video is devoted to Amiga demos. Included are 30 of the best Amiga demos from 15 years of demoscene development, according to the producer's statements. The PAL version is available now, an NTSC version will be released on January 16. Further details can be found at the title link. (snx) (Translation: (cad)

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17.Dec.2006 (Web page)

Pegasos: English installation guide for openSUSE 10.2
On the web pages of the Linux distribution openSUSE, the English installation guide for Pegasos users was adapted to the current version 10.2. (snx) (Translation: (cad)

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17.Dec.2006 (Web page)

AmigaOne: Revised Linux kernel
Under the title link, a revised Linux kernel of version for the AmigaOne was released by Gerhard Pircher as announced. Furthermore, the AmigaOne kernel 2.6.8 was changed again.

  • Recompiled the 2.6.8 kernel, as there was a minor bug in the platform setup code
  • The 2.6.8 kernel includes modules for Mac-On-Linux 0.9.70: I don't know if Mac OS X will work, but I was able to load the yaboot bootloader within MOL and the system didn't lock up
  • The kernel supports USB EHCI. Thanks again to Marcus Comstedt for the patch
  • Removed the transfer request limit for IDE LBA48 devices: Please report if you experience DMA timeout errors. I couldn't reproduce them, thus I hope the workaround is not needed anymore
(snx) (Translation: (cad)

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