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Archive 12/2006


Website: ANN shuts down after 10 years
According to Christian Kemp his news site ANN founded exactly ten years ago as "Amiga Network News" shuts down today. But as archive it is supposed to be continued.

With over 3000 visitors per day ANN was one of the most read Amiga sites. You can get further information why Christian Kemp did finish his project under title link. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

[News message: 28. Dec. 2006, 13:16] [Comments: 0]
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27.Dec.2006 (Forum)

Video: Amiga debut at the BBC Micro Live show (1985)
At the title link there is a record of the AmigaD debut at the British tv show BBC Micro Live from 1985. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

USB driver: ArakAttack 1.22
A not before the release of the last recent Poseidon update undiscovered program error within the ArakAttack drivers, prevented the UHCI and EHCI drivers to work with Poseidon 3.5. This issue has been fixed with the update to version 1.22.

Download: ArakAttack.lha (172 KB) (snx) (Translation: (ub)

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Franz (ANF)

WinUAE: AmiKit 1.28
AmiKit, a complete distribution füor WinUAE users, has been updated to version 1.2.8. It may be obtained by the integrated Live Update function or bymanual download.

The changes of this version include beside many updates of included programs also the introduction of the experimental flash plugin for IBrowse. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

[News message: 27. Dec. 2006, 17:35] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: System monitor Snoopy (beta version)
Colin Wenzel's Snoopy is a system monitor of the kind of SnoopDOS, but according to the author it'll have more functionality. Due to the final AOS4 release the program has been released now as bete version.

Download: snoopy.lha (69 KB) (snx) (Translation: (ub)

[News message: 27. Dec. 2006, 17:30] [Comments: 0]
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Matthias Rustler (ANF)

AROS: Porting Guide (English)
Based on the "Porting Guide for Dummies" ( reported) Matthias Rustler has created an English manual for AROS ports that is availble at the title link. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

[News message: 27. Dec. 2006, 13:50] [Comments: 0]
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26.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

IntuitionBase: "Install Guide" for AmigaOS 4.0 Final
At there is a detailed and English install guide for the final version of AmigaOS 4.0. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

[News message: 26. Dec. 2006, 16:06] [Comments: 0]
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26.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

DiscreetFX: PageStream lottery for AmigaOS 4
Because of the publishing of the final update of AmigaOS 4.0 on the one hand and the currently hard situation of the PageStream-developers Deron Kazmaier on the other hand DiscreetFX raffles the e AmigaOS 4 version of this desktop publishing program six times.

In order to take part on this lottery taking place on January 1st you must be AmigaOS 4 owner and have to send an email to DiscreetFX with the topic "PageStream 5.0 AmigaOS 4.0 offer". Possibly there will be a similar offer if MorphOS 1.5 will be released. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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26.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

WinUAE: Preview to version 1.3.4
Under the title link the developers of the Windows-based Amiga emulator WinUAE give a preview to the next version. WinUAE 1.3.4 is supposed to be released still at the end of this year. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

[News message: 26. Dec. 2006, 03:31] [Comments: 0]
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26.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

PC reads Amiga disks: adfread 1.1
With adfread a normal PC can read Amiga disks. Two disk floppies (no USB devices; the floppies must be connected with the same wire and both must be supported by BIOS) and at least Windows 2000 are required. New in version 1.1:
  • Improved internal disk operations
  • Adfread can be run multiple times and only damaged sectors are retried (uses <name of adf>.status file to store sector status information)
  • Small fixes and updates
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

[News message: 26. Dec. 2006, 03:30] [Comments: 0]
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Simon Neumann (E-Mail)

AmigaOS 4: Picture cataloguer AmiPhoto 1.5
Press release
Wehrheim, Germany, December 25th,2006.

Alinea Computer is proud that we can offer AmiPhoto 1.5 for all registered customers. If you are not a customer of Alinea Computer because you miss a few features, then please contact us. We hope we can fulfill your desire.

We have reworked nearly the complete AmiPhoto source code which has enabled us to use some new AmigaOS 4.0 functions.

New features of AmiPhoto 1.5:
  • Export of HTML catalogues
  • Simple password protection
  • Change catalog order
  • Scaleable window
  • Possibility to use two screens for AmiPhoto (Multimonitoring)
  • Reaction prefs
  • Recursive picture import
  • Mouse wheel support

We also updated the PDF manual.

All registered customers can access the new version in our download section. If you have not registered, please register your copy here.

Big thanks go to you, our customers and all the other people who has supported us over the last year. We will be happy to welcome you into the year 2007 and hope you continue being a customer.

We wish all Amiga users a merry Chrismas and a happy new year. (cg) (Translation: (cg)

[News message: 26. Dec. 2006, 03:21] [Comments: 0]
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Aminet-Uploads until 25.12.2006
These are the newest Aminet uploads which have been added since our last message:
DirectoryOpus418.lha        biz/dopus   788K    OS4   The legendary filemanager
FussballBundesliga.lha      biz/misc     13K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
egg2mirc_0.06_mos.lha       comm/irc     21K    MOS   egg2mirc
IRCStats_1.0_mos.lha        comm/irc     84K    MOS   IRCStats
irssi2mirc_1.0_mos.lha      comm/irc     13K    MOS   irssi2mirc
log2mirc_0.01_mos.lha       comm/irc     20K    MOS   log2mirc
xchat2mirc_1.0_mos.lha      comm/irc     12K    MOS   xchat2mirc
micq_0.5.2_mos.lha          comm/net    1.1M    MOS   mICQ
ncftp_3.2.0_mos.lha         comm/net    658K    MOS   NcFTP
openssh-bin.lha             comm/tcp    973K    OS4   OpenSSH secure networking tools
openssh_note.txt            comm/tcp      1K    GEN   How to Obtain Amiga Port of OpenSSH 3.0.
A71Mail.lha                 comm/www     20K    GEN   Email Form multilanguage written in php
IBrowseSP.lha               comm/www     19K    GEN   IBrowse 2.x spanish catalogs
MCC_NList-0.98.lha          dev/mui     972K    VAR   NList custom classes for MUI (v0.98)
Peek-Mem.lha                dev/src      49K    OS3   Peeking memory, using Python V1.4+.
AutoBackUp.lha              disk/bakup    4K    GEN   Backup/clean (mirror imaging) using Back
DiskValid.lha               disk/salv    11K    OS3   A GUI Front end for PFS DiskValid tool
PC-Task_Guide.lha           docs/help    18K    GEN   A guide for PC Task 4.4 owners
TotalChaosAGAr6.lha         game/strat   76M    OS3   Magic & Monsters combat strategy!
wesnoth.lha                 game/strat   88M    OS4   Battle for Wesnoth OS4 port
SkinsArTKanoid.lha          game/wb     674K    GEN   More skins for ArTKanoid game
autotrace-mos.lha           gfx/conv    644K    VAR   Raster bitmap to SVG etc. converter
potrace-mos.lha             gfx/conv    754K    VAR   potrace - raster bitmap to SVG converter
AMIGA-Project1.lha          hard/hack   305K    GEN   A simple kids project for the AMIGA.
AmiArcadia.lha              misc/emu    212K    OS3   Emerson Arcadia 2001 emulator
hugo.lha                    misc/emu    457K    MOS   PC-Engine/TurboGrafX-16 emulator
winarosstart.exe            misc/emu    2.0M    ARO   Comfortable WindowsAROS file transfer
ZXTaper.lha                 misc/emu      1K    OS3   Load ZX Spectrum cassette
etaisyys.lha                misc/sci      4K    OS3   Shortest way between two points on earth
LightTravel.mpg             mods/mpg    2.8M    GEN   Diezi7 song
AmySequencer.lha            mus/edit    307K    OS3   MIDI sequencer for the AMIGA
HivelyTracker.lha           mus/edit    1.4M    OS4   AHX based multichannel chiptune tracker
SamplesMaster.lha           mus/misc    106K    OS3   Creates IFF and RAW samples (italian)
EP_DBialluch.lha            mus/play     13K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Dirk Bialluch" replayer
EP_DigitSound.lha           mus/play     10K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Digital Sound Cr." replayer
EP_EarAche.lha              mus/play     10K    OS3   EaglePlayer "EarAche" external replayer
EP_EMS.lha                  mus/play     12K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Editeur Musical Seq." playe
EP_HippelCOSO.lha           mus/play     14K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Jochen Hippel COSO" player
EP_JHippelST.lha            mus/play     13K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Jochen Hippel ST" player
EP_MarkCooksey.lha          mus/play     15K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Mark Cooksey" replayer
EP_MaxTrax.lha              mus/play     23K    OS3   EaglePlayer "MaxTrax" external replayer
EP_Musicline4V.lha          mus/play     46K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Musicline 4V" replayer
EP_Musicline8V.lha          mus/play     33K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Musicline 8V" replayer
EP_PumaTracker.lha          mus/play     14K    OS3   EaglePlayer "PumaTracker" replayer
EP_SierraAGI.lha            mus/play     13K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Sierra AGI" external replay
THanimation.lha             pix/anim    1.7M    GEN   Aga animation of cassini space mission
PNG_Icons.lha               pix/picon   189K    GEN   PNG Icon Collection
GlassBottles.lha            pix/theme   105K    GEN   Images for AmiGG Comunicator
pdf2pic.lha                 text/dtp    1.3M    OS3   an alternative way of viewing PDF's
BareED.lha                  text/edit   367K    OS3   ASCII/TIS-620 editor/text highlighting           text/edit     3K    ARO   String Replace Utility
AntiwordGui-de.lha          text/misc    18K    GEN   German locale for AntiWordGui
Conspiracy-Deutsch-New.lha  text/misc    89K    OS3   Generates conspiracy theories - German!
ctags_5.6_mos.lha           text/misc   271K    MOS   Generate tag files of source code
mpega_libmad.i386.tar.bz2   util/libs   267K    ARO   libmad based mpega.library i386 (+src)
idle2_1.lha                 util/moni    17K    OS3   A (working) A68K cpu monitor
idlewos.lha                 util/moni    12K    WUP   A cpu monitor with WarpOS Support
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

[News message: 26. Dec. 2006, 03:11] [Comments: 0]
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26.Dec.2006 Uploads until 25.12.2006
These are the newest uploads which have been added since our last message:
hivelytracker.lha  aud/edi    1Mb  AHX based multichannel chiptune tracker
svg_dt.lha         dat/ima    1Mb  Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) datatype
libtimidity.lha    dev/lib  476kb  libTimidity - add midi playback to your 
tree.lha           gam/mis    2Mb  Spot wishes you a merry x-mas w/ 'Christ
wesnoth.lha        gam/str   87Mb  Battle for Wesnoth
sgrab.lha          gra/mis  321kb  Screen grabber with GUI
png_im.lha         lib/mis   71kb  PNG icon loader/saver module for AmigaOS
ib_transanims.lha  net/bro    3Mb  Updated Ibrowse transfer animation
openssh-bin.lha    net/mis  972kb  OpenSSH secure connectivity tools
xnet_rss.lha       net/new  198kb  Native AOS4.0 RSS News Reader
diskmaster2.lha    uti/fil  394kb  DiskMaster2 for OS4
reporttool.lha     uti/mis   25kb  A tool to help problem solving in OS4
avcodec_lib.lha    vid/mis  776kb  Audio and Video codec library for OS4
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

[News message: 26. Dec. 2006, 03:11] [Comments: 0]
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AROS-Archives: Uploads until 25.12.2006
These are the newest AROS-archives which have been added since our last message:
winarosstart.exe      emu/uti    1Mb  StartWinAros (fast and comfortable file 
lunapaint_v03.tar.gz  gra/edi  330kb  Graphics program similar to TVPaint on A     uti/tex    2kb  String Replace Utility
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

[News message: 26. Dec. 2006, 03:11] [Comments: 0]
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