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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 152
The English and German issue 152 (September/October 2021) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed. It can be ordered directly from its editorial office and from Amiga dealers that stock the magazine.

Content of the current issue includes reviews of "Bean versus the Animator", "Turbo Tomato" and "Silk Dust". (snx)

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David Brunet (ANF)

New articles on Obligement website
The articles below have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement during the last two months. All translations are welcome. Please contact David 'Daff' Brunet for more information.
  • July/August 2021 news
  • Old articles from Joystick 26 to 28:
    • News: Teque Software, the shadow workers, Review of The Humans
    • News: Immersion at MicroÔds, Interview with Archer Maclean
    • News: Disney Software, Mickey for education
    • Review of Indy Heat
    • Review of Fighter Duel: Corsair vs Zero
    • Interview with NoŽl Billy
    • Review of Pacific Islands
    • Review of Elvira 2
    • News: Mirage, real productions
  • Interview with Tony Barnes (Electronic Arts)
  • Interview with the Motorola 68000 engineers (Jack Browne, Murray Goldman, Thomas Gunter, Van Shahan and Bill Walker)
  • Interview with Chad Essley (graphist)
  • Review of Zerosphere
  • Review of Zod Engine
  • File: What happened to Eyetech Group? (first part)
  • File: Amiga history, years 1983-1993 (update)
  • Point of view: Memories of demos
  • Programming: Amiga C Manual
  • Programming: First steps in programming with Hollywood on MorphOS
  • Special quiz about Wordworth.

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New print magazine: 'ZZAP! Amiga' (English)
On the associated Patreon page a support campaign is currently running, where you can contribute to the publication of the new quarterly 'ZZAP! Amiga' magazine, which will cover the latest Amiga games and much more.

For a monthly contribution of 2,50 Euro you will get the latest issue in pdf format, for 5,50 or 6,50 Euro (plus 6 Euro shipping) you will get the digital and printed issue. The issues will have 60 pages in A5 size and will be full color. There will be special A5 binders to keep them in, which will be available on the Fusionretrobooks website. Depending on the success of the magazine, it may be published bi-monthly, and next year there could also be an annual issue.

Plans are to launch the first issue of the new magazine in mid-September. Bullfrog-developer Glenn Corpes Glenn (Populous, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper) will talk about his Amiga experiences, Francois Lionet will set up an AMOS programming corner and David Pleasance will have a regular Amiga anecdotes slot. (dr)

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