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Steuerung von Sonos-Lautsprechern: SonosController 1.1 (OS3/4, MorphOS)
Bekannt durch seine Workbenchsimulation TAWS, hatte Michael Rupp Anfang August sein erstes Amigaprogramm veröffentlicht, das der Steuerung von Sonos-Lautsprechern dient: SonosController ( berichtete). Nun hat er für sein in der Programmiersprache Hollywood geschriebenes Programm die Version 1.1 veröffentlicht, das erstmals neben AmigaOS 4 und MorphOS auch für AmigaOS 3 vorliegt und die folgenden Änderungen beinhaltet:
  • NEW: first release for AmigaOS 3.x besides 4.1 and MorphOS
  • NEW: lots of performance improvements to make it usable on a 68060 cpu, resulting in being blazingly fast on PPC-Amigas.
  • NEW: MUI 3.8 compatibility (instead of 5.0)
  • NEW: zones (= rooms) are now saved in the config file so when starting the app the next time no network scan is necessary, resulting in a much quicker startup.
  • NEW: to save on network traffic and CPU load, loading of the current queue can now be deactivated in the Preferences.
  • NEW: network scan can now be cancelled and it's no longer possible to start a second scan while one is already running (this led to speakers being listed multiple times in v1.0).
  • NEW: queue lists are now cached in memory and are only reloaded if a change has been reported by the according UPNP event.
  • NEW: various zone values are now cached in memory and are no longer reloaded when switching between zones.
  • NEW: loading of album art for radio stations
  • NEW: timeout for UPNP subscription has been increased from 10 minutes to 1 hour (same as with the original Sonos app).
  • NEW: added progress in percent while loading a list in the music source
  • NEW: added the possibility to cancel loading a list in the music source
  • NEW: "Settings" menu to accomodate the menuitems "Preferences..." and "MUI..."
  • NEW: "About MUI..." menuitem to follow the MUI styleguide
  • CHANGED: shortcuts for "Next" / "Previous" from Ctrl-LEFT/RIGHT to Alt-LEFT/RIGHT because on an Amiga keyboard the Ctrl key is quite far away from the cursor keys.
  • REMOVED: browsing the music library by song: it was useless and took ages, it's much better to use the search instead.
  • FIXED: renewal of UPNP subscription as well as unsubscription
  • FIXED: TV input is now handled correctly.
  • FIXED: improved handling when clicking like mad into the track position slider.
  • FIXED: disable play button if action "Play" is not available
  • FIXED: lots of minor bugfixes


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