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Retro-Gaming: WHDLoad 18.7
Mit WHDLoad können Spiele, Szene-Demos und Intros von Cracker-Gruppen, die nur für den Diskettenbetrieb gedacht waren, auf der Festplatte installiert werden. Die nun veröffentlichte Version 18.7 beinhaltet die folgenden Änderungen:
  • new: if a kickstart is requested by the Slave (ws_kickname) WHDLoad provides the current default keymap as a virtual file called 'WHDLoad.keymap' kickemu kick13.s and kick31.s got a new option called SETKEYBOARD which loads and activates the 'WHDLoad.keymap'
  • fix: avoid a possible crash if no kickstart image could be found
  • chg: the check for a read-only filesystem to ignore write operations now checks the first data directory instead the current directory of WHDLoad
  • new: sources/whdload/lowlevel.s has been added to be used with kickemu, it is based on the OS3.1 lowlevel.library and provides a way to avoid the disk based library and save some memory, the kickemu option INIT_LOWLEVEL uses it now instead loading the disk based library
  • fix: corrected the key repeat fix in kick31.s
  • chg: resload_ListFiles no longer requires a switch to the OS if Preload was able to cache all files by using the file cache to fill the buffer with filenames
  • new: support for virtual filesystem plugins (VFS) added, if one of the Data/K objects specified is not a directory but a file WHDLoad will attempt to load PROGDIR:WHDLoad.VFS and uses this interface to load data for such data objects, the VFS-ABI/API is described in "include/whdvfs.i", a VFS implementation which currently supports lha and zip-archives can be obtained from Thanks a lot to Teemu Suutari for his great work! VFS objects are always read-only for WHDLoad, so either use SavePath/K or a first data directory which isn't VFS to allow WHDLoad to save something
  • fix: cursor down in the CLI usage message is working again in the standard AmigaShell (issue #5146)
  • chg: DIC 1.2: if a track has a read error and option Skip is active and the device is controlled by trackdisk.devices, DIC switches to sector reads now to be able to read more good data in case not all sectors on this track are unreadable
  • chg: WHDLoad now returns with an error code = 5 if the Preload operation has been canceled by pressing the Esc key while the splash window is open (issue #5171)
  • chg: a new option NoWriteInfo/N has been added as local and global option, if set WHDLoad will not update/write any .info files (issue #5153)
  • chg: WHDLoad now resets custom.serper on exit to stop a possible MIDI/MT32 playback via the serial line (JOTD)
  • new: option WriteCache/S added to overwrite global option NoWriteCache/S (issue #5263)
  • new: WHDLoad is now able to cache also write operations to new created files or existing files which grow in size. For that the option PreLoad must be active and there must be enough memory available to preload all files. WHDLoad will then allocate the largest free memory block remaining and use this memory to dynamically cache new files or growing existing files. The cached files are written to disk on WHDLoad exit.
  • new: kick31.asm can be enabled to activate internal resident command WHDCtrl which supports to quit WHDLoad ATM

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