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Brad Webb per E-Mail

Amiga Update Newsletter von Brad Webb
         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\¯ /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\¯ /___//
       ¯    \/    ¯ ¯    \/.  |¯      ¯|z!o     ¯  ¯    \/    ¯
               A M I G A      |#010218 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.      
          F E B R U A R Y   E X E C U T I V E   U P D A T E 

   D E V E L O P E R S   -   P D A   T O   R U N   A M I G A   D E 

                 L A T E S T   O N   A L T   W O A 

          A M I G A   S E R V E R   R I N G   P R O J E C T

                 A M I G A T E   F O R   A M I N E T 

         F R E E   G O O D I E S   A T   C I N E M A W A R E 

           F R O G G E R   1 . 6 4 B 3   A V A I L A B L E 

            Y A M   S C R I P T   T O   S T R I P   A D S 

            S O F T C I N E M A   F U L L   R E L E A S E 

             P A Y B A C K   O N   S A L E   O N   N E T 

           H T M L R E A D   V 1 . 0 0   A V A I L A B L E

           T R O G L A D I T E   A N N O U N C E M E N T S 

            X 1 1   P R O G R A M   X A M I   A T   0 3 0 

              E L B O X   V O O D O O   G R A P H I C S 

Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:

 Maybe it's the thought of spring finally coming - about 2 to 4 weeks
away in these parts - that's affected my mind, but I'm feeling rather
optimistic about the Amiga's future. I think the stories below will
explain why better than I can. Amiga Inc. has survived a year or so,
and while they're not as far along as I'd like (I'd like dominance of
the computer industry ...), they're actually doing pretty well by new
startup company standards. This is especially true given all the bad
press the high tech industry has been getting lately.
 Then again, maybe it's just the thought that anything can happen if
Commodore can be revived in the US. See
if you're curious. Our understanding (which may be wrong) is this is a
US company which bought the rights to the Commodore name from Tulip in
 There's even a rumor that Jack Tramiel, the original founder of
Commodore, is involved in the revival. We haven't checked that out.
Whatever the case, we're reasonably sure there will be no joining of
the new Amiga and new Commodore down the road ... though there's no
reason why one of the Commodore PCs couldn't be configured to run the
Amiga DE ... hmmmmm.


 Besides answering questions for our readers (see E-mail to the
E-ditor) , Bob Scharp is the force behind the Gateway Amiga shows in
Saint Louis, USA - one of the premier shows of the Amiga year.
 As the February Executive Update below indicates, there may be some
very interesting news available there from Amiga Inc. If you have an
Amiga web page, you can help support the show, and keep it growing.
Clicking on the following link will download an archive containing a
jpeg and sample html code which you can add to your page. These will
establish a link to the show's web site, and allow Amigans to easily
get information on the show. You can see them in action on the "Amiga
Update" links page. Use this URL to download the archive:

 Please consider adding this link to your web page, as a contribution
to the Amiga Community.
 Those of you involved with other key Amiga shows, please let us know
if you'd like "Amiga Update" to help you distribute similar archives
of links for your shows. We're here to support the Community.
 Brad Webb,
E-mail to the E-ditor:

31 Jan 2001 

 Hi, just a note to say that as discouraged I am regarding the state
of the Amiga market and (lack of) devleopment, I still look forward to
receiving your Amiga Update news reports. I will continue anxiously
await them, and also to use my (accelerated) A1200 for as long as I
can get spare parts (or spare A1200s!)

Best wishes, and please keep on with your efforts 
on behalf of the Amiga!

 Sometimes hard to not be discouraged. We do have some interesting
news in this issue that looks to the future in a positive way. I
suspect there may be more after the St. Louis Amiga show in April.
We'll keep you up to date, regardless.
 Thanks for the kind words,

30 Jan 2001 


On 29-Jan-01, you wrote:

>Over on, there's a lot of talk the last day or two about a
>new "Coldfire" processor model from Motorola. Pegged at 100% 68060
>compatible and running at 300Mhz, it's generating a lot of excitement
>from Classic Amiga users. As nearly as we can tell, this isn't all
>that new news, seeming to go back originally to an article that
>appeared in "EE Times" on October 17 last.
>Whatever the case, does it really matter? We don't think so. The
>future of the Amiga is the new DE. The old 68K market is almost dead.

 Aren't you overlooking something here. The new DE is supposed to be
portable to almost any OS. Amiga Inc. dismissed porting it to the
classic Amiga because current processors lack the horsepower to host
it. I think a 300Mhz Coldfire would do the trick though. Wouldn't a
68xxx compatable processor running classic Amiga and hosting the new
DE be a more elegant transition solution that having 2 processors ie
68xxx and PPC? Amiga Inc. may want to rethink porting to 68xxx if
someone produces Coldfire accelerators.

Regards, Jeff
 You're right as far as you go. However, I don't think it's very
likely we'll see the DE ported to older Amigas. For Coldfire to be of
much help to us, we'd need the port and a Coldfire board of some kind.
It could happen, and we'd be happy if it did. We just don't think it


2 Feb 2001


 Just to say thanks for continuing to send the Amiga Newsletter along.

 You are entirely welcome, and we're pleased to have you with us.

01 Feb 2001 

Hello Brad,

 Was interested to see the query from one of your readers regarding
SBase (SuperBase). I too am an SBase4Pro user, and received the
following reply from Russ Norby re. SBase, which may be of help to
your readers:

> Hello Ernest,
> The upgrade to SBase4 Pro 1.36 is $50 US the new manuals are also
> available for $50 for the set.

 I am finding that version 1.30n, which is currently I what I have
now, is not compatible with the OS 3.5's printer.device. The Form
Designer is also not compatible with the printer.device. SBase4 itself
will still let you open the program, open files and work with files,
but locks up when you attempt to print. But the Form designer locks up
immediately when launched. (Could be that something on my system is
causing this, but I don't think so).
 The form designer locks up because it attempts to open the
printer.device on startup. As a work-around I was successful with
either of the following:
 1)rename the printer.device, then launch the form designer. That way
form designer complains that it can't open the printer, but still
opens and lets you edit and save forms. Of course, you can't print
with OS3.5 drivers...
 2)put the OS3.1 compatible printer.device and printer drivers back in
service. I have decided to settle for this option.
 So, I'm wondering -- if I make the system upgrade to Workbench 3.9,
will SBase4 run happily with that?
 For whatever help it may be to your SBase-user readers, I am
attaching a couple of ".ini" files I modified for the HPDeskjet_842C
printer I recently acquired. I experimented until I got the result you
see in these files. The nice part about the HP_Deskjet842 is that it
lets you print in landscape page orientation with character-based
printer input from the Amiga.
 These .ini files may not work for 1.36 (or any other version without
modification) -- for example, I had to configure the initialization
string so that CR=CR, LF=LF and FF=FF. That's because SBase4 version
1.30 generates CR+LF for end of lines, instead of LF only for
end-of-line as the Amiga system printer.device expects.

 Thank you for a very informative letter. I regret having to edit it
to make it fit. I also regret that we can't put your .ini files in the
the newsletter for a variety of reasons. I would _strongly_ encourage
you to put them up on Aminet where everyone can benefit from them.
 I also suspect that whatever works for you under 3.5 will continue to
work under 3.9, though I can't be 100% sure. I'm pretty sure you would
continue to have the same issues with printer drivers.
 Please see also the next letter.

28 Jan 2001 


Here are some comments on your story.

> We'd love to run such information, and will if we get any stories or
>press releases that cover these products. SuperBase - most recently
>SBase 4 Pro or Personal - is still the database manager I use when I
>want to get real work done.

The best information I have is this...

 SuperBase is now SBase 4 Pro. It is alive and kicking at Mr.
Hardware. Call or ask him, or better yet, come to the Amiga2001 show
and see it in person. (Check out our web site at:
 Russ Norby (the new Mr. Hardware) has released updates to SBase 4
Pro, and is actively working on it. In regards to Joe (the original
Mr. Hardware), he is deceased. His wife Pam did programming on SBase 4
Pro until turning it over to Russ.
 Mr. Hardware (Russ), is the seller of SuperBase on the Amiga. The
original developers went to the ibm. Pam had been doing some of the
programing and has now gone to other committments. So Russ Norby is
your man. He is Mr. Hardware now. You can reach Russ at
1-631-821-2364. You you can also check his web site at Mr Hardware Computersf is located at 38
Pearl Rd. RockyPoint NY 11778.

Bob Scharp
 Thanks very much for the information. It's pretty obvious to me that
SuperBase, in any incarnation, is still one of the most formidible and
popular programs on the Amiga. We hope Mr. Hardware can keep it around
for a long time, and make the jump to Amiga DE at some point.
 I'm looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis - wouldn't miss the
super shows you run there for anything!

         F E B R U A R Y   E X E C U T I V E   U P D A T E 

Bill McEwen - February 06, 2001

Executive Update - St. Louis and Beyond

Greetings to the Amiga Family:

 In Melbourne this last year, I was able to surprise many of you with
several announcements that were unexpected, and we delivered on each
of those.
 Now we have a new show coming up in St. Louis. In a few weeks we will
all learn...
 Where is the AmigaOne? Will Cringley finally eat his words about a
new Amiga? What about AmigaDE on PDA's, Set Top Boxes, Internet
Appliances, or even desktops? Will Tom and Nicole stay together or is
it over? Is there life for the AmigaOS after 3.9?
 Contrary to the rumors and what many people are saying about our
demise, or that we are going to have the same fate of the others
before us, we have a big surprise for all of them.
 I look forward to visiting with all of you in St. Louis, and I look
forward to taking over the Hotel, and the surrounding area with the
Amiga Spirit, and Community.
 I hope to see many of you there.
 There is still time, and in 6 weeks, it will all be known.

Bill McEwen, and the rest of the Amiga Team

   D E V E L O P E R S   -   P D A   T O   R U N   A M I G A   D E 

1 Feb 2001 

 (Amiga Inc.) There is tremendous potential for distribution of your
applications, games and other content for one of the world's largest
manufacturers of PDA hardware. The projection is for more than 7
million units to be sold by the end of 2001 and there are already
several million units on the market at this time. There will be
specific requirements as far as style, type of applications,
distribution rights and certification of content. Matt will have more
details on this in the near future.
 If you are interested in developing PDA applications and games for a
specific manufacturer who will use Amiga Inc. for content delivery,
please contact Matt Fontenot, Amiga's Product Manager, as soon as
possible. This is a serious project for those with an interest in
providing content and we will open a new mailing list for it.
 This project is for both open source and commercial content
providers, so no matter what your choice of development is, you are
cordially invited to apply. To get further details, though, you must
have a signed NDA on file with Amiga. You can get an NDA form from under the legal menu, right hand menu bar.
 Just fill it out and fax it to Gary Peake's attention at
425-396-5671. Then send an e-mail to that says "I
am interested." You can also contact Gary at or Matt at

                L A T E S T   O N   A L T   W O A 

6 February, 2001

 Eyetech Group are co-sponsoring the alt.WoA show organised by HAUG
(Huddersfield Amiga User Group), to be held on the outskirts of
Huddersfield on Saturday 24th February. The show will be situated in
The Old Cornmill, which is less than one minutes drive from Junction
25 of the M62 motorway. Tickets will be £1.50 on the door, or just
£1.00 when obtained in advance from Eyetech.
 New products which will be demonstrated (and available to buy) at the
show from Eyetech include the MP3 MAS-Player, EZCam PCMCIA solid state
media adapter and EZMouse PS/2 adapter (and scroll mice). All of our
most popular software & hardware will be available too, such as STFax
4.5, OS 3.9, EZTower-Z4s, Cybervision 64/3Ds, BVision graphics cards
and Blizzard SCSI kits. If you are attending, and there are any
specific products you wish Eyetech to bring, please email us and let
us know.
 Eyetech's games division, Eye-Play, will also be present with all the
releases from their Platinum range, including new titles such as Simon
the Sorcerer 2, Earth 2140 and Nightlong.
 A presentation will be given on the AmigaOne board by Eyetech's
Managing Director - Alan Redhouse, and Fleecy Moss from Amiga Inc.
This will cover all technical aspects of the new board, and a time for
questions will be available at the end. All seminars will be held in a
separate room from the show, and will commence at 5pm.
For more information, visit the alt.WoA website.

         A M I G A   S E R V E R   R I N G   P R O J E C T

14 February, 2001


One news from a new Italian Project: Amiga Server Ring

 Hello everyone. The project name is Amiga Server Ring. The idea is to
group all the Amigas used as servers on the net under a common flag.
With the Amiga Server Ring (ASR) we want to create a net among Amiga
servers, in order to offer services to Amigans worldwide, advertise
the Amiga as server/workstation and help the AmigaOS sys
administrators and all the users that need it. There are no
requirements to satisfy to join our team, anyone who wants to help us
can do it, either providing a little bit of their bandwidth, or "only"
their experience. Since the project has just started, webmasters,
graficians, DTP designers, translators, experienced SysOPs,
betatesters, willing Amigans are welcome. Talking about the practical
aspect and about the implied benefits, ASR could accomplish to many
tasks, think about a Quake server for Amiga users only, or to a mail
account (it's only an example, we have no domains at the
moment), or think about your site hosted on an ASR server without the
obligation to show annoying ads banners (apart from the ASR banner of
course :-), or fast web and ftp site mirrors, or a shoutcast radio
with Amiga news and good music, a enthralling MUD for adventurous, a
stable and secure irc server, a powerful AmigaDOS shell via telnet for
ircbots, etc. Keep in mind that all these things depend on you!
 If you want to contact us:, specifying "Amiga
Server Ring" in the subject, please.

There is a special channel on IRCnet: #AmigaServer


Marco Lovera

                A M I G A T E   F O R   A M I N E T 

13 February 2001

Short:    THE Aminet download manager V1.1
Author:   Pietro Ghizzoni (
Uploader: Pietro Ghizzoni (
Type:     comm/net
Replace:  comm/net/AmyGate.lha


 AmyGate is the first internet client with full support for all the
services offered by Aminet. You usually need many programs to have
full access to Aminet: for instance a web browser to surf easily
through the various directories and files, a ftp-client to upload your
files, an email-client to rate a program or un/subscribe the mailing
list... and so on. AmyGate can do all these things in the most
confortable and easy way for the user, with integrated support of
HTTP, FTP and SMTP protocols.

AmyGate supports:

- Aminet Mailing List
- Recent Uploads
- Last seven days uploads list
- Upload(not yet full workring) and Download (...with resume transfer)
- Search of a file
- Aminet CHARTS
- Rating programs

        F R E E   G O O D I E S   A T   C I N E M A W A R E 

 February 12 , 2001

 King of Chicago and Lords of the Rising Sun Disk Images available for
 Of course you remember these Cinemaware classics! As thanks for your
continued and unwavering support, Cinemaware is offering these classic
titles as free downloads! Relive your memories as Mob Boss in King of
Chicago, or take up your katana and rule feudal Japan in Lords of the
Rising Sun.
 They're only going to be available for a limited time, so run to the
Vault quickly to download King of Chicago and Lords of the Rising Sun
 Don't forget to stop by the Forums and tell us which other classic
titles you'd like to see made available.

         F R O G G E R   1 . 6 4 B 3   A V A I L A B L E 

February 17, 2001

 · Frogger is the ultimate fast MPEG video player, with MPEG-2 layer
support for AMIGAs with fast 68k CPUs (68040/60) or PowerPC equipped
 The MPEG1/2 decoder is based on mpeg2decode created by MPEG Software
Simulation Group.
 · Frogger was originally relased by Miloslaw Smyk, recently (well,
more then one year ago ;), the development has been taken over by
Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz.
 · To use Frogger you will need an Amiga with 68k CPU (68030, 68040,
68060), a PPC equiped Amiga with at least 4MB of RAM, or any other
computer with Linux (PPC or x86) installed.

          Y A M   S C R I P T   T O   S T R I P   A D S 

2 Feb 2001 

 I see since Yahoo have taken over eGroups they have decided to
re-introduce ads into distributed e-mails - it was only a matter of
time... I just thought I'd like to let you know I have updated my YAM
script to now work with yahoogroups. The update can be found at:

Short:    Strips YahooGroup adverts.         V1.1
Uploader: Steve Bowman (Steve & Ulli Bowman <>)
Author:   ©2000 Steve Bowman (Steve & Ulli Bowman 
Version:  1.1 (30-Jan-2001)
Type:     comm/mail
Replaces: comm/mail/eGroupsScan1_0.lha
Requires: YAM 2+, AWNPipe: & ClassAct if you have OS3.1 or earlier.

 About 80% of my incoming mail comes via YahooGroups. When they took
over eGroups, the advertising disappeared - for a short time. Now it
has returned. This script is only an update to the V1.0 eGroups script
to take into account the changes YahooGroups have made since the
takeover. The only change for existing users is to change you YAM
ARexx setting to the name of the script, now YahooGroupsScanner.rexx.
 This started out as a very basic script, but I just kept adding and
adding to it. :^) I have done extensive testing, and although it works
fine on my setup it may not on yours. Please report any problems.


· Reaction (ClassAct) GUI with progress bar and info on number of
  messages scanned and adverts stripped.

· Will locate the Incoming Folder regardless of its actual name or
  postion in the folder list or language (I hope...) YAM is running in.

· Will only scan mails flagged as New in the Incoming Folder - because if
  you're anything like me you will usually have ~50 Read mails in your
  incoming folder waiting to be manually archived.  :^)

· If no new mails are downloaded from the server, no scanning at all
  takes place.  If there are new mails downloaded, only these new mails
  are scanned.

· Intelligent scanning - if any new messages are not YahooGroup messages,
  they will be skipped.

· After updating Incoming Folder index, returns you to your previous
  folder/state before script exits.  For example, if you have selected a
  number of messages to be deleted in a folder and the script starts
  after a download, you will be restored to that folder with the messages
  reselected when the script terminates.

Some people have queried my method of handling the Incoming folder
externally of Yam instead of going through Yam's ARexx port.  I tried and
tested both methods and found that for  most (but not all) cases,
analyzing the Incoming folder was quite a lot slower than doing it
directly via AmigaDOS commands.


 To install, simply copy this script to YAM:Rexx. Now open YAM's
Config panel and go to the ARexx section. Hilite the "After getting
new mail" item and load "Rexx/YahooGroupsScanner.rexx" into the Script
gadget. Double check the Pop-up selector is on ARexx and not AmigaDOS.
Leave "Open console window unchecked, but (IMPORTANT) make sure "Wait
for termination" is checked ON. Click on Save, and that's it.
 Important - The AWNPipe: device must be installed! Download the
latest AWNPipe: from
 If you do not have OS3.5, you will need ClassAct. AFAIK the final
ClassAct archive prior to OS3.5 can be found at but this is quite old compared
to the more recent replacement found in OS3.5, Reaction.

           S O F T C I N E M A   F U L L   R E L E A S E 

Short:    Ultimate Movie Player (PPC) V0.11
Author:   Jacek Cybularczyk (
Uploader: Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz <>
Type:     gfx/show
Requires: PowerPC, AHI, AGA or CGFX

SoftCinema is Movie/Animation player for PowerPC based Amigas.
For more information please refer to


 - supports QuickTime Movie (QT/MOV) and Video for Windows (AVI)
   file formats

 - supports a lot of video and audio codecs
   (Intel Indeo up to 5.0 is supported!)

 - fast video and audio playback


v0.11 full release
 - a-LAW audio codec bugfixes.
 - a-LAW support in QT movies.
 - Completly new AsyncIO. much faster, and also
   fixes problems with running two or more SC at the same time.
 - Optimized CCITT H.263 decoder (up to 30%).
 - Optimized OpenDivX decoder (up to 25%).


SHAREWARE. Please read for more info about

           P A Y B A C K   O N   S A L E   O N   N E T 

15 February 2001

 You can now buy Payback from Apex Design's on-line shop using your
credit/debit card or by cheque/check. We have also added a FAQ for the
demo and full versions of Payback. Please read it if you've had any
problems getting the game or demo running.

 True or high colour display recommended
 "Payback is a really impressive piece of work..It has a good sense of
humour, a lot of clever features, and some smart level has
been quite a while since I've seen a new Amiga originated title with
this much promise."
                      Andrew Korn, editor of Amigactive

 If you'd always wondered what it would be like to be a master
criminal, then Payback is the game for you. It's entirely non-linear -
to complete a level you simply have to obtain a certain number of
points - how you get those points is entirely up to you; you can do
what the local kingpin tells you, uncover secret missions or just go
on a mad killing spree. There are lots of hidden surprises to
discover, so you'll have to play the game through several times to
find all the extras.
 As you'll have probably guessed, the game is inspired by Grand Theft
Auto, but every effort is being put in to make sure that Payback beats
GTA in every way. The game engine supports perspective correct texture
mapping, environment mapping (reflections), bump mapping, realistic
shadows, alpha-channelling (lens flares, explosions and shockwaves),
12 channel 3D sound and realistic physics. The game will also be
translated into several languages. This is a game that all Amigans can
be proud of.

          H T M L R E A D   V 1 . 0 0   A V A I L A B L E

15 February, 2001

 HTMLread V1.00 is released and can be downloaded!

What is HTMLread?

 HTMLread is an extension for YAM. YAM is a wonderfull Mailer but it
is not able to handel EMails that are written from Netscape, Eudora or
Outlook in HTMLcode. HTMLread detect, convert and send this EMails to
youre favourit HTMLviewer.

Which HTMLviewer are supported?

 All! HTMLread has a inbuild list of favourit HTMLviewers, but if you
want you can make youre own easily. In the list are follow
HTMLviewers: SimpleHTML, MultiView (with HTMLdatatype), OpenUrl,
HTMLview, Voyager, AWebSE (comes with OS3.5/3.9), AWeb and IBrowse.
HTMLread can start this HTMLviewers and if supported handle them with

Which type of HTMLmails support HTMLread?

   o HTMLmails with text only
   o HTMLmails with inbuild pictures
   o HTMLmails with pictures in Web
     with protection against EMail watching! (V1.0)
   o HTMLattachmends
   o and all mixed!

What need I to run HTMLread?

 You need an Amiga, YAM 2.x, HTMLviewer and a runnig Rexxmast. The
other things are included.

How to (un)install HTMLread?

With the (un)installer. And some easy changes in YAM-Konfig.

Any payment?

 No, HTMLread is PublicDomain Version V.1 - V.4 and Version V.45 and
above it is FreeWare.

          T R O G L A D I T E   A N N O U N C E M E N T S 

6 Feb 2001 

 If you haven't seen it already on the news sites, then let me just
tell you that Trogladite Software has launched it's beta site. It's
very similar to the old one, but now has many new additions, including
the facility for us to start developing for new platforms.
 I'd also like to stress that this does NOT mean we are leaving the
Amiga. Far from it. A lot of work has gone into the Amiga section, and
a lot of work has gone in to make sure it stays part of Trogladite
Software for as long as we can get people to work it.
 For this reason, we are always on the lookout for new developers with
new ideas, so if any one of you has the skills and would like to
contribute them (and be helped along by our extensive team of artists,
musicians and testers) then don't hesitate to contact
 Finally, check out the Puiblic Beta website at, and please let us know what you think.
 Oh, you'll also notice, if you go to the new Trogsoft Notification
Centre ( that we have archives of
messages sent to you using this system, for future reference and
perusal by our visitors. Hope you enjoy this and all the other new
features we are adding to the site daily.

 We are working on many different products at the moment. I can't go
into details, some for legal reasons, and others simply because we
don't want to release details just yet. Suffice to say, we have
programs coming out for file and directory management, advanced text
file operations, personal reminders and much more. Keep checking for the most up to date

Thanks for your support,
Neil Bullock
Trogladite Software

            X 1 1   P R O G R A M   X A M I   A T   0 3 0 

15 February, 2001


 Xami is an X11 server for Amiga that can take advantage of hardware
capabilities of the graphic system for acceleration. It may be
launched from Workbench or CLI, uses the current keyboard mapping and
does not need any extra libraries such as ixemul. Owners of graphic
cards that have Picture in Picture capabilities with Picasso96 will
benefit to use the server in a PIP window.
 So, if you have around you a machine with X11 capabilities such as a
Linux or a BSD box, this is THE software to have !

For more informations and release information on Xami, you may get the

Release v030

   o xami030.lha, the X server
   o xfontmisc.lha, base misc fonts and cursors
   o xfonts075.lha, 75 DPI PCF fonts
   o xfonts100.lha, 100 DPI PCF fonts
   o xfontspeedo.lha, Speedo fonts
   o xfonttype1.lha, Type1 fonts

            E L B O X   V O O D O O   G R A P H I C S 

Krakow, 13 February 2001


ELBOX Computer Development Department
is proud to announce today's release
of the new driver for graphic cards
working with the MEDIATOR PCI busboard:

===  Voodoo.card ver. 1.0 driver  ===

As with all the production coming from ELBOX,
this is the best-quality product
to make your life easier and more efficient.
You have not seen such graphics performance ever before...

Major effort of ELBOX programmers
contributed to making this driver provide you
with all you may ever need.
Also, the new Voodoo.card ver. 1.0 driver
is fully compatible with the P96 graphic system.

The Voodoo.card driver supports the following chipsets:

* Voodoo Banshee 8 MB
* Voodoo3 2000/3000 16 MB
* Voodoo4 4500 32 MB
* Voodoo5 5500 64 MB

The Voodoo.card driver is a continuation of the Voodoo3.card driver.
It includes all the features of that release.

The following functions have been added in the Voodoo.card driver,
which were not supported in previous versions:

* Hardware clipping,
* Vblank interrupts,
* PIP,
* Overlay,
* Scaling,
* DPMS support,
* Big-endian 16 bit modes,
* Pixel clock extended up to 230 MHz (141 MHz for Voodoo Banshee).

 The driver supports all the functions available in the P96 graphic
system for cards based around Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo3 chipsets.
Support for Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 cards is limited to 24-bit graphic
 Little-endian modes are the main modes for all the PCI type cards
designed for PC computers. For full compatibility with future drivers
releases (TV tuners, Sound cards, 100 Mbps NIC cards, ISDN cards,
etc.) we recommend using little-endian modes. Big-endian mode support
was added for full compatibility with games prepared only for
big-endian modes.


Mariusz Wloczysiak
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department

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Linux im Netz: Dateidienste anbieten
Das aktuelle Thema in der Reihe 'Linux im Netz' beschäftigt sich mit dem Anbieten von Dateidiensten. Hier wird die Serverseite von samba, ftp und nfs etwas näher betrachtet und erläutert. (ps)

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Thomas Wolf im ANF in neuem Gewand
Da das alte Design ja nun wirklich nicht der Renner war und viele Funktionen fehlten, habe ich die ganze Seite völlig überarbeitet. Neues bei
  • Links können jetzt geändert werden
  • Mail-Info über Eintrag in die Datenbank
  • Newsletter mit Infos von neuen Links
  • Suchfunktion integriert
  • Links lassen sich jetzt bewerten
  • Top 10 Links
  • Mehr Kategorien
Ich bitte alle diejenigen, welche sich schon bis zum 19.2.2001 in das alte System eingetragen hatten, noch einmal neu einzutragen (waren ja nur 10). Schauen Sie aber bitte erst nach, da ich einige schon selbst zum Testen übertragen hatte.

Schauen Sie einfach mal vorbei und tragen sich ein. Sollten Ihnen noch irgendwelche Rubriken fehlen, dann schreiben Sie mir einfach eine Mail mit einer kurzen Begründung und über sonstiges Feedback würde ich mich auch freuen. Ihr Webmaster von (ps)

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Borut Zivkovic im ANF

Digital Dreams Entertainment - Serverwechsel
Wie mir per E-Mail von einem DDE Teammitglied (Raymond) bekannt gegeben wurde, ist die DDE-Seite zurzeit offline, weil der Server gewechselt wird. Angeblich macht es Probleme, die URL beizubehalten. Auch die geschäftlichen E-Mail-Adressen sind geschlossen. DDE ist in der Amiga-Welt mit Spielen wie 'Wasted Dreams' oder erst kürzlich mit 'Codename Hellsquad' bekannt geworden. (ps)

[Meldung: 20. Feb. 2001, 21:21] [Kommentare: 2 - 20. Feb. 2001, 23:26]
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AIO - Amiga Information Online umgezogen
Das AIO - Amiga Information Online Magazin ist ab sofort unter der neuen URL zu erreichen. Bitte ändern Sie Ihre Bookmarks. (ps)

[Meldung: 20. Feb. 2001, 20:29] [Kommentare: 0]
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Erik Zühlke im ANF mit neuem Gesicht und erweitertem Fokus
Ein (noch) kleiner Auszug...

...basierend auf der Idee der alten Amiga-Anwender-Liste erweitere ich den Fokus dieser Web-Seite. Die neuen Seite soll es einem Jedem erlauben, sich schnell und auf einfachste Weise über den Amiga zu informieren. Es erwartet Sie eine kommentierte Auswahl, der dafür im Internet zur Verfügung stehenden Informationen (Web-Seiten..), wie auch detaillierte Porträts von Personen (Entwickler, Anwender) und abschließend rundet ein Forum sowie ein Workshop-Bereich das Angebot ab. Aber gehen wir das ganze der Reihe nach durch... (ps)

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Michael Heider im ANF

Kernel-Sektion auf Micha's Homepage hinzugekommen
Da im Netz keine Patch-Daten mehr für die Linux-APUS-Kernelsourcen von den Entwicklern bereitgestellt werden, und es nunmehr nur möglich ist, die Sourcen für die Linux-APUS-Kernel per CVS bei Sourceforge downzuloaden, was mitunter ca. 2 - 4 Stunden dauern kann, haben Mario Frenzel (der die Hauptarbeit für die Kernelpatche übernimmt) und ich mich entschlossen, für alle Linux-APUS-Anwender die Daten als Patche so aufzubereiten, dass nach dem Anwenden der Patche auf die Orginal-Sourcen dem Generieren eines eigenen Kernels nichts mehr im Wege steht.

Natürlich finden Sie in diesem Bereich auch schon vorkompilierte Kernel vor. Außerdem sind im Bereich Download wieder neue Daten hinzugekommen. So ein spielbares DOOM-Demo (7 Level), welches die SDL-Library benötigt. Beeindruckend ist dabei die Geschwindigkeit dieser Library bei der Grafikausgabe. (ps)

[Meldung: 20. Feb. 2001, 19:48] [Kommentare: 0]
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Markus Schmidt im ANF

Neues Forum auf der ICQ-Userliste + ICQ-FAQ
Da in nächster Zeit der Anbieter des (alten) ICQ-Forums seinen Dienst einstellt, habe ich ein neues eröffnet und alle bisherigen Einträge (sind leider noch nicht viele) ins selbige übertragen! Außerdem ist seit einigen Tagen auch die erste Version der ICQ-FAQ online. (ps)

[Meldung: 19. Feb. 2001, 22:03] [Kommentare: 0]
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Amiga-Club im BTX & Internet

Werbeanrufe für DSL
Im Hilfe-Forum des AC wird derzeit über die Verfügbarkeit von DSL diskutiert. Dabei stellte sich heraus, dass viele an DSL Interessierte Anrufe erhalten, die den Eindruck erwecken, die Telekom wäre am anderen Ende (bzw. man rufe im Auftrag der Telekom an), was aber nicht der Fall ist. Die Anrufer sind (dubiose) Firmen, die sich lediglich die Vermittlungsprovision sichern wollen.

Unter anderem wird beispielsweise behauptet, dass die Online-Bestellung von DSL über den Service-Bereich der Telekom nicht sicher genug sei und man lieber direkt bei der Firma bestellen solle.
Weitere Einzelheiten finden Sie unter dem Titellink. (mj)

[Meldung: 19. Feb. 2001, 16:58] [Kommentare: 0]
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Thomas Unger im ANF

Seit der Version 1.0.1 sind folgende Websites in das Kickstart Archive aufgenommen worden:
  • The Commodore CDTV Information Center von Oliver Hannaford-Day
  • The Official A-Max Home Page von "AmigaMax" Reginal Cross
Außerdem wurden mehrere Sites auf die jeweils aktuelle Online-Version upgedated und die Amiga Patent History um einige Passagen und Bilder erweitert. (ps)

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Rene Stelljes per E-Mail

AmigaHelpGuide aktualisiert
Das AmigaHelpGuide wurde aktualisiert und ist jetzt in der Version 19.02.2001 verfügbar. Die Gründe für dieses frühe Update:
  • 1. Hat es einen Fehler beim Update der lha-gepackten Version gegeben, welcher erst zu spät bemerkt wurde (ich bitte dies zu entschuldigen).
  • 2. Gab es einen Fehler in der HTML-Version.
  • 3. Habe ich jetzt in dem Guide alle Adressen geändert (Genaueres steht im Nachtrag unter den Link "In eigener Sache").

[Meldung: 19. Feb. 2001, 16:24] [Kommentare: 1 - 19. Feb. 2001, 22:45]
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