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13.Aug.2013 (Webseite)

Heimatstadt von DMA Design stellt Lemming-Statuen auf
Das früher im schottischen Dundee beheimatete Entwicklerstudio DMA Design ist unter anderem für den Amiga-Klassiker Lemmings verantwortlich. In der Nähe des ehemaligen DMA-Hauptquartiers hat die Stadtverwaltung jetzt einige Lemming-Statuen plaziert, die versuchen eine Steinsäule zu erklimmen. (cg)

[Meldung: 13. Aug. 2013, 18:25] [Kommentare: 15 - 17. Aug. 2013, 08:58]
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IRC-Mittschnitt: Gespräch mit Steven Solie, Teamleiter AmigaOS 4
Als Ausgleich für das Gespräch mit Roberto Dohnert (Linux-Distribution "OS4") hatte das Team des englischsprachigen IRC-Kanals "Ashachat" diese Woche Steven Solie vom AmigaOS 4-Team zu Gast. Solie erläutert dass A-EON hoffe, vom gerade angekündigten Cyrus-Motherboard bis Oktober einige Exemplare an Betatester ausgeliefert zu haben. Um abzuschätzen, welche Funktionen Bestandteil von AmigaOS 4.2 sein werden, sei es "noch zu früh". Das Netbook-Projekt liege vorerst auf Eis, da der Hersteller der Hardware seine Forderungen und Angaben ständig geändert habe.

Der komplette Mittschnitt:
(08.07.2013, 00:00 Uhr, #Team*AMIGA auf

<Kelli217> Okay, welcome to the second in a hopefully two-episode series of Q&As with people of note to the Amiga community.
<Kelli217> With us today is Steven Solie. ssolie, give a little opening spiel, then we'll get to questions.
<ssolie> A speech? ok.. ok...
<Kelli217> nothing big, a paragraph or two
<ssolie> I call myself the AmigaOS Development Team Lead
<ssolie> that means I herd cats.. I mean try to organize all the professionals working on AmigaOS
<ssolie> I usually converse with everyone associated with AmigaOS in one way or another.
<ssolie> My hope is that I can answer some questions which the Amiga community at large have.
<ssolie> so, fire away...
<Kelli217> <CDeth> have you been in contact with the developers of ultimateppc, on getting it to work with os4x?
<ssolie> I remember those guys. They emailed me a while back asking if 4.x would run on their hardware.
<ssolie> We have not really chatted since. Perhaps they are waiting on me or I am waiting on them?
<ssolie> In any case, I haven't seen any hardware yet.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <alef> Hi, Steven. I guess I am off topic; NAF ( sent 2 emails to both Amiga Inc. and Hyperion about licensing Amiga name for promo products like this: ...but no answer...Can we get an official license? We want to build a promo product series for sale, but want to do it legally
<ssolie> yeah, that can be tricky I know
<ssolie> both Amiga Inc. and Hyperion have lawyers that must approve things and they are a tad shy sometimes
<ssolie> for Amiga Inc, you should use their contact form on their web site... hopefully that is enough to get their attention
<ssolie> for Hyperion you could try emailing me and I'll forward on the request to Ben Hermans
<ssolie> I know Hyperion have granted license but I'm not so sure about Amiga Inc.
<ssolie> licenses that is
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <eliyahu> can you comment on which of the major features mentioned back at amiwest 2010 -- and recently on the hyperion blog -- will make it into AmigaOS 4.2? multi-core support? an openGL stack? the long awaited, A-EON-funded, W3D drivers for radeonHD cards, etc.?
<ssolie> If I knew myself I would tell you. :-)
<ssolie> Basically, we work hard on all the features and at some point Hyperion says "ship it" and we figure out which pieces are high enough quality to include.
<Ken> hold up for a few min guys :-)
<ssolie> So I could take a guess at which ones are going to make it but really it is early.
<ssolie> I was just talking to Timothy (a Hyperion director) and they are getting anxious to ship something so that's good news I suppose
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <broadblues> Do you consider yourself an amiga god or merely a saint?
<Kelli217> ;)
<ssolie> lol... I seem to remember asking this of myself today. :-)
<ssolie> It's a joke guys. Calm down moo bunny crowd. :-)
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <eliyahu> can you comment as to 1) why hyperion has ceased open communication regarding planned features and development milestones reached, and 2) will hyperion reconsider?
<ssolie> There was some discussion about this recently.
<ssolie> Hyperion was posting on about all sorts of things.
<ssolie> As many know, it didn't work out very well... ;-)
<ssolie> So it seems the mode of operation will be shut up until it ships again. Sorry, but that is the current policy.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> The next 423 questions come from eliyahu. Wait just a moment while I try to get them ready.
<Kelli217> <eliyahu> can you comment on if updated printer drivers via gutenprint, CUPS, or the like will be integrated into AOS4 at some point? in the OS4.2 release?
<ssolie> It is certainly on my radar now.
<ssolie> I would like to see some more investment in printing.
<ssolie> However, we don't really have the devs to handle printing at the moment. It is not a job most devs want to be honest.
<ssolie> Once Gutenprint is up to snuff we will of course want to see that included.
<ssolie> I haven't seen much discussion about CUPS recently.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <eliyahu> can you discuss just how far along development of AOS got to support the netbook project before it was cancelled? when and why was it cancelled?
<ssolie> It boots up to Workbench.
<ssolie> The project has not been cancelled to my knowledge.
<ssolie> It is officially "on hold" last time we chatted about it.
<ssolie> I know A-Eon did some work to try and revive that project and that didn't work out.
<ssolie> The main problem seems to be that the manufacturer keeps changing their story (and pricing).
<ssolie> So, if (big if) they come back to Earth we still might see that go forward is my understanding.
<ssolie> It is a real shame the rules were changed after the announcement at AmiWest... I guess that is why Hyperion doesn't like to say things.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <eliyahu> are there any SDK updates planned in the near future? what would be included/updated?
<ssolie> I plan to release an updated SDK before the AmiWest show in October to support the programming classes being offered.
<ssolie> I was going to do the work myself so I can say that.
<ssolie> I just have to finish up a couple of other things first.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <eliyahu> how many developers are still actively contributing to AOS4 development? how many active beta testers do you currently have?
<ssolie> I don't believe I am allowed to divulge figures on anything.
<ssolie> However, I can point out we have had 44 updates since Update 6 and I just added two new developers to the team this week.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <eliyahu> will there be any look-and-feel changes in the GUI for OS4.2? what is planned?
<ssolie> Yes, our artist friends just love to change that look every major release.
<ssolie> I'm not sure myself what they have planned but I'm sure it will look great.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> Okay, wow, those 423 questions went by fast. Next one up is... <alef> who is the correct source to contact regarding Amiga license? Amiga Inc or Hyperion?
<ssolie> That is difficult to answer because it depends on which mark you want to license.
<ssolie> If you are talking the Amiga mark then Amiga Inc. is the place to go shopping.
<ssolie> If you are looking for AmigaOne or the Boing Ball then Hyperion can help you out.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <ddni> do betatesters have warp3d on their x1000?
<ssolie> I suppose that is a sneaky way of asking when A-Eon's Warp3D driver will be ready.
<ssolie> That would be A-Eon's question to answer.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <vapor> Now that AmigaOS has sudo open hardware why aren't more drivers being developed for varoius cards etc..? From this user...The NG hardware is not an A500.
<ssolie> Hmmm... not sure about the question there.
<ssolie> Maybe you mean 3rd party PCI cards and such.
<ssolie> Well, don't depend on Hyperion to do all the work. If there is some PCI card out there you like try posting the forums and see if you can get the attention of 3rd party devs.
<ssolie> What I can do is help the 3rd party devs.
<ssolie> We can provide access to details and even do special fixes if they need them.
<ssolie> I am also working on an updated Amiga device example for the wiki all in C.
<ssolie> This will help out 3rd party devs as well.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <TheKorn> Are you currently using an Amiga for this Q&A session? If so which model?
<ssolie> I'm using an iPad at the moment.
<ssolie> My Amigas are busy compiling OS code and I have one driving another.
<ssolie> I figured if they crashed and burned you would no appreciate the in/out messages.
<ssolie> not
<ssolie> I have an AmigaOne 500 and an AmigaOne X1000 working together at the moment.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <ddni> we all assume 4.2 will come as a package. is this still the case or will auto update deliver it iteratively?
<ssolie> The plan is to deliver 4.2 as a package again (e.g. ISO, instruction booklet, etc.)
<ssolie> I would also like to see a "download only" option to save a few bucks.
<ssolie> I don't know if Hyperion will go for that but I try. :-)
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <Derfs> can you tell us anything about a workbench replacement?
<ssolie> I'm not keen on scrapping code. You lose many man-years of work when you toss code.
<ssolie> I'm hoping we can enhance the current Workbench to the point it is more modern.
<ssolie> There is a bit of disagreement in the dev team on this but such are these things.
<ssolie> At least some work is being done in that direction now.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <^ktadd> I've made good use of the programming modules at AmiWest. Any chance of doing a debug module this year?
<ssolie> That is actually the focus this year at AmiWest.
<ssolie> at in the Tutorials section you'll see a quick synopsis of what is planned
<ssolie> look under the "AmiWest 2013 Programming Conference Synopsis"
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <alef> I guess I am off topic; I put myself on the AmigaOne X1000 order list. Any news about delivery and/or production run?
<ssolie> That is an A-Eon question but I think I can elaborate a little without being shot. :)
<ssolie> The demand for the X1000 continues to be strong.
<ssolie> They will keep making more as long as demand is there... I think you have a good chance of getting one.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <duga> Will you drop support for any of the hardware supported in 4.1 when you release 4.2?
<ssolie> I had the question when I talked to Timothy today...
<ssolie> A decision is still pending on what platforms will still be supported.
<ssolie> The big question is classic.
Sales are still strong so it is difficult to just say "No more platform X" when they give you money. :)
<ssolie> So as of right now, everything is still supported. We certainly didn't branch the code base or anything.
<ssolie> However, management could decide otherwise. The code will be ready either way.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <noXLar> will ahi audio system be updated?
<ssolie> I have heard some rumbling from a certain developer regarding AHI recently myself.
<ssolie> There is no current focus on replacing/repairing AHI but I suspect that could change.
<ssolie> We have been updating the driver recently.
<ssolie> drivers even
<ssolie> The Envy24HT and HDAudio drivers for example.
<ssolie> As long as AHI isn't "in the way" we will keep it as is.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <broadblues> What can you tell us about Cyrus?
<ssolie> He is some Greek architect.
<ssolie> long dead
<ssolie> or do you mean the new boards?
<ssolie> :)
<ssolie> Again, an A-Eon question but I can speak a little to it.
<ssolie> We have a Freescale P5020 on those guys.
<ssolie> The hope is to have beta systems running by AmiWest timeframe.
<ssolie> but you never know with brand new hardware... it takes a little while to hammer out the issues
<ssolie> The cost should be between a Sam460ex and an X1000 I believe but A-Eon needs to confirm that one.
<ssolie> I am really excited about Cyrus myself. that is one great board..
<ssolie> A-Eon will be blogging/new releasing about it soon I expect.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <ddni> any comments on Hollywood being made available for sale again? Is its approach to coding valued by core devs?<ddni> any comments on Hollywood being made available for sale again? Is its approach to coding valued by core devs?
<Kelli217> OOps, double paste...
<ssolie> I just found about Hollywood this morning.
<ssolie> I certainly value Hollywood and I have a copy.
<ssolie> I also know some really hate Hollywood for some reason.
<ssolie> I suppose it is the whole idea of a layer on top of the OS or something.
<ssolie> I'm not sure what the other core developers think about Hollywood but I've never heard anything negative from them.
<ssolie> It is great product overall. Highly recommended.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <ddni> Current support for hyperions game back catalogue is patchy in os4. Will this improve? shogo heretic2 etc
<ssolie> This may be surprising but I don't really speak for Hyperion directly.
<ssolie> So I don't know what they have planned for their catalog really.
<ssolie> I keep focused on AmigaOS as much as possible.
<ssolie> We will keep adding better support for their games of course as necessary.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <Derfs> do you see contribs for AmigaOS 4.2 using Qt? what do you think of alfkil's work?
<ssolie> I fully support the Qt effort.
<ssolie> Hyperion have said as much as well.
<ssolie> It is really great work and I have worked with Alfkil directly to help him out.
<ssolie> Alfkil tends to find bugs in the deepest places in the OS... he's good.
<ssolie> At one point we discussed using Qt as a GUI replacement even.
<ssolie> That may or may not happen but shows you the importance of that effort.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <tekmage> the P5020 is the e5500 core, will the e500MC or e6500 be supported as well?
<ssolie> Hmm... that's a lot of number and letter combinations there.
<ssolie> In other words, I don't really know the details and can't answer at this time.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <vapor> Should the AmigaOS community align itself with any particular Linux distro in a co-operative manner? Your opinion?
<ssolie> I suspect this has something to do with last week's special guest.
<ssolie> I think the AmigaOS community can do whatever it wants to do.
<ssolie> I can only help to try and build the best AmigaOS we can and give the users something to use and enjoy.
<ssolie> If you guys want to go cooperate with the "OS4" Linux distribution that is your business
<ssolie> Personally, I don't have time to be distracted.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> ALL: No more question submissions, please... we want to wrap things up soon.
<Kelli217> <noXLar> will Dockies be updated with the upcoming AOS 4.2?
<ssolie> I haven't looked into Dockies in a while to be honest.
<ssolie> Yes, we should at least fix some more bugs in that area.
<ssolie> Thanks for the reminder. :)
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <ddni> amicygnix. manna from heaven or devil spawn?
<ssolie> I have personally donated to AmiCygnix several times. The value of X-Windows should not be overlooked.
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> <duga> Any news on Spotify support in OS 4.1 (own client or the web player that's relying on Flash support)?
<ssolie> I have not had a status report from the Spotify guys in a while.
<ssolie> I suspect they are busy with other platforms but I don't know.
<ssolie> next questino
<ssolie> question
<Kelli217> Actually, I cleared my question queue a tiny bit early. Any final comments or summaries?
<ssolie> I tried to type fast. :)
<Kelli217> :)
<ssolie> Sorry I don't have all the direct answers...
<Kelli217> Well, instead of answers, any heartfelt pleas for understanding and compassion? ;)
<ssolie> well... could you guys please stop fighting on ?
<ssolie> it is really getting out of hand... come on.
<Kelli217> Ah, one last question and a thank you
<ssolie> I couldn't believe the amount of bickering in the Silicon Dreams/VCF topic
<JimS> If Amigans didn't fight, they wouldn't be Amigans. ;-D
<Kelli217> <noXLar> would the network stack be updated to modern standard?
<ssolie> Depends what you consider to be modern of course... I assume IPv6
<ssolie> I don't see much point in updating the stack to just support IPv4
<ssolie> I do want to add better wireless support.
<ssolie> beyond that, we need a new IPv6 stack and that project is a ways off
<ssolie> next question
<Kelli217> And finally, this thank you: <alef> I gotta say I think we all appreciate the work of Steven Solie and all the rest of the coders. We wish you all luck in your hard work towards a better future for the NG Amiga.
<ssolie> back to asha chat?
<Kelli217> yep.
<Valiant> Agreed, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to update us
<ssolie> thanks Kelli217 !!!
<Ken> thanks ssolie :-D
<JimS> Yep, thanks for visiting us
<Kelli217> We now return you to your reagularly scheduled craziness. (cg)

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Urlaubsfund: Der Commodore Amiga-Dacia
Beim Urlaub in der Türkei hat André 'Ratte' Pfeiffer einen ganz besonderen getunten Dacia entdeckt: der Besitzer scheint ein großer Amiga-Fan zu sein. (cg)

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