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Action game: Chaos Arena released
"Last Minute Creations" is a Polish group of Amiga game developers and has now released their third game after "GermZ" and "'Atarenium Falcon" ( reported): "Chaos Arena".

The goal of the game is to push opponents out of the arena by attacking them. The whole thing is made more difficult by the fact that all players look the same, so you first have to find out who you are. In addition, the arena is constantly shrinking. Features of the game:
  • Chaotic and fierceful duel between 12 warriors
  • Simultaneous 6-player versus mode
  • 3 chaotic arenas
  • You've lost too early? Strike remaining players with thunders!
An Amiga 500 with Kickstart 1.3, 512KB CHIP-RAM and 512KB RAM is required. (dr)

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