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Kickstarter campaign: Checkmate 19" IPS Retro Monitor
Already in April this year (reported) Stephen Jones announced a Kickstarter campaign to finance monitors for retrocomputers. This was now started two days ago (detailed YouTube video) and of the targeted 240,171 Euros, already a quarter, about 67,000 Euros have been reached.

For around 310 euros, you buy a Checkmate 19" IPS Retro Monitor, where the panel is not included in the price. Jones explains this by saying that part of the budget taken allows the search for two other panel options: in addition to the standard panel (priced), a less expensive variant and the "Unicorn" panel, with all the features imaginable.

With the Kickstarter contribution, the backer thus receives the following:
  • Monitor chassis (excluding the display panel)
  • panel controller electronics including remote control and cabling
  • Stereo 3" speakers and cables
  • External power supply
  • Strong packaging for shipping
In a second step, once the ordering system and panel options are ready, people will be contacted in April/May 2023 and they will be able to choose one of the three possible panel types and any extras they want to pay for (plus shipping costs and local taxes, if applicable).

Panel options:
  • A lower cost but still good quality panel
  • Default panel as shown in these videos (ca. 145 Euro)
  • A higher specification panel aimed at low latency, and if possible, a higher quality display

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