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Book: From Vultures to Vampires, Volume 2 available
Two years after volume one of the "From Vultures to Vampires" books about Amiga history by former Commodore UK manager David Pleasance and A-EON Technology co-founder Trevor Dickinson, starting July 14 the second of in total three volumes will be available after some delays.

Below you will find the press release:

Buchcover "A Tale of Struggle and Adversity in the Fight to keep the Amiga alive. 'From Vultures to Vampires' is the fascinating true account of what happened to Commodore after the fateful New York auction sale of 1995.

Volume 2 chronicles the machinations and intricate shell games surrounding the Amiga's ownership from 2005 to 2010. The heated battle for the post-Commodore Amiga crown led to the ongoing development of competing next-generation PowerPC-based computers and operating systems.

As companies faded from the scene, new champions took up the challenge of keeping the Amiga dream alive. The twists and turns involving Commoodore's trademarks were more convoluted. with repeased opportunistic attempts to control the Commodore brand, something that continues to this day.


  • Chapter 1: The circle of life: Happy 20th Birthday, Amiga!
  • Chapter 2: Getting better? It can’t get no worse?
  • Chapter 3: Powered up
  • Chapter 4: Swimming against the tide
  • Chapter 5: Breakthrough
  • Chapter 6: A new beginning
  • Chapter 7: Commodore revisited

'From Vultures to Vampires Volume 2' will be published as a hardback book of 288 pages, priced at 40.00 Euros (35 / $45), and will be available from well-stocked bookstores, online retailers, and directly from the publisher on July 14, 2023. E-book editions for Kindle and other platforms will also be available.

Delivery to pre-order customers worldwide began on July 7, 2023.

The final volume 3 is expected in September 2023.

978-3-98249-854-6 (hardback book)
978-3-98249-855-3 (e-book)" (snx)

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