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Markus Nerding (E-Mail)

Hyperion announce Haage & Partner to distribute "Freespace: The Great War"
18-October-2001: Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce that Haage&Partner will act as Publisher of the Amiga conversion of "Freespace, The Great War".

The eagerly awaited game which was originally developed by Volition and published by Interplay, is arguably the best space-combat simulator ever to grace the Amiga platform and offers an unparalleled mix of top-notch graphics, plot and gameplay.

Freespace will run on any PPC equipped Amiga with at least 64 MB of memory or a 68060 based Amiga with 3D accelerator (e.g. Voodoo 3, Permedia 2).

More information can be found at

Freespace can already be pre-ordered from the H&P online store at .

Users who pro-order their copy of Freespace will receive their copy before anyone else. (ps)

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Tao Group

Tao Group establish subsidary in Japan
»Tokyo, Japan, 17th October 2001: UK-based Tao Group today announces the establishment of its new subsidiary, Tao Japan K.K, headquartered in Tokyo. It will be responsible for continuing the growth that Tao's Japanese business has already enjoyed. It will also work closely with both Tao's partners and the Open Contents Platform Association (OCPA) - the open standards body using Tao's 'intent®' software platform as a core component for home and mobile connected appliances.«
Complete article see title link. (ps)

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Zoltan Hunt (Amiga Open-ML)

Amiga: Interview about rumours with Bill McEwen
On 8. October 2001 at 'Temple of Technology' an interview by Vidar with Bill McEwen, Amiga Inc., was published. McEween talks about several rumours. A short overview of what he said:

«We have more money today, than we had 6 months ago, and we will have more money by the end of the month, than we had since we started the company.»

The romours about and end of AmigaOS 4 are false.

The AmigaDE update is being tested and will be released soon.

The original interview is available under the title link. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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bplan: Pegasos - 1Q02
Sinan Gurkan, of AmigaArt collected information from the '"party on:-)" (R.S.)'-thread at ann:
  • Q1 2002 is the planned release date for Pegasos EndUser boards.
  • MorphOS Team has a contract from Amiga Inc. since May 2001, but they don`t want to sign it at the moment.
  • MorphOS Team thinks that "AmigaXL/Amithlon for x86, AROS, MorphOS for PPC" are the choices for 2002 and beyond.
There are more interesting postings in this thread with more than 180 comments (ca. 330K). (sd) (Translation: mj)

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