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IrseeSoft: New distribution partner
From January 2002, the distribution of TurboPrint will be taken over by the company ZEDOnet, IrseeSoft's partner for distribution and development:

ZEDOnet - Amiga-Software
Meinrad-Spieß-Platz 2
D-87660 Irsee
Phone: (+49) 8341/74327
Fax: (+49) 8341/12042 (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Golem - IT News

Golem: Guillemot/Hercules cancels cooperation with NVidia
»In Future graphic boards will only have ATI's Radeon and STM's Kyro chips
In the future Guillemot/Hercules will only use chips from ATI and ST Microelectronics for their graphic boards. As the company told the existing products with NVidias GeForce2- and GeForce3 chips will be replaced step by step by graphic boards with ATI chips.«
Have a look at the title link for the full article (German). (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Markus Nerding (E-Mail)

H&P: Freespace: at last available
Haage&Partner wrote:
At last we get the official permission to ship 'Freespace'. The advance orders are allready shipped.

Freespace was proted by Hyperion Entertainment and is surely the best the space-battle-simulation that was ever available for the Amiga. It offers a unique mixture of phantastic graphics, complex plot and an outstanding gameplay.

Freespace can be used with every Amiga with PPC-CPU and 64MB RAM or Amigas with 68060 and a 3D-accelerator-board (like Voodoo3, Permedia 2).

Additional information is available at the titlelink. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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SOL-Invictus (ANF)

Matay: New homepage
Matay, producer of the well-known PCI-bridge "Prometheus" from Poland, relaunched theire homepage with a new design. A new and easy to use navigationbar lets you faster find the information you are looking for. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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