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Mirko Naumann (E-Mail)

CD-ReWriter Plextor: 40x burner for the ATAPI interface (E-IDE)
The company Plextor now offers a 40x burner for the ATAPI interface (E-IDE). The PLEXWRITER 40/12/40A allows the burning of CD-R with the CLV process and the zone CLV process with max. 40x (6000 KB/s) as well as the rewriting of CD-R/W with max. 12x (1800 KB/s). CDs are read with the CAV process with 17x-40x (2600-6000 KB/s) speed.

The burner has a buffer of 4 MB and is equipped with the proven BURN-Proof technology that almost completely excludes a burning of defective CDs.

For the time being there are no information about the price. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Mariusz Wloczysiak (E-Mail)

Elbox: Mediator for A3000D, A3000T and A4000T
You all know we listen to your needs and make your use of Amiga computers more efficient and more enjoyable. Now you can have the new ultimate Mediator busboard for owners of Amiga models: the A3000D, the A3000T and the A4000T.

Elbox Computer has expanded the Mediator PCI busboard line with two further models:
  • Mediator PCI 3000D
    Mediator PCI 3000D is dedicated for Amiga 3000D computers. It allows for simultaneous use of 5 PCI cards and 6 Zorro III/II cards.

  • Mediator PCI 3/4000T
    Mediator PCI 3/4000T is dedicated for Amiga 3000T and Amiga 4000T computers. It allows for simultaneous use of 5 PCI cards and 4 Zorro III/II cards.
About Mediator:
Mediator PCI is a family of expansion boards, which enable using high-performance cost-effective PCI cards in Amiga computers.

The Mediator PCI busboard line is designed to enable expanding Amiga computers with a wide range of standard PCI cards like graphic cards, Ethernet and Fast Ethernet network cards, modem cards, ISDN cards, USB and SCSI cards, sound cards and multimedia cards: TV tuner and MPEG-2 hardware decoders.

Expanding the Amiga with the Mediator PCI busboard opens the way to employing the power of the latest PowerPC G3/G4 processors in Amiga, around which SharkPPC and SharkPPC+ cards are based.

For the list of currently supported PCI cards see Mediator Driver Guide. (ps)

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Dirk Baeyens (E-Mail)

Amiga Inc.: Executive Update

Bill McEwen discusses the status of a new Set-top Box partner for the Amiga DE.

Greetings one and all:

I have been receiving many e-mails reminding me of the need to announce the STB OEM partner. We are well aware that it was scheduled for last week and we were expecting the legal department of the partner to have released the press release. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with multi-billion dollar companies, it can more often than not take longer than planned.

We did receive the OK to announce to our developers and this was accomplished last week. So all of the NDA developers do know about the deal and the details of the singed OEM deal, however we are going to have to wait a little while longer for the rest of the Amiga community to see the public release.

I am sorry, but it will be worth the wait. In fact we will probably have a couple more that we can announce at the same time.

So the NDA developers were notified last week, and we should have the public announcement out by next week.

Bill McEwen
CEO Amiga Inc. (ps)

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SOL-Invictus (ANF)

Heise: Motorola with deficit of a billion (Update)
In the fourth quarter in 2001 the chip- and handy-producer of Motorola had a deficit of 1.4 billion Euro. Thus the sale lowered from 10.1 billion US-Dollar to 7.32 billion dollar. Despite of this negative numbers the president Edward Breen is confident of the future and hopes to black from the second half year. In order to gain this goal the amount of the staff members will be reduced from 150,000 to 101,600 until the end of the year.
Have a look at the title link for the full Heise article.

Update 24.01.2002:
Heise: Motorola closed four factories of semiconductors
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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