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Tao Group

Tao and Terraplay Announce Partnership to Advance Real-Time Entertainment
»Reading, United Kingdom, September 6th, Tao Group, a leading multimedia software and open platform provider for home and mobile networks, today announces a strategic partnership with Terraplay, leading specialists in enhancing the quality and performance of network-based applications. The combination of Tao's intent® media platform and Terraplay's networking system will provide a fast, accessible, and reliable solution for real-time entertainment.
The partnership will enable unique end-to-end solutions in such areas as networked gaming, entertainment and multimedia.«
Complete press release see title link. (db)

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Swiss local store AMIGALAND closing down
Marianne E. Vokinger wrote:
For health reasons I, Marianne E. Vokinger, holder of AMIGALAND in Switzerland, unfortunately have to finally close down the local store AMIGALAND after 9½ years of business.

I will appeal to keep existing contacts and to go on working for the dispatch. But until the entire liquidation was done and I'm of somehow stable health again it quite sure will be October 2001 for me to able to be active again. I'm very sorry to not having another option and I'm often remembering the 'GOOD OLD TIMES', these days.

I would like to thank all of my customers both at home and abroad for they have been faithful for many years, as well as my distributors! Also a special thank to you, Petra, for you already let me off the hook on the Neuss show :))

Who knows, maybe we will meet again on some show :-) I wish you much success further on.

Marianne E. Vokinger / AMIGALAND (sd) (Translation: mj)

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bplan / Thomas Knäbel (E-Mail)

bplan: Pegasos meets MorphOS
«In observance of the development schedule, the Pegasos system officially offers as of today a second operating system platform. In addition to Linux ( since this years` second quarter ), MorphOS now also supports the development systems in its full functional range.»

Read the complete press release under the title link. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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