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Werner Lange (email)

HCS Lange: no calls possible until 1.10.2001 (Update)
As the Amiga repair company HCS Lange has moved recently it cannot be contacted via phone because of the switching of the telephone number. From 02.10.2001 on should the line work again.

HCS Lange
32756 Detmold
Phone and Fax 05231 - 34530

Update 30.09.2001:
HCS Lange is available via email. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Tao Group

Tao Group: Tao Strengthens Wireless Java
Reading, England, September 27, 2001 -- Tao Group today announces it has acquired additional intellectual property software rights from ASCII Corporation in Japan to further strengthen its 'intent JavaTM Technology Edition' software suite.

The Tao Java product, compliant with industry standards and Sun Microsystems-branded, has been developed over five years and is already being installed into an array of products including digital cameras, phones, pda's, digital televisions, set top boxes, personal computers and web tablets. The various specifications supported by the intent JTE are compact and robust, and run real world content many times faster than any alternative.

Dr. Paddy Byers, Chief Technology Officer of Tao said: "Emphasis on the development of Tao's product has always been on enabling Java technology-based services that the operators and manufacturers must be able to deliver to the consumer to support their economic models. The agreement with ASCII makes our story stronger than ever."

Francis Charig, Tao's Chairman, commented: "This is an excellent acquisition for Tao as we consolidate the technology on the intent media stack for both wireless and wired devices. Our Java product is part of a comprehensive multimedia, language independent solution which is uniquely helping companies take compelling and differentiated products to market both quickly and at low cost."

The conclusion of the ASCII Agreement is the first of several key announcements by Tao in the wireless space over the coming months.
The complete press release can be found following the title link. (ps)

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Golem: Corel still with profits
»Profit and sales declining
In 3Q01 Corel gained sales of 34.2 millions USD which is slightly less than the 36.4 millions USD of last year and the 36 millions USD of 2Q01. Profit was at 500,000 USD or 0.01 USD per share.«
Complete article see title link (German).

Another message about this subject:
The Register: Corel makes money shock!
(cm) (Translation: mj)

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Mariusz Wloczysiak (E-Mail)

Elbox approves software
Elbox Computer is pleased to announce formulation of its new policy aimed at ensuring total compatibility of software written for Mediator PCI busboards by external developers with hardware and software designed and produced by Elbox.

Medication by Richard Brooklyn is the first program for Mediator to obtain the status of "Approved by ELBOX." The "Approved by ELBOX" seal means that ELBOX guarantees this program to be fully compatible with Elbox hardware and software.

Medication is a tool for every Mediator user. It allows configuring all the PCI cards installed in the Mediator busboard in one easy-to-use MUI based GUI.

Medication allows configuring all of the supported PCI boards installed in Mediator. It enables setting of: tooltypes in the Picasso96 graphic system, graphic card parameters, AHI preferences and sound card settings, TV card settings and control over parameters of the screen displayed by the TV card.

See the screenshots of the Medication program:

More info about the Medication program:

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H&P website with new layout
H&P writes:
From today on the new newssite is online. After some experiments with colours and the formation of the head-, bottom- and news area the current layout has been created. As the dominating colour you will find a dark red with white characters - based on the traditional Amiga-colours. On the right border the information column has been placed again. There are messages which besides the current news in the middle will have a staying importance. Up to now only the newssite has been renewed but the rest will follow little by little.

The startpage of our Internet performance or has been also refreshed thus you can access on the current topics in a better way.
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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Markus Lunk (E-Mail)

Blittersoft sold to Virtual Programming Ltd. (update)
Blittersoft has been bought out by Virtual Programming Ltd. As a result, VP will assume all rights to the product range owned or distributed by Blittersoft, as well as carrying other Amiga products. VP will be supporting both the Classic Amiga and new Amiga markets. All existing Blittersoft customers will be supported by VP and further development will continue.

Update 29. September 2001:
At Amiga Flame you can find an extended article regarding this subject. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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