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Gary Peake (ML)

Amiga names Sanjay Menon as vice president of department engineering
press release:
Amiga names Sanjay Menon vice president of engineering

Menon brings 10 years of experience in delivering software solutions to Amiga's hardware agnostic multimedia platform.

Snoqualmie, WA - December 3, 2001 - Amiga Inc., a provider of multi-platform multimedia content solutions, today announced the hiring of Sanjay Menon as their Vice President of Engineering. As Vice President of Engineering, Mr. Menon will be responsible for delivering Amiga solutions on a multitude of platforms.

“Sanjay has several years in the software industry and has a track record of successes with projects he has worked on or managed” said Bill McEwen, President and CEO of Amiga Inc. “We look forward to having him deliver many different types of solutions both to consumers and developers alike”. “His leadership will help make our Amiga developers be more successful in their roles toward the completion of our vision for the digital world”.

Menon brings more than 10 years of development and management experience to Amiga and is adept at planning and executing development strategies ensuring quality product releases in a timely fashion. His most recent accomplishments were at Microsoft Corporation where he spent 5 years in various management positions. His responsibilities there included shipping portions of the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine which was delivered in the Internet Explorer browser. Previous to his experience at Microsoft, Menon was a Lead Developer for Connectsoft Corporation where, among other things, he delivered advanced communication applications and protocols.

“I am very excited to have this opportunity with Amiga” said Menon. “I believe that Amiga is poised to deliver quality solutions across a wide number of market segments that are in growth areas of communication and computing. I look forward to working with both our Amiga developers and the developers in the Amiga Community who are going to deliver leading edge solutions for numerous different devices”.

About Amiga

Amiga Inc. provides technology to developers for writing and porting applications to a new multimedia operating systems which is hardware agnostic. AmigaDE is a joint development effort between the Tao Group of Reading, England, and Amiga Incorporated. AmigaDE based applications can run unchanged on x86, PowerPC, M Core, ARM, StrongARM, MIPS R3000, R4000, R5000, SH 3, SH4, and NEC V850 processors. The AmigaDE can run hosted on Linux, Embedded Linux, Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, CE and QNX4. AmigaDE Player and applications for the AmigaDE Environment can be purchased at Amiga is based in Snoqualmie, WA, 28 miles east of Seattle and has offices worldwide. Amiga can be reached at (425) 396-5660 or visit Amiga on the web at (ps) (Translation: dr)

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KDH News (ANF)

KDH advent calendar with draw (Update)
Between December 1rst and December 24th we will offer you a daily highlight at a special low budget price. Just click on the appropriate door on our KDH advent calendar and enjoy our daily highlight.

We recommend a daily visit to our site and you may see a item you always wanted at an affordable price. Each highlight is valid for two days. All orders submitted via our advent calendar with take part in a draw. The 1rst winner will receive a copy of Descent Freespace, 2nd winner Shogo, 3rd winner Wipeout.

Günter Horbach
KDH Datentechnik

Update 03. December 2001:
Dear customers, since the draw we have been planning on occasion of our KDH Advent calendar possibly would violate the rules of the competition rights, as it already was pointed out to us, we decided to stop this draw in the interest of a fair and justly unobjectionable competition. Currently it is being investigated to find a legal form to continue the draw.

Günter Horbach
KDH Datentechnik
(ps) (Translation: mj)

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FORE-MATT Home Computing (ANF)

Magazine: Clubbed total Amiga magazine
The trial issues as well as full subscriptions to CLUBBED/TOTAL AMIGA magazine can now be made at the store using our 128 Bit Secure online ordering system (Amiga Online Superstore). (ps)

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Macwelt Online / Jorge Pino (ANF)

Macwelt Online: Bugfixes and G5 speculations
»Bugfixes and G5 speculations:
Due to a report of the British website The Register, Motorola has released two new CPUs. The two chips PowerPC 7451 and PowerPC 7441 are the successors of the G4+-named PowerPC 7450 and the energy-saving PowerPC 7440. The specifications of the CPUs do not differ from their predecessors, according to The Register there were only some bugs fixed in the chips.«
Full article in German at the title link.

More links on the topic:
Heise (German): Apple wants to join the Gigahertz club
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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H&P News: AmigaOS XL: New FAQs and list / Show: AMIGA 2001
AmigaOS XL: New FAQs and list
The FAQ list now offers 6 new solutions to frequently asked questions and problems. Thanks to the help of some customers we could add some more items to our list: Aladdin 4D, Audio Evolution, CandyFactory, Diavolo Pro, Digibooster Pro, Magic Menu, MAME, MaxonTOOLS, MaxonTwist, Monzoom 3D, PageStream, Samplitude, Shapeshifter, Superbase 4, TurboCalc, TV Paint, Wordworth and may others. AmigaOS XL site.

Show: AMIGA 2001
This years Amiga show was again very crowded because everyone wanted to see AmigaOS XL working. On three workstations we presented Amithlon and AmigaXL for QNX and answered all questions of the astonished Amiga fans. The resonance was very positive and the people really liked our new design tower very much. There will be more offers around AmigaOS XL the next days. Pictures of the show (ps)

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