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H&P News: AmigaOS XL: New FAQs and list / Show: AMIGA 2001
AmigaOS XL: New FAQs and list
The FAQ list now offers 6 new solutions to frequently asked questions and problems. Thanks to the help of some customers we could add some more items to our list: Aladdin 4D, Audio Evolution, CandyFactory, Diavolo Pro, Digibooster Pro, Magic Menu, MAME, MaxonTOOLS, MaxonTwist, Monzoom 3D, PageStream, Samplitude, Shapeshifter, Superbase 4, TurboCalc, TV Paint, Wordworth and may others. AmigaOS XL site.

Show: AMIGA 2001
This years Amiga show was again very crowded because everyone wanted to see AmigaOS XL working. On three workstations we presented Amithlon and AmigaXL for QNX and answered all questions of the astonished Amiga fans. The resonance was very positive and the people really liked our new design tower very much. There will be more offers around AmigaOS XL the next days. Pictures of the show (ps)

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Yoris Benjamin (E-Mail)

Hyperion: Warp3D support for Permedia 3 and ATI Radeon
Hyperion Entertainment has entered into an agreement with third parties to ensure Permedia 3 and ATI Radeon support for Warp3D, effectively doubling the number of supported chipsets.

"We are thrilled to be able to open up ever more possibilities to users of Amiga PCI busboards", says Ben Hermans, managing partner of Hyperion Entertainment. "The Permedia 3 is around 6 times faster than the Permedia 2 and offers a lot more functionality including full OpenGL compliance. The chipset is still frequently used in high-end 3D workstations. The ATI Radeon family is undeniably state of the art with well-rounded 2D performance and top-notch 3D performance that is on par with anything out there in the Wintel world. Support for the Radeon family will allow Amiga users to enjoy unrivalled performance and functionality."

More details will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks. (ps)

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Yoris Benjamin (E-Mail)

Hyperion Entertainment brings 3D graphics to PDA's
Hyperion Entertainment is very pleased to announce that it has finalised an initial version of its "Warp3D" technology, a mature, small foot-print, feature-rich yet very fast 3D solution for ElateTM/ Amiga DETM based devices.

Warp3D allows content-creators to effortlessly deploy 3D graphics on low-end devices such as PDA's, web-tablets and 3G phones and is the product of years of development in response to concrete performance challenges and 3D technology.

Hyperion intends to showcase the Warp3D technology by producing several PDA oriented games.

"A lot of the PDA content we are seeing now is a throw-back to the earlier days of entertainment software and whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing, we do believe that users would like to enjoy sophisticated 3D content on these devices as well. Our contract-work for LithTech Inc. also means we were able to incorporate extensive research and expertise in the field of software rendering which resulted in one of the fastest software renderers in the industry - the only viable solution on a non 3D-accelerated PDA. Add to that a highly optimised subset of OpenGL which is nonetheless capable of running industry-standard 3D engines like Quake IITM and LithTechTM and you have a piece of very compelling technology indeed."

Warp3D was already successfully field-tested on the SH3 powered version of Sharp's Zaurus PDA and is due for imminent release.

The technology will remain in continuous development and will be licensed to interested parties.
For the complete press release see title link. (ps)

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Eternity Computer

Eternity: The 51,111th visitor wins a bonus
Eternity: "Unfortunately we have forgotten to organize a prize project for customer # 50,000 and would like to make this up now :-). The user with a screenshot for the 51,111th hit will gain a bonus of 50DM for the next product purchased from Eternity. Please, send your screenshot to our webmaster." (ps) (Translation: mj)

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