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Markus Nerding (E-Mail)

Great Freespace-presentation on the fair
There will be a great presentation of the final version of Descent:Freespace on the fair. You can watch the game on two computers around the clock. Additionally there will be a presentation of half an hour on Saturday and Sunday. At the same time the analog-joystick-interface will be together introduced with the game which supports it. The Amiga-port of Freespace has finished for 99.9% so the game will be available after the fair.

On the fair the demo-version of Freespace will be published. All those who order the game on the fair in advance will get a CD with the most current demos of Freespace, Heretic II and Shogo for free. Freespace as well as the new version of Heretic II which is on the CD will get graphic improvements for Warp3D v4.2. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

Individual Computers has licensed appp.device from Haage & Partner
In the course of development of the ADSL-driver for the X-Surf ethernet card, we have licensed the appp.device from Haage & Partner GmbH. Our goal is to speed up the interface between our xsurfadsl.device and the appp.device, so the CPU load will be reduced dramatically. New versions of the device for AmigaOS 68K will be available for free. (ps)

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Golem - IT News / SOL-Invictus (ANF)

Golem: Developer units of Linux-PDAs of Sharp can be ordered
»More details to the software-packet published
From now on Sharp offers to the developers the opportunity to order the Linux-PDA SL-5000D as a developer device which is planned at the end of the year. Sharp presents a former prototype at the IFA in Berlin.«
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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Anton Preinsack (ANF)

First test runs of PowerPC G5 gain 2.4 GHz
According to an unconfirmed report on "The Register" two prototypes of the PowerPC 8500 (G5) of Motorola have gained the level of 2,4 GHz of clock rate. All other processors of this line work with a clock rate of 1, 1.2 and 1.4 GHz. According to this anonymous source up to one thousend G5-systems of Apple are supposed to be sold to important developers.

Because PowerPC-processors of Motorola are supposed to work in "Pegasos" as well as in "AmigaOne" this statement is interesting for future "Pegasos"/AmigaOne"-succession models which might come. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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