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29.-31.07.22 • Geit@Home #1 2022 • Hörstel (Germany)
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 Thursday, 31. May 2001Comments / Date
Amiga Arena: Special price for SoundFX0
Movie-/Animplayer: SoftCinema with Open DivX Decoder V 1.5206. Jun. 17:57
Nova Design Newsletters: New Reviews0
Blittersoft and Merlancia announce iFusion cooperation0
IRC-Client: AmIRC 3.5.14 Beta0
Icons: Exoticons V 1.00
 Wednesday, 30. May 2001 
Amiga Arena: Full version of arcade-game "Action Cat"0
Event: JavaOne in San Fransisco, Kalifornien0
Cooperation between Petsoff and individual Computers0
Online game: Official HBMonopoly game led by #AmigaFun0
Update to INET DIAL v3.842 and release of CD version0
 Tuesday, 29. May 2001 
Browser: AWeb PowerPC JPEG Plugin V0.40
Hyperion and Elbox: Negotiations about Warp3D V40
Game: Tales of Tamar V0.35 R40
Tool: Report+ Version 4.63b0
Webserver: Amiga Apache 1.3.20 + PHP 4.0.50
Aminet Uploads until 29.05.20010
Interview: GFX-BASE talks to Gareth Murfin of Alpha-Software0
New games on 'Back to the Roots'0
 Monday, 28. May 2001 
Event: Pictures of the Kickstart Show 20010
New Multiplatform-CD: Amiga ClassiX 30
Hyperion Entertainment changes status of Warp3D V40
Datatypes: WarpDTPrefs V44.4a0
Emulator: WinUAE-Kaillera Release 1 released0
Paint program: New modules for PerfectPaint V2.60
Newsletter: Amiga Update by Brad Webb0
Press conference by Lineo about co-operation with Sharp on Friday0
Icon-Designer for DirectDos wanted0
Magazin: AIO issue #47 published0
APC&TCP: LOM 2.0 - Science Fiction CD0
 Sunday, 27. May 2001 
Survey on the Airsoft Softwair Homepage0
GFX-BASE: Test of 'WordHunt', Search, Links0
File manager: DirOpus V4.15k Beta0
PCI: Matay and Elbox (Update)0
Amiga Flame: Problems with British Server0
REBOL/Command V2.00
AVI/MOV-Player: MooVId and PIV-MooVId version 1.5108. May 19:29
Game: New Extra-Maps for Payback0
Amiga-Buddy and Chat Program: AmiComSys 1.340
 Saturday, 26. May 2001 
Aminet Uploads until 26.05.20010
Amiga Arena News: interviews and updates0
Amiga Arena: full version of "Pferderennen"0
Event: 28./29. July: Ottawa Amiga Show, Canada0
Developers: free SDK for Prometheus PCI card0
MPEG player: Frogger 1.65rc5 for PowerPC released0
 Friday, 25. May 2001 
New pictures and report from the 'Japanese Business Show 2001'0
Bars&Pipes Professional 2.5c source code available0
Heise: what you always wanted to know about the GPL0
New pictures of the AmigaOne motherboard0
Software: Amigan Software's Worm Wars and Report+ updated0
Software: SGrab and EnvHandler updated0
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 Latest Top-News
AmigaOS 4: Audio editor Rave 1.1 (22. Jun.)
Video presentation: Michael Spindler on 'Akiko 32' and 'Akiko Portable' (15. Jun.)
AmigaOS 4: Spreadsheet ignition 1.20, update of OpenDocument plugins (08. Jun.)
MorphOS: Bounty for improved OpenGL support and new graphics card driver (05. Jun.)
Email client: YAM support for AmiSSL 5 in progress (30. May.)
Internet: IBrowse 2.5.6 / AmiSSL v5.1 released (22. May.)
Real-time strategy: Vanilla Conquer V1.0 released (16. May.)
Hollywood Designer 6.0 released (16. May.)
Hollywood 9.1 add-ons released (08. May.)
Operating system: MorphOS 3.17 released (01. May.)
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