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10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Wednesday, 09. Jan. 2002Comments / Date
The Kickstart Archives V1.30
Installer: WHDLoad - New Packets (until 09.01.2002) (Update)0
A.D.A. Demoarchive with new design and more functions0
Elbox: Mediator UP2.80
Elbox: Mediator Multimedia CD 1.110
VideoCD: VCDImager version 0.7.120
 Tuesday, 08. Jan. 2002 
Amiga Arena: AmiFIG 3.1 full version0
New Amiga CD32 Emulator for Windows - Project320
Amithlon-Tester for TV-card software needed0
AmigaOS XL: Revised compatibility list and new addendum0
Webserver: Amiga Apache 1.3.20 + PHP 4.1.10
Elbox: VHI Studio - Mediator drivers109. Jan. 20:44
PhotoAlbum V6.6 und CyberShow V9.5a0
 Monday, 07. Jan. 2002 
News on Amiforce0
H&P: Freespace: at last available0
Downloadmanager: Charon V1.980
Individual Computers: Old links re-activated, VarIO online manual0
Matay: New homepage0
 Sunday, 06. Jan. 2002 
Library: vapor_toolkit V15.130
Virus Help Denmark: Safe V17.7, Integrity V1.20
Unix: NetBSD-Port for Pegasos suggested0
FAQ Amiga Francophone0
Audio: Ogg Vorbis-Libraries for AmigaOS0
Magazine: CD32 Outside No.4 released0
Amiga: NDK V3.9 released0
USB: Poll about SUBWAY / HIGHWAY started0
Amiga-Emulator: Sources of UAE 0.8.12 (WarpOS)0
Comic: Sabrina with Strips 181-1840
Magazine: Starmag stopped0
Amiga-Emulator: Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer0 Amiga-History 20010
Amiga Future: Interview with Markus Pohlmann about "Projekt Crashite"0 Amiga-Magazin with Covers and more0
Magazin: AMIGA aktuell 01/2002 published0
 Saturday, 05. Jan. 2002 
PCTip: new Amiga computers - a myth on the way to its comeback?0
Amiga Arena: interview with Jürgen Reinert (TTime Deluxe)0
Free-lance worker for Payback update CD wanted0
barbat media and falkemedia: employees wanted0
Heise: study is said to deliver ammunition against Linux0
NoCover issue 94 released0
XAD-System Version 110
Payback Update 7 Released & Apex Website Redesigned0
 Friday, 04. Jan. 2002 
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 03.01.2002)0
Stiftung Warentest: Computer monitors: Flat, good, expensive0
SPIEGEL: Tops and flops of the year0
Psyria: Defender of the Crown title song for mobile phones0
Golem: Gigabyte counts on ATI graphics chips - NVidia is out0
Heise: Expensive free domains0
FFL: Tim Berners-Lee: What is a link?0
Music player: EasyPlayer version 1.120
Game: dynAMIte SouthPark style improved0
Amiga Speed with new tests0
Individual Computers: website partly updated0
Amiga Future issue #34 released0
 Thursday, 03. Jan. 2002 
Tool: ReqAttack Version 1.960
Kerneltrap: Interview with Matthew Dillon0
Instant-Messenger: StrICQ Version 0.21060
Golem: Foundation planned to revive the Atari/TOS software market0
Pagan Games Interviewed by GetBoinged!0
Amiga Future: Poll about the Amiga's future0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Stefan Kleinheinrich (AmiDraw)0
UAE 0.8.12 for WarpOS0
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DIY: N2630 expansion board for Amiga 2000 (23. Jan.)
MorphOS: BarsnPipes 1.2 (04. Jan.)
68k hardware emulation: PiStorm32-lite with firmware released (29. Dec.)
Emulator: WinUAE 4.10.0 (19. Dec.)
Cloanto: Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 10 (13. Dec.)
Announcement: The Advent Calendar 2022 (27. Nov.)
Wireless Gamepad: Commotron Gamepad Turbo 2000 Super (24. Nov.)
Audio player: RNOTunes for all Amiga systems (22. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: FTP client AmiFTP 1.953 (17. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: Porting WebKit started (07. Nov.)
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