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09.-11.02.24 • AmigaWinterTreffen 2024 • Großensee (Germany)

 Sunday, 29. Sep. 2002Comments / Date
Amiga Arena: Hilt 2 - Missions 'Disarm' and 'Dreatnought'0
Virus Help Canada: New mailing list for news, contacts forum0
Event: Pianeta Amiga 2002 - Report by Fabio Ferriccioli0
AmigaOne: Hyperion has completed PPCBoot based firmware0
Aminet: Web interface with comment functionality0
MorphOS: Screen shot page by Shawn-AmigaOne130. Sep. 13:52
Emulator: WinUAE V0.8.22R2 status0
USB-Thylacine: Install software V1.1a0
Mediator: SuperTV V0.7 beta0
 Saturday, 28. Sep. 2002 
Official GetBoinged homepage online0
Flash: GUI for SWF encoder0
Event: Pegasos at the Multi-Media-Show in Bremen0
Why Queue Up?0
 Thursday, 26. Sep. 2002 
Make a Note -> Hardware Meeting for Amiga Users in Nürnberg0
Golem: Nokia 6650 - First UMTS-Handy from Nokia0
SixK Ports: UAE 0.8.14 and Pachi_Demo 0.10
AWeb Open Source: Mailing List Archive and Compatibility Chart0
Diverse Software Updates (as of 26th September, 2002)0
Meeting: Pictures and Report from Pianeta Amiga 20020
Game: Amiga Rediscovery - Hoi AGA Remix0
Elbox: Spider sales began0
Event: Pegasos Demonstration at Computer City0
Amiga Future: New Solution0
 Wednesday, 25. Sep. 2002 
Statement from H&P about Amithlon0
Change of our mail server (Update)0
Workbench: Scalos beta archive version 40.22 changed0
Golem: Phoenix speeds up Mozilla0
Fruity backdrops0
Event: Pictures from the Pegasos Gothenburg Show 20020
Amiga Arena: "Hilt2" mission editor online0
Andreas Kleinert removes PPC/WOS datatypes from the Aminet (Update)225. Sep. 23:22
DIVX encoder with gui for Amiga0
 Monday, 23. Sep. 2002 
Various Software-News (until 23.09.2002)0
Warp3D V5 becomes NOVA0
AOG: New games, extras and updates0
AGC: election for Sept./Oct. 2002 games hitlist online0
Installer: WHDLoad - New Packets (until 25.09.2002) (Update)0
Web-Filter Tool: Privoxy (Internet-Filter/Proxy) for AmigaOS0
Event: AMS 2002 in Slowenien on 19th October 20020
Virus Help Denmark: Website offline0
 Sunday, 22. Sep. 2002 
Event: AmigaMeeting Nord in Bad Bramstedt 18th-20th Oct 20020
Event: AONE Gothenburg 2002 - Report by SlimJim (Update)0
Company: Katodev consider resumption of development0
MP3: id3tag.library V5.60
Datatype: akPNG V45.30
Flash: Swfplayer V1.2b0
Event: O.A.S.E. 2002 - report by GFX-BASE team0
Payback: Maps - Destra City and Alabastra City0
Printer: Epson V40 update by Hutchison will not be released0
(S)NES-Emulator: Little John NG V0.1.390
Tales of Tamar: MorphOS beta tester wanted, shipping delay0
AmigaOS 4: GUI design ideas by DJNick0
GFX-BASE: Winners of Workbench competition0
Video: Frogger V2.03 (update)0
USB Thylacine: List of tested USB ethernet devices0
Event: MicroMart Computer Fair - Short report by Radfoo0
Event: AONE Gothenburg 2002 - Report by Johan Rasten0
 Saturday, 21. Sep. 2002 
New poll: games - which genre do you prefer?224. Sep. 09:05
Event: first pictures from the AONE show in Göteburg324. Sep. 07:02
Amiga Future: page online again & updates0
AMIGAplus soccer special: season finishing with Sensible Soccer0
Announcement: new online magazine - GetBoinged0
Emulator: New WinUAE clipboard utility0
Combined player/decoder/encoder GUI for .ogg files0
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 Latest Top-News
MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 7.0 (05. Dec.)
Emulation: BBoot boot loader v0.5 now supports AmigaOne in QEMU (update) (03. Dec.)
AmigaOS 4: Extended audio emulator "Nallepuh" 1.7 (02. Dec.)
Image and PDF converter: Image2PDF 2.4 for all Amiga systems (02. Dec.)
Illustrated text adventure: C64 the Mysterious Cassette (25. Nov.)
Web browser: IBrowse 3.0 (19. Nov.)
Game development: IFF/ILBM exporter for Aseprite (16. Nov.)
Creating Amiga Reaction GUIs: ReBuild 0.10 (alpha version) (12. Nov.)
THEA500 Maxi: Release planned in the 4th quarter of 2024 (04. Nov.)
Operating system for Amiga 3000/4000: Status update of "Apollo" (04. Nov.)
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