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New main page
You sure realized by coming here today, we implemented our English news page to the same PHP-system already used for our German page, since some time.

Now you are able to chose your preferred and private settings for displaying the start page.

There are several possibilities you can chose from the buttons above. You can determine if the page should be displayed showing complete news messages (standard button) or with a compact version of each message on it (compact button). You can also determine the number of messages shown or if you rather want a titles only version (titles only button), and all that for a certain number of days.

Just play around with the buttons and press 'Show' to find out what meets your needs, best. Default setting is 'Per page 3 days - titles only'. Furthermore you can chose if you only want messages regarding Amiga to be displayed or if you want to see other messages, too. Just tag/untag the respective check-box.

Once you found your preferred settings you can update your bookmark to have this available all the time. You can also use the cookies function to have a cookie saved with your settings (check-box).

If you prefer the prior display use for your bookmark.

One more feature is the possibility for you to comment news messages. To do so click on the "Comments:" link below any news message or on the number below the comments item to the right of the respective message in the title only version.

We hope you like the new possibilities. Have fun!

Supplement 03 June 2001
Sorry, the system doesn't work properly, by now. For example it is not possible to change settings. Be sure, we are working on it.

And sorry for the wrong date of this message, too. We are also working on that problem. We ask you for your understanding.

Supplement 03 June 2001
Everything seems to work now, incl. changing settings for the start page. There's just this date thing left, but only for this message. I'm currently not able to post messages for the English page, only. This might change in the future. If you encounter any problem using the new start page, please mail me or post a comment to this message.

Update 01.05.2002:
Accepting cookies new and updated messages will be presented in bold stamp.

Update 04.01.2003:
Here you will find more changes.

Update 25.03.2004: voluntary registry in the comment area
More details see in the following messages: 09.03.2004, 19.03.2004 and 24.03.2004.

Please, tell us what do you think about the new features! (unk) (Translation: unk)

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