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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: VirusExecutor V2.20
A new update of VirusdExecutor has been released today.

Here is some info about the update:

Name : VirusExecutor v2.20
Archive name : VirusExecutor.lha
Archive size : 281.228 bytes
Release date : 20 August 2001
Programmer : Jan Erik Olausen
Requires : xvs.library (included), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library, xadmaster.library

Changes since last version

  • VE doesn't need the VirusExecutor: assign anymore, so you can delete some lines in s:user-startup. IMPORTANT! All files that comes with VE must be in the same directory where the main program are located! (Not libraries and catalogs).
  • Recoded 'View patch memory'... It's quite similar to the memory monitor in VirusZ.
  • Thanks to Harry, VE do get the right opcodes when checking for patched functions.
  • Added decoding of 4 shell-scripts. The DKG-Blum and Jode Capullos virus was hiding in such scripts.
  • Fixed some 'out of address' bugs while checking memory.
  • Added AHI device channel 0 right.
  • Fixed small bug in the vector check window, that could cause strange characters to be displayed.
  • Fixed bug when removing a deleted file from the watch list.
  • Added close gadget to the prefs window.
  • Added 'Fast file checking' to the prefs window. Activating this flag will disable all text output, memory checking and some error messages during file checking...
  • When the 'Skip encrypted files'-flag are set, encrypted arhives are also skipped.
  • Added LVO names to device functions.
  • Fixed text out of range bug when viewing memory.
  • Fixed Enforcer hit in 'View KickMemPtr/KickMemPtr'.
  • When VE is infected with a virus it says it is modified and quits. Stupid, cause when a virus is around, VE should not quit! Fixed.
  • Added powerpc.library recog to 'Soft Int'
  • Added COP to memory recog.

Thanks to Harry Sintonen and Joerg Riemer for reporting bugs/hits and for all suggestions and help...

Remember to join the Amiga antivirus maillist for free. Just send an empty email to:

You can find this update at Virus Help Team's website's now, and on Aminet within the next 24 hours..... (ps) (Translation: sk)

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