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Graphics card ZZ9000: New firmware version 1.11
Lukas F. Hartmann's ZZ9000 is a graphics card with additional features and ports (network, USB, SD cards), which can be preordered in different versions ( reported).

Yesterday the new firmware version 1.11 was released with the following improvements/new features compared to version 1.10:
  • Improves/Fixes ZZ9000AX playback on many Amiga models through improved IRQ behavior (also improves Ethernet)
  • Fixes spurious missed ARM register writes, improving stability on all platforms
  • Fix 128MB mapping of framebuffer area on Z3
  • ZZ9000AX: improved resampling (linear interpolation on ARM)
  • ZZ9000AX: programmable DSP, automatic Butterworth low pass filter, mixer
  • ZZ9000AX: New Audio Mode with Panning Flag (has different volume level)
  • ZZ9000AX: Adjusted volume level for digital playback (to prevent clipping)
  • ZZTop: Shows if ZZ9000AX is detected
  • ZZTop: Slider for ZZ9000AX low pass filter
  • ZZTop: More tests in "Bus Test"
  • axmp3: Dynamic buffer location
  • ZZ9000AX and axmp3: Support for ENV:ZZ9K_INT2 setting to use INT2 instead of INT6 (via jumper J4)

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