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Programming language: Amiga C/C++ Visual Studio Code Extension (update)
Bartman', member of the demo group 'Abyss', provides with 'amiga-debug' a 'Visual Studio Code' extension for "compiling, debugging and profiling Amiga C/C++ programs compiled by the bundled gcc 11.2 with the bundled WinUAE" (YouTube video). Yesterday he released the new version 1.3.3 with the following changes:
  • fix some 68k cycle timings
  • support breakpoints in .s files
  • Assembly: show theoretical 68000 cycles as decoration
  • Assembly: fix F12 on local labels
  • Assembly: Autocomplete for opcodes, labels
  • Disassembly: Hover over CPU instructions to view documentation
  • Disassembly: fix loop cycle display in some cases
Various plugins for assembler programming support are also available for Visual Studio IDEs and JetBrain ( reported).

Update: (11.05.2022, 09:06, dr)

Yesterday version 1.3.4 was released:
  • updated to GCC 12.1.0, binutils, GNU gdb (GDB)
  • fixed missing error message during launching a debug session when .elf file was not found

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