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Archive 04/2002

Stefan Falke (ANF)

EZP@gerNG V2.3 released
As of today, a new version of the SMS, Paging and eMail software is available for free Download as an unregistered version.

As usual, all registered EZP@gerNG users will find an update archive in the download area, allowing them to update their registered software from version 2.2 to version 2.3.

At runtime, EZP@gerNG now creates the ezhttp.library V4.0, which, as a support library, provides several functions for easy HTTP communications.

V4's extended features will be needed for the Software Developers Kit (SDK) for external plugins to be released shortly, which will allow the creation of custom plugins, e.g. for transmitting messages via web gateways. (ps) (Translation: (cb)

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Nexus Development

Wanted: Translator for PuzzleBOBS
Nexus Development is looking for a translator to translate the GFX-Guide into German. The reward will be a full version of the game. Interested parties please apply at this eMail address. (ps) (Translation: (cb)

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Amiga Alternative Audio Page

MP3-Encoder: Lame Version 3.92
A new non-beta version 3.92 dated April 25th, 2002 of the MP3 encoder LAME can be found on the 'Amiga Alternative Audio Page'. You can look up the changes in the history. (ps) (Translation: (cb)

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Alberto Grecchi (E-Mail)

Alberto Grecchi: Many useful Amiga tools
Alberto Grecchi is making his Amiga programs available for download on his homepage. You can find all sorts of different tools, from calendars to biorhythm curves. Games freaks can find a wide range of diffentent games. A rich source if you're not put off by the Italian explanations and screenshots. (ps) (Translation: (cb)

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30.Apr.2002 New Partner Site -
As you already might have noticed from our horizontal menu there was a new partner site called added, today. Lars ´Ghandy´ Sobiraj is responsible for this site and descripes it as follows: is a portal for those who like scene related disk magazines of any form and for any computer platform. It has a big database of articles and interviews from various magazines. Who is seeking old contacts in the scene which you thought got lost will (hopefully) find those in our email database. In cooperation with the Swiss Scene Server we offer downloads especially for the fans of the Amiga and PC demo scene. For those who are wanting even more it is possible read about the current events in our news section, and to comment the messages if desired. (ps) (Translation: (mj)

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Made on Amiga

Web directory: "Made on Amiga" online again
As promised, after a complete redesign and four months of testing, the well-known web site "Made on Amiga" has gone online again, and at the same time is celebrating its fifth birthday.

"Made on Amiga" was founded five years ago (April, 1997) by Dan Gibson. This web site contains nearly 800 verified entries of web sites which either were created with an Amiga or are dealing with this topic. (ps) (Translation: (cb)

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The Seattle Times: Amiga is pursuing its digital dream
Following the title link you will find a newspaper article from The Seattle Times, in which Amiga Inc.'s Bill McEwen is talking about AmigaDE. (ps) (Translation: (cb)

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Cyborg (ANF)

BenderIRC 1.5 available
Cyborg writes:
On the homepage of BenderIRC there are new updates for BenderIRC and all the tools. The new version 1.5 of the IRC client comes with new features, and for the first time with a theme GUI that shows fast and clear what makes BenderIRC such a unique software. Yes, I've put the screenshot on the page, too :) You can e.g. grabb HTML links or advertising ads with help of the plugins which are part of the package. It would be vital to take a look at the manual to read about plugnins and security.

Who would like to do me a favour should tell me about bugs and not just chuck the program away silently;certainly bugs will get fixed. (ps) (Translation: (mj)

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Filesharing: Audiogalaxy Satellite for AmigaOS Version 1.1.1
Version 1.1.1 of AudioGalaxy, a filesharing service, was released. There is an opensource version for linux available, called OpenAG, which was the foundation for this new Amiga version.

The program can be downloaded from the homepage of the author. Furthermore you need the ixemul.library (at least version v48).

(ps) (Translation: (sk)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: Interview with James Conwell
The best strategy game for the Amiga ever?
At least this is the goal of James Cromwell programmer of TotalChaosAGA. The whole package includes 31 MB of data, support for six languages and can be played by only one or up to eight players.

James Conwell talks about the new game and his thoughts about AmigaOS and other strategy games as well as the future and what is to be expected. The english version of the interview is available here. (ps) (Translation: (sk)

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Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Amiga Future: Workbench Galery update
At least the Workbench-galery of Amiga Future was updated. The editors of Amiga Future would be very happy if as many as possible users would mail a screenshot of there workbenches. (ps) (Translation: (sk)

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Ars Technica

Programing: Compilers - The Basics
Robert Thorpe published an article about compiler programming at Real World Technologies. This article explains the basic functionality of compilers. (sd) (Translation: (sk)

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Kevin Orme, Webmaster (ANF)

Amiga University Site Updates
It took longer than we planned, but some good site updates for you:
  • New midi, Jay Miner, Monzoom, C++, games, history pages and many new international news sites added.
  • Slight color scheme changes to allow less 'squinting' - I had it my way for 2 years, time for a change :).
  • New samplitude opus archive/download mirror, thanks to the great guys at A.C.T.
  • Site completely link checked and updated accordingly.
  • Still looking for more mirror site and site archive opportunities - let us know if you want us to preserve/mirror your amiga site online, no charge.
Enjoy! (ps) (Translation: (sk)

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Czech Amiga News

Instant-Messenger: AmigAIM V0.9442 Beta
Richard H. Poser released betaversion 0.9442 of the AIM-messenger "AmigAIM". The following changes were made:
  • Modified the preparser routine slightly to attempt to handle the Ampersands better in URLs (and probably everywhere else as well)
AmigAIM is a client that can be used to connect to the Instant Messenger service of AOL.

Download: (sd) (Translation: (sk)

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Amiga Future

News: now also in English
The web site which publishes news in German about the operating system of the same name now also publishes these news in English.

Jürgen Lucas is responsible for the new English scripts of the site. (sd) (Translation: (sr)

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MorphOS: New MAME ports
Fabien Coeurjoly has released two new ports of the emulator package 'MAME' for MorphOS. It's the normal version and as for 'neomame' it's a neogeo specific version of mame.

Important: the files have the zip extension, but these are lha files.

  • (4,5 M) - it's a .lha file with a .zip extension
  • (800K) - it's a .lha file with a .zip extension
(sd) (Translation: (sr)

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Magazine: Amiga Information Online (AIO) #58, information about #57
Issue #58 of the English Amiga Online Magazine 'Amiga Informations Online (AIO)' has come out. This issue contains for example tests of Detris, Guardian and Simon the Sorcerer II.

Some information about #57:
This issue was supposed to come out on the AIO-CD. However, the release of this CD has been delayed because of the usual technical problems. As soon as the CD 'AIO The Survivor Years' is available, details will be posted on the AIO web site as well as all the usual news channels.

Download: docs/mags/AIOV58.lha (752K), Readme (sd) (Translation: (sr)

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Sebastian Beloch (ANF)

Instant Messenger: StrICQ V2.8.1
On 26 April 2002 Douglas F. McLaughlin released version 2.8.1 of the Instant Messanger 'StriICQ'. In this version some bugs were fixed. New features were not added.

Download: STRICQv2.lha (sd) (Translation: (sr)

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28.Apr.2002 (ANF)

Event: The second exhibition for classic video and computer games of the 70s and writes:
Hello 8bit fans!

Here is all the information you need for the 8bit event:

It takes place on Sunday, 5 May 2002 at:
Bürgerhaus Bornheim (Saalbau)
Arnsburger Straße 24
60385 Frankfurt am Main The car park is directly under the 'Bürgerhaus', the underground station Höhenstraße (U4) is just around the corner.

Admittance is at 10 am, the entrance fee is 2 Euro.

If anybody has got any questions, please contact us:
Frank Duessel, Martin-Luther-Str. 5, 60316 Frankfurt
Tel: 069/82365000, Fax: 069/82365066

If anybody isn't sure if it's worth coming all the way to the event, just look at the web site: (

Highlights: Special T-Shirts, tele games with Thomas Gottschalk.

Regards, Frank und Axel (sd) (Translation: (sr)

[News message: 28. Apr. 2002, 12:12] [Comments: 0]
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