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3-4.12.22 • World of Commodore • Toronto (Kanada)
27.-30.12.22 • Zenta-Demoparty • Bingen am Rhein (Germany)
10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Sunday, 09. Jun. 2002Comments / Date
Magazine: Linux Gazette #790
TrueType Font Rendering: ttrender.library V3.10
Tool: MCP V1.390
XFree86: Open Source 3D driver for ATI Radeon 8500 announced0
Music: Bars'n'Pipes V1.140
Digital Almanac III and Amithlon0
Little Book of Amiga Software: Games list updated, 14 new entries0
Browser: Further development of AWeb at
Datatype: wbmpdt V1.0 for WAP bitmap images0
Amiga Future: Raffle to new FAQ0 Download area0
Amiga Future: Review of the game 'Chips'0
 Saturday, 08. Jun. 2002 
ELSA: new founded devolo AG produces new edition of industry modem Microlink 56k0
Amiforce: big update - AmiBlitz V2.260
Browser: AWeb is Open Source!0
GFX-BASE: German translation of the DynAMIte review0
AmigaOne in the PC Magazin (German print magazine)0
The Amiga demo scene lives!0
 Friday, 07. Jun. 2002 
Computer City: New Amiga keyboards - Cherry Amiga Cybo@rd313. Jun. 17:42 David Gerber takes over management of Oliver Wagner0
DocDatatypes v40.40 released0
PageStream news to version 4.10
Thendic-France: Pegasos news0
Printers: New drivers for HP 6x06, 870C and 900C0
Amig@lien: Payback MapEditor workshop published0
Collecting data for the FastFileSystem V460
 Thursday, 06. Jun. 2002 
Who Will Port BMP2WBMP?413. Jun. 17:43
Amiga Arena: PuzzleBOBS Review0
Audio: New Sun Audio Sound-Datatype Version 41.10
Website Offline0
AmigaOne in the Computer Newspaper "Chip"0
A.D.A. - Demo Archive with Commenting and Voting0
Nostalgia: The Legacy - Museum Again Online0
Elsa: Bankruptcy Assets Auctioned Off Beginning Today0
Browser: Mozilla 1.00
AmigaOS + POP/PPC petition official web site313. Jun. 17:46
 Wednesday, 05. Jun. 2002 
Virus Help Team: Chat-Room open again0
Amiga Games Classifying: Results of the vote from May/June 20020
CLI2WB, easy CLI commandline launch from Workbench0
T.o.T.: New Amiga-Version V0.43 R60
AC97Mixer V1.83 for Amithlon SB 128 sound card106. Jun. 13:06
Amiga Online Games: Three new games in the data base0
Textviewer: EvenMore version 0.600
Audio: New AIFF sound-datatype version 41.40
 Tuesday, 04. Jun. 2002 
Game: Angband 3.00
AudioLabs: Summer prices0
Game: New/updated maps for Payback0
Game: New Klondike-cardsets at RekoNet0
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 04.06.2002) (Update)0
GFX-BASE: Q&A Session with Darius Brewka about 'AmiStart' / New poll0
 Monday, 03. Jun. 2002 
Amiga Online Games: New screenshots, top 10 and highscores0
Privacy: Stop1984-Petition (Update)0
Emulator: A/NES CGFX Version 1.260
Game: Worm Wars Version 7.010
Audio: AHI - ahi.device 5.21 (Beta) (Update)0
Amiga Update Newsletter #020531 von Brad Webb0 New mirrors0
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Wireless Gamepad: Commotron Gamepad Turbo 2000 Super (24. Nov.)
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AmigaOS 4: FTP client AmiFTP 1.953 (17. Nov.)
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Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 159 (05. Nov.)
AmigaOS 3/4: Web browser IBrowse 2.5.7 (05. Nov.)
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Point'n Click adventure: NEONnoir (01. Nov.)
Turn based strategy: playable preview for "Settle the World" (update) (01. Nov.)
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