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3-4.12.22 • World of Commodore • Toronto (Kanada)
27.-30.12.22 • Zenta-Demoparty • Bingen am Rhein (Germany)
10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Gro▀ensee (Germany)

 Monday, 01. Apr. 2002Comments / Date
VHT-DK New update of VirusZ III (v0.99)0
SFXSoft: YGM V2.60
Order in advance of Amiga PPC sytems by KDH0
Dave Haynie left Merlancia0
Famous Amiga Uses - Update0
 Sunday, 31. Mar. 2002 
CD│▓-Tuning: MPEG-modul0
GFX-BASE: Interview with Darius Brewka (AmiStart)0
Game: Pilot pictures for Freespace0
Amiga Future: Current e-mail-address0
Amiga Arena: Full version + source code of DBase V3.40 Hyperion-Chat (AmigaExpo 2002) (Update)0
AmigaOSXL: Experiences with the H&P Big-Tower 1800+ (Update)0
AlienImperium to see on Computerrevolution20020
Video "Making of Amiga 2001"0
 Saturday, 30. Mar. 2002 
Innovative: Server upgrade and e-mail problems (Update)0
Several software-updates0
New C64 Commodore One0
 Friday, 29. Mar. 2002 
polarBoing: AmigaAnywhere Tutorial - Part 10 wishes Happy Easter!130. Mar. 01:23
Pegasos images in 800x6000
Suggestion for extension of the SANA-II standard online0 e-mail forwarding service0
Event: Mekka & Symposium in Fallingbostel starts today0
Event: Amiga Expo 2002 in Baltimore starts today0
CD32 & CDTV Emulator Akiko (for Windows) Version 1.50
Poll on the preferred OS by linux.com129. Mar. 15:40
OSNews: AmigaDE - Am I missing something?129. Mar. 20:40
 Thursday, 28. Mar. 2002 
Amiga Arena: Interview with ┴lmos Rajnai0
Amiga Future Website Changes to PHP0
Survey: the Future of "Digital Almanac"0
New Survey: What Do You Think of the Pegasos-Board?129. Mar. 03:32
Easter Surprise from Vesalia0
Microcode Solutions Website Closed0
Move of #AmigaFun IRC-Chats0
GFX-BASE: Software 2000 before the Exit?0
Greg Donner: AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ Updated0
Tobias Abt - Statement about Picasso96 on Mediator-ML529. Mar. 15:46
CUCUG: Status Register March 20020
OnyxSoft: Detris Version 3.2Beta1 and TheMPegEncGUI Version 2.110
Tao Group Acquires SSEYO0
Amiga in the Media (Update)0
 Wednesday, 27. Mar. 2002 
Sequencer: BarsnPipes version 1.100
Free full version of SamplitudeOpus0
Privoxy (JunkBuster) version 2.9.13 (beta)0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Michal Lanser0
Tool: MCP (MasterControlProgram) V 1.380
Installer: WHDLoad - New pakets (until 26.03.2002)0
 Tuesday, 26. Mar. 2002 
Tao Group Delivers Rich Java(TM) Media Content to Devices Powered by TI's OMAP0
Sendo Announces Tao Java(TM) Technology for Smartphones0
Wanted assembler coder for tracks & fields miditracker0
Vesalia: Pegasos-Sonderseite updated0
Amiga NG-Page reworked and new comments added0
Amiga Arena: Interviews with Paul Heams and Michael Rybinski0
Petunia maybe part of AmigaOS 40
Amiga Inc.: Executive Update - Status227. Mar. 15:14
Music: Winners of the DBPro-Compo128. Mar. 03:38
Pegasos Board will be delivered in week 20 (midth of May)0
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Point'n Click adventure: NEONnoir (01. Nov.)
Turn based strategy: playable preview for "Settle the World" (update) (01. Nov.)
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