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10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Saturday, 29. Jun. 2002Comments / Date
New software ports by Diego CR0
Source code of the render.library released0
Amithlon: release date of v2.0 postponed0
akJFIF/PNG/TIFF 45.1 now freeware and Amithlon-optimized130. Jun. 03:48
Assembler: ColdFire assembler version 2.020
DTP: PageStream version for Amiga0
CUCUG: Status Register 06/20020
Mail program: YAM developers version 2.4 (update)0
Emulator: MAME v0.60 for 68k0
AMIGA aktuell: important addresses changes0
 Friday, 28. Jun. 2002 
AK-Datatype: akJFIF for Amithlon0
Commodore 64 radio commercials0
Focus reported about Commodore One (only in German)129. Jun. 00:07
Aminet CD #49 published0
SixK SDL-game port: Freecraft version 1.17.10
T.o.T.: Amiga-Version 0.43 R13 - Final version will come soon0
Rumor Mill: Reset129. Jun. 00:22
ANN: Alan Redhouse clarifies coupon promotion0
... it is hard to believe!!0
 Thursday, 27. Jun. 2002 
Amiga Arena: Interview with Steffen Nitz (SN-Münz Archive)0
New compilation of FTPMount0
AC97Mixer V1.91 for SB 128 sound card (Amithlon)0
Programming Language: BlitzBasic (PC) Version 1.760
GameIcons: New Archive with over 100 Game Icons0
Hot: Hard Times for Internet Businesses (Update)0
Poll: What's Your Take on the Current AmigaOne Promotion?328. Jun. 17:41
AmigaOS XL: Experiences with the H&P Big Tower 1800+ (V 1.27)127. Jun. 16:38
Amiga Future: Poll - "What OS do you prefer on the Pegasos?"128. Jun. 00:32
 Wednesday, 26. Jun. 2002 
IRC: IRC channel for the program WHDload set up0
Programming language: PowerD Version 0.19 from June, the 25th 20020
IRC-Client: BenderIRC version 1.5b11 released0
 Tuesday, 25. Jun. 2002 
ScummVM: Trouble with the law0
Amiga Inc.: Counter of preorders AmigaOne327. Jun. 16:36
SixK Port: Reaction Mysql Client 0.20
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 25.06.2002) (Update II)0
Audio: SYMPHONIE NG goes PC0
 Monday, 24. Jun. 2002 
IRC-Kanal for AWeb Open Source0
Version 4.3 of the Reaction-based GUI-Builders Emperor available0
Amiga Inc.: New Executive Update from 23rd June 20021202. Jul. 08:15
Bernie Meyer announced Amithlon 2.0 for 1st July 2002 (Update)0
 Sunday, 23. Jun. 2002 
MP3-Player: Prayer2 now Open Source0
Amiga Bastringue: Short report by Rose Humphrey (Update)0
ANN: Discussion on 1 year of Amiga Party Pack0
Forum: Amiga support forum by SWAUG0
WWW browser: now official development team0
A.D.A.: Ray of hope 2, Extension, Full moon0
Spektrum emulator: ASp V0.82b0 A.o. Civilization and Mag!0 PowerPlay reviews from 1991/920
Amiga Arena: "TimeKeepers" full version, "The Prophet" update0
WWW-Browser: AWeb-II download again on aweb.sunsite.dk0
Video: VCDGear V1.6d0
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AmigaOS 4: FTP client AmiFTP 1.953 (17. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: Porting WebKit started (07. Nov.)
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