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Eyetech: Recent website and email problems
Eyetech write:
For those trying to reach us recently, you may have noticed that our email and website services were down from Thursday 28th February until Tuesday 5th March. We apologise for this inconvenience, and our main website and email services should be back to normal now. Our site should be back within 3-4 days.

If you sent us an email between these dates, please re-send it, as is unlikely to have reached us. Many thanks for your understanding. (ps)

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djnick (ANF)

d-tronic design studio and presentations redesigned
d-tronic design studio can't be reached via anymore. Please use (title link) for now. Note: d-tronic design studio is a company that uses Amiga & PC technology for professional work (music, gfx, art, dtp (magazines, books, flyers), internet presentations, music videos... etc.). For English version use link.

Since last week you are available to download some of older music songs in mp3 format from "The Resurrection" CD album created entirely on Amiga, directly from internet presentation. Please go to downloads section. (ps)

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Amiga mentioned as Microsoft partner
As reported on 23. and 25.02.2002 Amiga Inc. will present the AmigaDE and some developer tools at the booth of Microsoft at the Embedded Systems Conference. On the website of Microsoft about the Embedded Systems (title link) Amiga Inc. is mentioned as a partner. This fair will take place from 12.-15.03.2002 in San Francisco, USA. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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