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Archive 'News from the business world'

Elbox Computer / Wojtek Kozlowski (E-Mail)

Elbox: Mediator PCI 3/4000T Quick Installation Guide
The Elbox Website has been updated today. The Mediator PCI 3/4000T Quick Installation Guide has been added in Support - Product Manuals (title link).

The manual illustrates installation of the Mediator PCI 3/4000T and PCI cards in original Amiga 4000T. (ps)

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Czech Amiga News

Matay: P96-Drivers only on request
Matay has removed the archive with the P96-drivers V2.1a for Prometheus from the server and will send the archive only on request via email. It will be available again later on when a registration process will be implemented. Owners of a Prometheus board can get it sending an email to Matay has decided to do so because also users without a Prometheus board are using these drivers.

You find this text at the archive:
"This archive has been deleted from the page because of numerous downloads by people who don't have Prometheus boards but are still using our page to recieve a full archive of shareware program. In short future there will be a questionary veryfing and writing down all necessary data of the one who is downloading. Till then, please inquire to, we will send you this archive on your email account. Thank you, Matay team" (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Shareware: Bitwise Operator: The Plain Truth About Piracy
In the above mentioned English article by "Ambrosia Software", a company that develops software for Apple computers, the company's experience with shareware and privacy is described.

The change from a fully functional shareware to a more crippled version didn't cause people to register 5 times more often as mentioned in the article "Why Do People Register, Does Crippling Work, Does Anybody Really Know?" by Colin Messitt but it triggered off an increase in sales figures.

A change of the registration procedure in the middle of last year showed that more than 50% of the people who had installed the update for the software "Snapz Pro X" were using a pirate code to activate the software.

The article is available via the title link. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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