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Amiga Flame

Games: Paul Burkey about Amiga ports
In Usenet Paul Burkey of Epic Interactive (Foundation, Feeble Files) discussed the difficulties encountered when porting a game to the Amiga.

Porting Feebles Files to Amiga was possible because Epic had already ported this game for MacOS so that the costs for licensing and development had already been covered. This means that the Amiga version just needs to cover the costs for duplication (and some additional time for development). That's why ports exclusively for Amiga aren't possible since developers need additional Mac (or Console) ports in order to survive.

Paul Burkey suggested that two new game ports to MacOS may be ported to Amiga and he didn't rule out games for AmigaOne.»

(sd) (Translation: sr)

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Amiga, Inc.: Clarification from Fleecy
Crispy Beef has posted an email conversation which he has carried on with Fleecy Moss because of the Microsoft announcements. Fleecy explained the reasons of the partnership with Microsoft and asks the users not to finish reading immidatialy and to see red if somebody says the word Microsoft but to understand that this partnership is necessary and good and will provide Amiga, Inc. with money to push forward the AmigaOS. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Partnership between Tao and ANT
The British Tao Group which is a partner of AMIGA, Inc. and the company ANT Limited which is the developer of communication software and of services for digital broad casting and consumer-electronics have announced a strategical partnership with which the native browser Fresco from ANT is integrated in Tao´s flagship intent®.

Fresco is a functional, platform independable browser which has been specially developed for digital-tv and consumer devices.

intent® is a platform for many multimedia products, e.g. Set Top Boxes (STB), interactive Digital TV (iDTV) and small computers like handhelds or personal digital assistant (PDA).

You can find the full press release under the title link. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Eyetech Group Ltd.

Eyetech: Pictures of AmigaOne.5
There are six different views of the new AmigaOne. 5 at the title link. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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