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15.-16.10.22 • Amiga37 • Mönchengladbach (Germany)

 Friday, 07. Sep. 2001Comments / Date
Photogenics nominated as "Best Graphics Software"0
Image processing: ARexx script for PerfectPaint 2.70
AROS news0
Tool: SRename V3.0.0 beta 20
World of Amiga tickets and group discount0
The Future Draws Near0
New Amiga link page planned0
 Thursday, 06. Sep. 2001 
Tool: LaunchHTML v1.00
Tao and Terraplay Announce Partnership to Advance Real-Time Entertainment0
AudioLabs: Update pack for ALPS realtime plugins0
FTD: US government contra divestiture of Microsoft0
Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library v33.34 and VirusExecutor v22.210
New Linux_m68k kernel and programs for Linux APUS0
Job: US Channel Sales Manager for Idruna Software (Photogenics) wanted0
New Repulse sound card drivers0
Event: First pictures from the ITExpo/COMDEX in Melbourne0
Event: AmiLIVE! IV in Sao Paulo on 16. September 20010 Demo Competition'010
Tools: Printmanager V39.33 and EnvHandler V1.120
Editor: EDWord Version 6.01 now freeware0
Golem: Free PowerVR SDK for Kyro and Kyro II available0
AmiBench will be four years old soon0
French User List: Annuaire Amiga Francophone0
 Wednesday, 05. Sep. 2001 
Tool: Search v1.2 published0
Elbox: From tomorrow Multimedia CD on the market0
Amiga Security Page: DDOS with the Amiga?0
Developing-Tool: CVS 1.11.1p1 AmigaOS-Port bugfix-release0
Stiftung Warentest: Internet-searchengines: Google hits best0
Golem: Novum: Motorola connects silicon with group semiconductors0
Music: Markus Holler - New pictures of his studio0
DeTeMedien retracts dissuasiveness against darkpage.de0
 Tuesday, 04. Sep. 2001 
Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library v33.330
Repulse Soundcard does not support Movieshop so far (update)0
REBOL: REBOL-Site for0
Datatype: akPNG V44.1230
Warp Emulation Suite: WES Version 1.00
Print Magazine: Amiga Active 2. Anniversary0
 Monday, 03. Sep. 2001 
Filesystem: Smart Filesystem 1.192 BETA0
Mailprogram: SimpleMail Alpha 0.90
Installer: WHDLoad - new releases (until 02. Sept. 01)0
AmigaShell for Unix0
Amiga FFE-homepage back online205. Sep. 23:13
Article: CNN ... Amiga isn't dead305. Sep. 23:27
Event: Party: XzentriX 2001 - 7. - 9. September0
MPEG: Frogger V1.660
 Sunday, 02. Sep. 2001 
PCI: Grzegorz Kraszewski about the Prometheus bus0
Magazine: The Crypt #190
Newsletter: Amiga Update #010831 by Brad Webb0
MorphOS: Installation, MorphVNC Client0
Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library V33.320
AMI Sector One: DOpus 4, OctaMED 1.0, Adventures through Time, Covers...0
Printer-Spooler: PrintManager V39.320
File Manager: DirOpus V4.16 Beta 40
AmigaDE: Tool - memprof V1.00
Game: ADOM V1.0.0 for Amiga0
Graphics: PerfectPaint V2.70
Instant-Messenger: AmIRC V3.5.19 Beta0
Game: Earth 2140 Update0
Swiss local store AMIGALAND closing down0
 Saturday, 01. Sep. 2001 
Image processor SViewIV: New ImageFX loader/saver modules0
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 Latest Top-News
Internet: IBrowse 2.5.6 / AmiSSL v5.1 released (22. May.)
Real-time strategy: Vanilla Conquer V1.0 released (16. May.)
Hollywood Designer 6.0 released (16. May.)
Hollywood 9.1 add-ons released (08. May.)
Operating system: MorphOS 3.17 released (01. May.)
AmigaOS 4: Version 2 of editor 'Lite XL' released (30. Apr.)
MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 3.5 (2nd update) (28. Apr.)
Email client: YAM development discontinued (24. Apr.)
RTG driver: P96 V3.3.0 released (23. Apr.)
Easter Egg in AmigaOS 3.2.1 discovered (15. Apr.)
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