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28.01.23 • Interface XXXIII • Schwentinental (Germany)
10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Saturday, 04. May. 2002Comments / Date
Event: Computer revolution 2002 web cam0
Game: new Freespace MODs0
Astronomy: news about Digital Almanac0
Titan Computer: screenshots of Motionstudio0
Amiga Future: issue #36 released0
Temple Of Technology: Interview with Fleecy Moss0
Delfina Flipper: Technical changes0
 Friday, 03. May. 2002 
Network: Samba version 2.2.4 (Update)0
Statement from Hyperion: GREX and Warp3D performance problems405. May. 23:09
Amiga Future: Interview with Nexus Development0
VNC-client: MorphVNC V1.1 for MorphOS0
CD-Magazine: 100%AMIGA - Issue 240
Mailchecker: YGM version 2.70
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 03.05.2002) (Update)0
Kaliko: BrainTeaser for AmigaDE in beta stadium0
Get Boinged: Interview with Jarno van der Linden from Amiga Inc.0
 Thursday, 02. May. 2002 
CCC: Rescue Your Personal Copies203. May. 17:48
New Survey: How Many Zorro Cards Do You Have In Your Amiga?104. May. 05:44
John Chandler: Are You The One?104. May. 05:50
AROS News0
Tool: Pixload Version 1.700
Amiga freeCD: Chaos - Wizard War II0
Pictures of CD32 Prototypes at CD32-Allianz0
 Wednesday, 01. May. 2002 New items are printed bold now if cookies are allowed0
MRE-1.Mai-Edition: ClassAction 4.40 and StartMenu 1.200
clickBOOM announces new games0
New benchmarks from "Project Petunia"0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Martin "Mason" Merz0
Current charts at playamiga.de0
Amiga Speed with first Mediator 4000 tests0
New AmIRC update version 3.5.24beta0 New partnership site - Amiga Arena0
New DSL drivers for X-Surf0
Data manager: DiskMaster version 2.5RC30
Game: dynAMIte 2.0 for free download210. Mar. 14:17
Event: US Classic Computer Show0
 Tuesday, 30. Apr. 2002 
EZP@gerNG V2.3 released0
Wanted: Translator for PuzzleBOBS0
MP3-Encoder: Lame Version 3.920
Alberto Grecchi: Many useful Amiga tools0 New Partner Site - DiskMag.de0
Web directory: "Made on Amiga" online again0
The Seattle Times: Amiga is pursuing its digital dream0
BenderIRC 1.5 available0
 Monday, 29. Apr. 2002 
Filesharing: Audiogalaxy Satellite for AmigaOS Version 1.1.10
Amiga Arena: Interview with James Conwell0
Amiga Future: Workbench Galery update0
Programing: Compilers - The Basics0
Amiga University Site Updates0
Instant-Messenger: AmigAIM V0.9442 Beta0
 Sunday, 28. Apr. 2002 
News: now also in English0
MorphOS: New MAME ports0
Magazine: Amiga Information Online (AIO) #58, information about #570
Instant Messenger: StrICQ V2.8.10
Event: The second exhibition for classic video and computer games of the 70s and0
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DIY: N2630 expansion board for Amiga 2000 (23. Jan.)
MorphOS: BarsnPipes 1.2 (04. Jan.)
68k hardware emulation: PiStorm32-lite with firmware released (29. Dec.)
Emulator: WinUAE 4.10.0 (19. Dec.)
Cloanto: Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 10 (13. Dec.)
Announcement: The Advent Calendar 2022 (27. Nov.)
Wireless Gamepad: Commotron Gamepad Turbo 2000 Super (24. Nov.)
Audio player: RNOTunes for all Amiga systems (22. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: FTP client AmiFTP 1.953 (17. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: Porting WebKit started (07. Nov.)
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