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28.01.23 • Interface XXXIII • Schwentinental (Germany)
10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Saturday, 11. May. 2002Comments / Date
New cover scans at the CD32-Allianz0
GFX-BASE: interview with Lorence Lombardo0
Amiga Arena: interview with Mauro Fontana0
Tool: Report+ version 5.50
Filesharing: Audiogalaxy Satellite for AmigaOS version 1.1.1 (cvs 1.38)0
CCC: identity card ID algorhythm at risk0
Golem: first screenshots of new Indiana Jones game (PC)0
Total Amiga Magazine - World Exclusive0
Chip online: cracking copy protection with afelt-tip pen0
 Friday, 10. May. 2002 
VGR: GUI Screenshots of the first Amiga USB-Stack0
Issue 98 of the Freeware-Magazine NoCover Appears0
EZP@gerNG Plugin-SDK Appearances0
Event: AmiWest 2002 Date Stands Firm0
Amiga Society: News about Action-Strategy Game ´Schlachtfeld´0
Amiga Society: Little Book of Amiga Software Updated0
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 09.05.2002)0
Engine 'Inga' to Be Ported to All Amiga Platforms by Computer City0
Amiga Inc. Website Shows a New Face0
Magazin: PowerAmiga #60
Matrox G1000 offered - including OS4 Support (Update)0
 Thursday, 09. May. 2002 
Astronomy: First Developer Snapshot for Digital Almanac III0
Amiforce: Blitz2_Examples for Download0
Audio: Samplemanager 0.12 Update0
Fr3dY's Software: RipMIME v1.2.16.11 and UnRTF v0.18.10
Emulator: New WinUAE Features in View0
Amiga Arena - Interview with Marius Schwarz0
Amiga Future: Translation of the GetBoinged Interview with Jarno van der Linden109. May. 17:55
 Wednesday, 08. May. 2002 
Fr3dY's Software: wvWare V0.7.2 and Anubis V2.0.00
Game: Payback - New Status Report And New Maps0
 Tuesday, 07. May. 2002 
Fun Time World: Distribution of Frogger&SoftCinema quicker now0
Amiga Arena: Full version of "LOG!C"0
Jobs at "Ermentrud"0
New LDDCheck in the works0
Tips&Tricks: PPC-Crashes?0
Commodore/Amiga Fanpage celebrates first birthday109. May. 01:06
clickBOOM: 666 for PPC-Amiga announced0
 Monday, 06. May. 2002 
USB card HIGHWAY available from 31.05.20020
Game: New Klondike-cardsets at RekoNet0
AC97Mixer Version 1.8 for Amithlon SB 128 sound card0
A.D.A.: New Demos from Mekka Symposium 2002 online0
Greg Donner: OS 3.9 FAQ - installation tips updated0
Event: Computerrevolution 2002 Video and first pictures0
FOM: The Elite Experience-Workbench Theme0
 Sunday, 05. May. 2002 
Instant Messenger: STRICQ-GUI (ReAction) released 4 May0
Tool: Pixload V1.71.C0
Event: MPEG video about the Computer Revolution 20020
Big Book of Amiga Hardware updated0
Amiga Society: Various Updates0
3D: 3DLabs' P10 VPU - When a CPU & GPU collide0
Aminet Set #120
Game: Maim & Mangle is being developed again105. May. 23:39
Magazine: The Crypt #230
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MorphOS: BarsnPipes 1.2 (04. Jan.)
68k hardware emulation: PiStorm32-lite with firmware released (29. Dec.)
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Wireless Gamepad: Commotron Gamepad Turbo 2000 Super (24. Nov.)
Audio player: RNOTunes for all Amiga systems (22. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: FTP client AmiFTP 1.953 (17. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: Porting WebKit started (07. Nov.)
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