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Archive 02/2004


IOSPIRIT: New functions in the customer account
IOSPIRIT writes:

"IOSPIRIT continues to further improve its customer service. The latest results of these efforts are two new functions now available to the customers in their account:

My updates

In a central spot, the customer now finds all update- and bonus-files relevant to the products ordered or registered online.

Forum subscriptions

IOSPIRIT now offers account-owners (whether customer or not) the possibility to read and take part in forum-based discussions via their email-client. At this time, there are only forums for the Medusa USB bundle, but a step-by-step expansion of these services for other products is planned." (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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Heinz Wrobel (ANF)

MakeCD: makecdromfs.module 45.12
makecdromfs.module 45.12 with Joliet and HFS support is now available for MakeCD. Various problems of v45.11 are fixed in this version.

Direct download (48 KB) (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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Hyperion Entertainment (ANF)

Hyperion: BlizzardPPC & Cyberstorm PPC repairs
Hyperion Entertainment would like to remind classic Amiga users that they can still take advantage of their repair offer for these cards by emailing as a first point of contact.

Cost for repairs is a flat 145 euro + parts and you may pay via paypal, wire transfer or by cash (at your own risk). Should your card not be repairable, it will be shipped back to you at no cost should you wish. (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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GoldEd Support (ANF)

Text editing: "microgolded" released
microgolded is a simple yet powerful editor for AmigaOS, MorphOS and UAE.

It is a low cost variant of GoldED AIX, designed for basic editing tasks. The editor is released in form of a single executable, for placement in the system's c folder. microgolded is the ideal editor for the boot CD of your OS because it does not need to be installed: it does not need an assign, catalogs, custom libraries etc. It will run even if the AmigaOS startup-sequence is not functional.

microgolded is only available online for instant download (pay securely via paypal). The retail price is 10 EUR. On the launch day, the special retail price is only 5 EUR if you go to this page.

You can download a 30-day trial version here. (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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ANN (website)

New download site for MUI classes
Under the title link has a new download site for MUI classes been set up. It is meant to replace the offer that had formerly been accessible under (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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Dietmar Knoll (ANF)

Public test of the GAUHPIL database
The GAUHPIL (Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List) is a list created and moderated by Dietmar Knoll containing websites of Amiga users sorted by continents and countries. Right now, the GAUHPIL is migrating to a MySQL based database solution.

Under the title link, you can find a description of the current state of things and of course a link to the current draft. Meanwhile, the database functions are in a state that the database could be used. The latest additions are the New Links List and the Lost Links List.

The moderator invites you to thoroughly test all functions, especially the registration of new entries, and send him your feedback about all malfunctions and any strange behaviour.

Currently, the GAUHPIL contains 867 users in 38 countries. (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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Olaf K. (ANF)

AmigaOS4: news about the beta version
Hans-Jörg Frieden of Hyperion gives in a forum contribution on a short overview about the current stand of developing regarding the AmigaOS4 beta version. We have summarized the essentials for you.

After the beta version had been given to the testers there had of course some minor problems to be solved. More difficulties came only from to things: for one had CD-ROM drives not reliably been recognized by the appropriate device - this problem is said to be solved in the meantime.

The other problem that is still being worked on is occurs just on a little number of configurations and is described by the OS4 team as "hot air effect" - there's a slight display distortion when using a Radeon graphics card in certain display resolutions similar to movements of heated air above hot asphalt. Nevertheless does the Radeon driver work, there are hints to the reasons of this effect and they hope to solve this problem soon.

Right now there's support for a bunch of ATI cards respectively for cards with ATI chips, so does the Radeon 9800 now work with the drivers developed by Forefront Technologies.

In another contribution gives Hans-Jörg particular emphasis on the fact that the 3D support for Radeon cards is by now restricted to the 7xxx series. It wouldn't make sense to get a Radeon 8xxx or 9xxx because of the 3D performance, there's still a long way to go until the according drivers will be available. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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Eyetech: updates and announcements
The AmigaOne distributor Eyetech has started the rework of his web appearance and put some announcements and updates online:

"EarlyBird" offer discontinued

The "EarlyBird" offer, where the buyers of an AmigaOne don't have to pay for AmigaOS4 and get it delivered by the time of its release, ends on March, 31st 2004. The last amount of AmigaOne-XE computers that will be delivered as "EarlyBird" has already been manufactured. Delivery as long as stock lasts.

Preproduction-MicroA1 in small numbers available, pictures of the new revision

A first number of MicroA1 motherboards (AmigaOne in Mini-ITX format) has been produced. These are identical with the planned specifications for the sales version besides the missing slot for "enhanced I/O interfaces" and the not existing onboard memory. The until now produced devices are exclusively for retailers and developers who want to demonstrate the computer to potential (bulk) buyers or who want already begin with the porting of specific software. The specifications of the now available MicroA1 computers are as follows:
  • Size: 17cm x 17cm x 3.5cm high (excluding PCI riser card)
  • CPU Module: 8cm x 8cm standard AmigaOne module - 750Fx @ 800MHz
  • Memory: Single socket SODIMM. 256MB PC133 CL3 supplied
  • Graphics: Radeon 7000 series, 32MB non-shared memory on board
  • BIOS: Uboot 1.0.0 socketed, with OS4 enabling code
  • Southbridge: VIA 82 2C686B
  • Ethernet: 10/100 with 3COM 920-ST06 controller
  • Sound: Cmedia CMI8738 6 ch controller
  • IDE: 44 way (2.5") and 40 way (3.5") connectors UDMA100
  • Legacy I/O: Parallel, 2 x PS/2, game/MIDI sockets
  • Video I/O: 15 pin SVGA, SVHS (miniDIN), composite video (RCA)
  • Sound: 3.5mm mike, aux and speaker jacks
  • Fast I/O: RJ45 10/100 ethernet, 2x USB1.0 ; 2 x USB1.0 headers
  • PCI: PCI-32 slot expandable to 3 x slots via a suitable riser

Pictures of the new motherboard revision are also available. A special case for the MicroA1 has been built in a small series, too, pictures of it can be found here and here.

Eyetech's website gets an overhaul

To do the change from an Amiga retailer to a PPC motherboard distributor justice, Eyetech's website will be reworked step by step. The webshop will continue to exist for now but Eyetech will only clear existing stocks and charge a fee on small orders. The delivery times for "Classic Amiga" products will become up to two weeks as the articles are now stocked external in a warehouse. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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ANN (website)

Back to the Roots: Emulators History Project
We want to announce a new service which we started at BTTR, the "Emulators History Project" located at

At this location we start to collect source code and binaries of all Amiga emulators ever released. We start with the WinUAE emulator history, other emulators to come later.

All emulator versions online can both be downloaded or browsed, which may be helpful for coders working on any Amiga emulator or emulator supporting/addon projects.

It's a difficult task to find all versions ever released, especially when it comes to the source code (which never had a version in its filename - urghh), that is why we want to ask you for your help to get the collection complete! Please have a look at the current collection of WinUAE files and help us find all missing files (which are marked as red cells):

Thanks in advance for your time and contribution. (snx)

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14.Feb.2004 (website)

Interview with the developer of "Mattathias BASIC"
Michael Ness developes a new BASIC dialect that seems to be heavily inspired by AMOS. The compiler will be available (among others) for AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and Windows. The first version will produce easily portable code and is therefore restricted to the creation of programs without a graphical users interface. Graphics, sound etc. will be supported later via extensions similar to the AMOS "Extensions". Under the title link you can find an interview with Michael Ness. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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Dirk Stoecker (ANF)

RekoNet offline
The "RekoNet" server that had offered a comprehensive collection of card sets for the Solitaire card game "Klondike" had to be taken from the net. Because of the high demand for storage and bandwidth and the partly erotic offering it's hard for the providers to find a replacement.

To make the card set collection further online available and also to continue the already started expansion of the offer on other card formats and Solitaire programs are the providers have to rely on small donations. An amount of almost 300 EUR would cover the costs for the next two years. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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Ron van Herk (IRC)

Computer City: open letter to the Amiga community
The Dutch Amiga retailer Comuter City ( announces in an open letter to the amiga community that the source code for the multimedia software MediaPoint will be made public to accelerate the developing process. For this, a community portal will be set up to coordinate the work on the project.

Furthermore, Computer City will open their new webshop on March, 1st with support in several languages. Additionally, there'll be some special actions in March.

And just in time for Valentine's Day they announce a USB2.0 PCI card as a present for all their Pegasos-II customers (who have paid their bill). (cr) (Translation: (wk)

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