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Archive 02/2004

22.Feb.2004 (Website)

Hyperion: Official statement regarding the recent Genesi Amiga litigation
Hyperion released an official statement regarding the recent Genesi-Amiga litigation on (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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Aminet (website)

Aminet uploads until 21-Feb-2004
Here the new Aminet uploads since our last posting:
AmigaBase26.lha      biz/dbase  447K+Powerful programmable database with GUI
SpamFryer.lha        comm/mail   27K+Deletes unwanted mail from server unread
DDaemonKey.lha       comm/misc   25K+Freely distributable Keyfile for DragonD
DVBFontUpload.lha    comm/misc   40K+Font upload for Nokia D-Box via SCSI.68k
MiamiMustOnlin.lha   comm/misc    2K+Arexx script for Miami
PtpDigCam-AOS.lha    comm/misc  136K+Download images, videos and sounds from 
PtpDigCam-MOS.lha    comm/misc  216K+Download images, videos and sounds from 
AmiDiction.lha       comm/tcp    31K+Online Dictionary
smbfs.lha            comm/tcp   126K+SMB file system client; complements Samb
IBTransferAnim.lha   comm/www   189K+TransferAnim for IBrowse (Rotating earth
dasm212.lha          dev/cross   83K+Assembler for 6502, 68705, 6803
ec33a.lha            dev/e       51K+The Amiga E v3.3a compiler (ec)
ec33a_src.lha        dev/e      144K+The Amiga E v3.3a compiler source
q-device_src.lha     dev/e       37K+E Source Code to Q-Device! V0.4
RoboDocBuilder.lha   dev/misc   151K+V2.0 Update of RoboDocBuilder (Source in
q-device.lha         disk/misc   39K+V0.4 SCSI/IDE Query, Command & Diagnosti
swosligapl.lha       game/data   34K+Polish league data for SWOS (2003/04)
BH.lha               game/shoot 284K+Beach Head C64 style game
2p2f.lha             game/think 5.4M+Full version of 2 pairs 2 furious 2
FlashMandelWOS.lha   gfx/fract  3.5M+The best Mandelbrot & Julia fractals ren
Reko2As.lha          gfx/ifx      3K+Convert Reko cardsets to AS-.....
ArakAttack.lha       hard/drivr 281K+V0.96 USB Driver for Amithlon & OpenPCI
imdbDiff040206.lha   misc/imdb  4.4M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
BangkokKnights.lha   mods/cust  360K+Custom module from "Bangkok Knights"
Darius+.lha          mods/cust  115K+Custom module from "Darius +"
Galactic.lha         mods/cust  140K+Custom module(s) from "Galactic"
SpeedboatAss.lha     mods/cust   60K+Custom module from "Speedboat Assassin"
SteveDavis.lha       mods/cust  219K+Custom module from "Steve Davis Snooker"
JD-Sliders.mpg       mods/mpg   3.2M+Sliders by JaDe
AW-5D.lha            mods/pro    58K+PT-MOD: 5th Dynasty - Author: aIRwORX
aw-cwcanyon.lha      mods/pro   156K+PT-MOD: Coldwater Canyon - Author: aIRwO
aw-doom.lha          mods/pro   145K+PT-MOD: DOOM - Author: aIRwORX
aw-dtio.lha          mods/pro   145K+PT-MOD: Don`t think it`s over - Author: 
aw-gitm.lha          mods/pro    98K+PT-MOD: Give it to me - Author: aIRwORX
aw-gnl.lha           mods/pro   179K+PT-MOD: Girls need love - Author: aIRwOR
aw-nobodyhears.lha   mods/pro    45K+PT-MOD: Nobody Hears
aw-razorblazer.lha   mods/pro   139K+PT-MOD: Razorblazer - Author: aIRwORX
aw-revolution.lha    mods/pro    74K+PT-MOD: Revolution - Author: aIRwORX
aw-sleeping.lha      mods/pro    53K+PT-MOD: SLEEPING - Author: aIRwORX
aw-sweetdreams.lha   mods/pro   348K+PT-MOD: Sweet Dreams
aw-techdreams.lha    mods/pro    62K+PT-MOD: Technological Dreams
aw-terrorbomb.lha    mods/pro   282K+PT-MOD: Terrorbomb - Author: aIRwORX
Devious_Tunes.lha    mods/pro   1.0M+Ripped tunes from Devious Tools
tracks.lha           mus/edit   116K+Tracks & Fields Miditracker 1.05 Fullver
EP_CoreDesign.lha    mus/play     7K+EaglePlayer 'Core Design' external repla
goregfx.lha          pix/illu   248K+Screenshots of new 256col rpg game proje
WinUAEcustWB1.jpg    pix/wb     352K+OS4 inspired customization for OS 3.9 un
WinUAEcustWB2.jpg    pix/wb     350K+OS4 inspired customization for OS 3.9 un
MakeGuide2.lha       text/hyper  25K+Create a guide from several small files
EvenMore.lha         text/show  525K+V0.61: Proportional font textviewer
MUIUnArc.lha         util/arc    15K+MUI UnArc
deepdt.lha           util/dtype  26K+Loads IFF DEEP and TVPP files (TVPaint p
AmiMSN.lha           util/rexx    8K+(0.3) MSN Messenger client
envhandler.lha       util/sys    15K+A happyenv replacement (1.13a)
VirusZ.lha           util/virus 100K+VirusZ III 1.00 - Antivirus Software
PosTitMUI.lha        util/wb     21K+Reminder note for your WB
(nba) (Translation: (wk)

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IOSPIRIT with online-pricelists and new price-scheme for dealers
IOSPIRIT is proud to announce the availability of always up-to-date online pricelists for dealers and the introduction of an all-new price-scheme.

To take advantage of this, dealers just need to open an account at IOSPIRIT's website and write an email asking for dealer status. After authorization through IOSPIRIT, dealers will then be able to look up the latest prices within their accounts.

All dealers, whether they have an order history with IOSPIRIT in the past or not, are encouraged to get in touch with IOSPIRIT to benefit of this new service. (snx)

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21.Feb.2004 (website) focus also on MorphOS
As Michal Bergseth, editor of the news site, informs will the news coverage from March, 1st on also pay attention to MorphOS and its friends next to reporting about AmigaOS 4. (snx) (Translation: (wk)

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ANN (website)

DiscreetFX: Amizilla shop set up
Bill Panagouleas from DiscreetFX has set up an online shop with PR articles for supporting the Amizilla project. It offers for example T-shirts and stickers, a calendar and a clock but also an Amizilla tanga.

The Amizilla project's aim is to port Mozilla respectively FireFox to AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS. The money made with the sale of the PR articles goes fully into the reward that is provided for the porting work. Already almost 100 persons including a former Netscape employee with the high significiance have spent for the Amizilla project. (snx) (Translation: (wk)

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Jens Langner (ANF)

YAM project looking for web designer for future community site
The known project (email program) is looking for one or more motivated web respectively graphics designer(s) who'd be preparded to build in cooperation with the developers of YAM a completely new support site for the future community site on the basis of the PHP framework XOOPS.

The support site that is accessible under has come to an age that makes it necessary to create a completely new and usable support site to be prepared for the future work on YAM.

Interested ones should already know PHP and the XOOPS framework and they should also already have some graphical abilities in designing new signs and know complete web design. It's of course possible to install a team to share design and administration with several persons.

A powerful server with an installed test version of XOOPS is available waiting for adaption and web design to become the new YAM site.

The new community site will then come next to features like latest YAM news and a comprehensive online FAQ with online forums and direct downloads of daily updated compilations.

If interested write to Jens (snx) (Translation: (wk)

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Elbox (e-mail)

Elbox: Winter promotion with temperature-dependent discounts
The last month of calendar winter has just begun in Krakow. You are welcome to take part in our Winter Promotion on this occasion. From 20 February 2004 to 20 March 2004 every customer purchasing in Elbox Online Store can enjoy our winter discount on all the items. The discount is calculated automatically and deducted from the value of goods purchased.

The discount corresponds with the current temperature in Krakow: The colder, the higher discount! For every degree below zero Centigrade you get 1% discount!

  • Offer valid from 20 February 2004 to 20 March 2004.
  • Offer valid for orders from all countries of the world.
  • Discount does not apply to shipment costs.
You can check the current weather in Krakow using on-line camera. For details, see the Special Offer page.

Today's minimum temperature in Krakow is - 8.1 C. So you can possibly have 8% discount!

Best regards,
Elbox Computer Team (snx)

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fiath (ANF)

Big CAPS-Project Update
The website of the CAPS-project which wants to conserve old Amiga games for the next generations has got the biggest update in its history. A very extensive "Knowledge Base" (which replaces the FAQ), a new status report (work in progress) and several new games have been added. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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20.Feb.2004 (Website)

Genesi: AMIGA, Inc. loose lawsuit against Genesi
Genesi announce on that the company won the lawsuit against Amiga, Inc. (as reported earlier).

According to Genesi, the verdict grants "full relief to Genesi, including source code access to the licensed Amiga operating system and the full use of the Amiga trademarks".

Approached by, Hyperion's management confirmed the result of the lawsuit, adding that "Hyperion have an exclusive trademark license for the desktop" and that "the verdict has no bearing on Hyperion or AmigaOS 4". (cg)

[News message: 20. Feb. 2004, 20:43] [Comments: 2 - 22. Feb. 2004, 14:03]
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