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Archive 02/2004

07.Feb.2004 (website)

Swedish Web portal for Pegasos/MorphOS
The Swedish Amiga distributor GGS-Data has set up a Web portal for Scandinavian Pegasos users under The established Swedish Pegasos forum is accessible again and has been integrated into (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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07.Feb.2004 (website)

Pegasos: Official Gentoo and OpenBSD support
As OpenBSD says, will the Genesis PPC computers "Pegasos" and Pegasos-II" now be supported. Download links and a short installation instruction can be found on the OpenBSD website.

The Gentoo kernel "ppc-sources-dev-2.4.24" now supports the Pegasos-II, too. This kernel offers among other things "cryptoloop" (for encrypted file systems), GRSecurity 2.0-rc4, access control lists and some more things.

Under you can find kernels to adapt an existing Pegasos installation for a Pegasos-II. Kernels for a complete new installation on a Pegasos-II are also available. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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Dirk "Docki" Dockbreyder (ANF)

Magazine: next CAM issue postponed
Because of a last minute extension will the next issue of the Amiga online magazin "Club Amiga Monthly" be released on February, 9th instead of February, 7th, as it was announced before. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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OSNews (ANF)

CNN: The silliest moments of the IT industries in 2003
CNN has collected the "silliest occurrences in the IT industry in 2003" and presents under the title link a collection of funny anecdotes - from CD copy protection that can be "removed" via the "shift" key to Microsoft's toilet PC "iLoo". (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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Captain HIT (ANF)

ASoft: new MUI libraries and tools
Alfonso Ranieri (ASoft) has released new updates of his programs: CManager v28.2 (global contact management), TheBar.mcc v16.2 (MUI button bar class), RxMUI v40.5 (ARexx MUI library), RexxMustHave v22.4 (Rexx functions) and Calendar.mcc v15.1 (Calendar MUI class for an easy date input). (nba) (Translation: (wk)

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Merregnon-Team (email)

Merregnon: new work in progress file of Merregnon 2 and cooperation wih MUSA Ltd
Merregnon Studios, the makers of the highly anticipated music CD of the same name, and MUSA Ltd. bundle the powers to make a high quality of live orchestra recordings and post productions for the video gaming industry possible. There's a work in progress music piece of the second part of Merregnon in MP3 format with a length of 1:30 minutes online. The piece has been recorded by Andy Brick with members of the Prague Symphony Orchestra and the New Yorker Philharmony. (nba) (Translation: (wk)

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Tom Duin a.k.a. Amigaharry (ANF)

Search program: SearchStar 0.84
The search program "SeachStar" is available in version 0.84. With this tool you can search files and file comments and do many more things. New in version 0.84 is the possibility to search in several directories and drives. (nba) (Translation: (wk)

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Dietmar Knoll (ANF)

First draft of the GAUHPIL data base online
The GAUHPIL (Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List) is a list created and moderated by Dietmar Knoll containing websites of Amiga users sorted by continents and countries. Right now is the GAUHPIL migrating to a MySQL based database solution. Under the title link you can find a description of the current state of things and of course a link to the first draft.

The start page is now localized into German/English. New are the lists for each single continent. The users can be found as before sorted in alphabetical order below their countries, in addition you can now query single countries or search for single terms.

Things to do are a form for entering new links, a form (with password request) for changing existing links, a dynamic list of new links and a dynamic list of lost links.

For now, the GAUHPIL contains 867 users in 38 countries. (nba) (Translation: (wk)

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06.Feb.2004 (Website)

Video of TV-presentation of Pegasos II available
The Pegasos II presentation which took place on the Hungarian TV station "FixTV" is now available on as an AVI-video. You can download it under the title link. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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ANN (Website)

Picture Viewer: MiniShowPicture 1.55
A new version of the picture viewer "MiniShowPicture" has been released, containing the following changes:
  • Special version for users without graphics cards (beta status)
  • new title picture
  • Shortcut "h" to change the display mode
  • shows picture on its own screen (shortcut "g")
  • filenames may be changed
  • more smaller changes...

Direct download: MiniShowPicture.lha (275 KB) (cg) (Translation: (dm)

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05.Feb.2004 (Website)

MorphOS: Poll for "Freeware of the Year"
On there's a poll to decide the best "Freeware of the Year." All registered users of the portal may vote.

The nominees must fulfill the following criteria:
  1. No Ports
  2. Either MorphOS native or at the least "thought of for MOS"
  3. Free (no shareware)

The license (closed source/open source) as well as the utilized programming language are not material to the poll.

The poll runs until noon on Friday the 29th of February. The nominees are:
  • 2Pair2Furious
  • AmigaMARK
  • AmiNetRadio
  • CDSpeedKiller
  • CyberLemmings
  • Euph0ria
  • Maguila
  • MiniShowPicture
  • PTP DigCam
  • TranspoClock
  • WallGet
  • ZoneXplorer
(cg) (Translation: (dm)

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Convention: Date for AmiWest 2004 Set
The organizers of AmiWest have set and made public the date for this year's show: 24th and 25th July. This year the show will take place at a new location. Further details will follow. (cg) (Translation: (dm)

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Sebastian Bauer (ANF)

SimpleMail: Version 0.23 Released
The email program SimpleMail has reached version 0.23.

Changes since the previous version:
  • AppIcon support (bgol)
  • mbox Data may be directly imported in a selected order (bgol)
  • APOP support
  • ported to MorphOS (henes)
  • various bugfixes
(snx) (Translation: (dm)

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ANN (Website)

Video Toaster Flyer: Source Code Released
On the source code for the Video Toaster Flyer by NewTek has been released as a gift to Amiga users. Previously Amiga Video Toaster Flyer Character Generator and Toaster Paint had been released.

Newtek was founded in 1991 by Tim Jenison and partners. Their Amiga Video Toaster enabled the production of video at drastically lower prices than the studio equipment that had been available until that time. In 1994 came the Newtek Video Toaster Flyer, tapeless processing hardware.

With this gesture by Newtek, opening the source code, the world doesn't just get the first video production system in a box. It gets the first open source realtime video processing system for the Amiga.

The Amiga Video Toaster Flyer Character Generator supports among other things Postscript, Real-time Scrolls, and professional-quality crawls and titling of live or pre-taped videos and static pictures.

ToasterPaint is a 24-Bit paint program with tools for drawing, coloring, tinting, blending, and warping of pictures. (snx) (Translation: (dm)

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Gunnar Bernhardt (Maintainer dt. Mirror) (ANF)

WinUAE 0.8.24 Released
Toni Wilen has released a new version of his Windows port of UAE.

Removed Bugs:
  • Undesired keyboard input while using USB keyboards under Windows 9x/ME
  • Updates of the bsdsocket emulation (TCP:, Apache)
  • The saving of a compressed "state" data without zlib1.dll resulted in data distortion
  • crashing after saving "state" data a fourth time

Newly added:
  • Multi-monitor support improved
  • Slide-bar for the speaker volume as well as corresponding keyboard shortcuts ("END"+"Numpad -", "END"+"Numpad +" und "END"+"Numpad *", as well as Multimedia keypress "Volume +/-" und "Mute")
  • Configurable emulation of the floppy noises :)
  • Improved debugger (new breakpoints, memwatch points etc.)
  • Windows XP-compatible multi-mouse support, improved input support
  • FDI 2.0 disk image format

And a few smaller updates.

WinUAE may be downloaded under the title link. A German mirror that also offers older versions of the emulator is at (cg) (Translation: (dm)

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